Romantic New England Vacation Ideas

Romantic New England Vacations #1:

Vermont is beautiful in the spring, summer and fall but romance does not dry up and disappear in the winter. The skiing is just outlandishly great in Vermont but you don’t have to be a skier to curl up in front of a 7 ft wide fireplace at a first class Inn or hotel in Stowe, Vermont. The fellowship, the stories and the singing of old songs cheers the soul and warms the heart.

The skiers know all about the great facilities at Stowe, but you non skiers will want to look at the latest craze of sledding - it’s making a comeback with some new and modern sled designs.

I suppose that you already know that one of the great choices for accommodations is The Trapp Family Lodge.

Romantic New England Vacations #2:

By Rachel from Connecticut - My favorite romantic vacation idea is a vacation trip I took with my husband. We rented a cottage near Inlet, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. It was very cozy and peaceful.

We went hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. We even rode a passenger train that picked us up from our canoeing day trip.

At night, we lit a fire in the fire pit and talked. I think we enjoyed this time because it was a break from the stress of planning our wedding.

We enjoyed being outdoors and spending quality time together. There were a few cute shops that I enjoyed visiting, and a few outdoorsy type shops that my husband really liked browsing. We went out to eat a little, but mostly made meals at the cabin. It was so relaxing. I can't wait to do it again someday!

Romantic New England Vacations #3:

Newport, Rhode Island is an impressively romantic mix of lively ocean scenes, lovely old historic homes and great walking or bike tours. Autos and buses work too but they‘re not quite as romantic. If you like to watch sailing there is no better location in New England to see oodles of large and small sail boats fighting the rough waves and fighting for first place in the afternoon races. After the sailing, you might take in a tour of one or two of the mansions.

There are several lovely estates to choose from. Bring your checkbook, some of them may be for sale. Don’t forget to check out the local wineries and several good waterfront restaurants. Before you leave you’ve just got to stroll down the cobblestone streets where unique shops and artists nests beckon your visit.

Oh yes, be sure to check out the excellent Visitor’s Center. You’ll certainly want to find out what’s going on during your stay.

Romantic New England Vacations #4:

Romantic Old and New meet each other at Bar Harbor, Maine and nearby Mount Desert Island plus Cadillac Mountain. Starting as a summer home for the rich and famous this gem has transformed into a must see location for vacationers.

For those who like less rather than more you could pick a better spot. Relaxed beauty is the theme here. Of course you’ll also want to take in Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain. They’re all part of Nature’s Visual Bouquet. Remember, your in Lobster country so you know you’ll be fed well. Excellent hotels, inns and restaurants will pamper you when you’re not taking in one of the prettiest harbors and scenery in the east coast.

Romantic New England Vacations #5:

With roots going back to 1633 when the town was first settled, Portland, Maine is full of romance. Portland makes it easy to imagine the early settlers as they carved out a living in this land of promise.

The local Music Hall brings top level entertainment including live dance, music & theater plus films just about every week of the year. The Harbor Trail visit’s a host of both historic and scenic locations of great interest. This walk includes many old homes of historic significance.

Honoring Portland’s history as a shipbuilding center the USS Albacore submarine has been transformed into a very interesting museum. The highlight of a Portland visit is the brilliant display of the marriage between ocean and land as it is captured at Portland Head Lighthouse. Ocean, rock and land combine in a triumph of beauty.

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