Romantic Vacations in USA

Romantic Vacations in USA #1:

By Johnny from California - One of my favorite romantic getaways is the trip we took to the tiny mountain town called Eagle Nest, New Mexico. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Golden Eagle RV Park and Campgrounds. We stayed in one of their quaint and affordable wooden cabins.

The owners were extremely hospitable and catered to all of our needs as fifth wheel trailer owners. The park lies directly across the road from Eagle Nest Lake, where I had a wonderful time teaching my girlfriend how to fish.

But my favorite part of Eagle Nest was the old Wild West saloons there. This small friendly village close to the Texas border makes you feel like you are in an old western movie.

So if you go there, don’t be surprised if you end up sitting next to a real old-fashioned Texas cowboy at a bar, telling you tremendous tales of all the shoot-out he has seen in the streets there only a few decades ago.

Not to worry you! The locals are as friendly as can be. But walking the one long street of Eagle Nest at night will definitely make any traveler feel like wearing a cowboy hat, even if they grew up in southern California.

It’s hard to describe, but there’s a Wild West charm there that I never found elsewhere in the southwest.

Romantic Vacations in USA #2:

By Kathy from Virginia - On our one year anniversary, my boyfriend and traveled to New York City for the romantic weekend to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I had been dying to visit for months. We drove there and managed to make it in less than 7 hours. After visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum, we made our way to Chinatown in search of a wonderful Chinese restaurant our friends had recommended.

We managed to get through the traffic and stumbled upon the Peking Duck House, which was extremely crowded. The food there was wonderful and worth the 45 min wait. We had a lovely romantic meal.

We stayed at a friend’s house overnight to save on hotel fares and spent most of our Sunday shopping on Madison Ave. before we left, we found a wonderful gelato shop in Little Italy called Ferrara Bakery & Café. This small café offered the best gelato I have had since my trip to Italy. Their little desserts made our romantic weekend getaway much sweeter.

Romantic Vacations in USA #3:

By Julie from Philadelphia - A friend of ours recently got married on Put-in-Bay Island, Ohio. So my husband and I decided to drive up for a romantic long weekend, and check out the sights while there. We made the trip in about six hours (not bad from Philadelphia) and parked our car on the mainland, taking the ferry across to the island.

What a super cute place. There is a winery and places to stay (we stayed at a local inn) and a cave and butterfly house (which you can walk through and that has an amazing collection of live butterflies that you can touch and take pictures of.)

There are great restaurants and the island is about two miles by three with beautiful old houses and lots of places to walk. You can also get a taxi to anywhere on the island for three dollars one way, so that makes travel easy. We were there four days total, so one day, we took the ferry back to the mainland and drive the half hour to Cedar Point, the crazy amazing amusement park. All in all, it was a fun romantic weekend vacation idea.

Romantic Vacations in USA #4:

By Lin from Rhode Island - One of my most memorable romantic vacation ideas, if not the most memorable, was to Stowe, Vermont. I went there in the fall with my boyfriend and his family. To say that Stowe is a storybook town is a vast understatement. Because we went in the autumn, the colors were absolutely breathtaking.

The vivid crimson, orange, and yellow on the trees was enough to draw me in. We stayed in one of the many "hotels" provided to tourists. It was not actually a hotel, and it reminded me more of having our own private bed and breakfast. We stayed in a two story house that had an additional apartment with its own outside access. The house was beautifully decorated, and the back of it faced a bubbling river. You could see the Green Mountain range.

We spent our time visiting the Von Trappe Family Lodge, bike riding through a leaf-filled path in the mountains, and snaking our way through Smuggler’s Notch, which is one of the most breathtaking areas I’ve ever been to. I am still amazed at the beauty of the quartz jutting out of the mountainside. One of my favorite moments from this trip was eating at the Commodore Inn.

It was a very quaint, buffet style restaurant with excellent service and to-die-for food. The most exceptional part about it though was the décor. Since we were there in the fall, it was decked out in ornate and elaborate autumn colors and themes. It was a great way to close out our vacation in the most charming places I’ve ever been. Stowe is a great spot for romantic vacations in USA.

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