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Romantic Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacation Ideas #1: If you are looking for fun and cheap honeymoon destinations, may I recommend Reno, NV. Reno has many of the same attractions as Las Vegas, but at 1/2 the price. There are many cheap fun activities and shows as well. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Reno and if you eat at the casinos, you will get fine food at an extremely reasonable price.

One of my favorite attractions is Circus Circus. For the price of a show, you get the entire theme park experience. There are games, free acrobatic shows, and fun people watching activities for the truly thrifty. There are also several theme hotels that can add a fun, campy spark to your honeymoon festivities.

Some of the hotels and casino have chapels and offer complete destination wedding packages if you want to combine your wedding and your honeymoon into a fun escape with friends. Reno is really the biggest, little city around and it gets my highest recommendation for inexpensive honeymoon vacation ideas. - By Tammy from Eugene, Oregon

Romantic Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacation Ideas #2: I got married twenty years ago. We did not have a lot of money. We wanted to spend the money we did have wisely. We chose to go somewhere that did not involve air fare or a lot of driving. We picked Lake Placid.

It was off season so places to stay were not at all pricey. We both enjoyed the outdoors and had a lot of experience camping. Our Honeymoon was three steps up from camping.

Lake Placid is beautiful and though there isn't any skiing in the summer we did take the ski lifts up to the highest peaks and enjoyed the scenery. There is a lot to do in Lake Placid even when there is no snow. We stayed in a cozy lodge on the lake.

We swam in the water every sunrise and every sunset. It was relaxing and romantic. We took a horse drawn carriage ride around the lake and sipped champagne. We walked and walked and shopped the quaint stores. The area was friendly and inviting.

There were plenty of activities to do including horseback riding. It was the best place ever to go horseback riding. This honeymoon spot turned out to be the best place to begin our marriage. - By Ethel from NY

Romantic Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacation Ideas #3: For good cheap honeymoon destinations, in my opinion, visit the city of Memphis, Tennessee. That’s where I spent my honeymoon. Right before our wedding date my husband was laid off of work. I was out of work do to a pregnancy so we were really living on a tight budget.

So we waited about eight months later when we received a tax return check to go on our honeymoon. I chose Memphis because it just seemed like to me that it had so many things to do and see. Plus the drive there was not too bad either.

We stayed at a very reasonable hotel while we were there. The hotel had a heated pool which we found to be very relaxing and romantic. The restaurants there were great too. We visit a street there named Bill Street. There was a lot of nice outdoor dining and great music played there. We were able learn about the past life of Elvis Presley. The residents of Memphis really made us feel very welcome.

On our way back home we stop in a town called Sikeston, MO. There we were able to do some shopping and to eat at the famous restaurant Lamberts International home of the famous throwed rolls. There my husband captured a photo of me capturing the roll that was thrown to me by one of their staff workers. This was truly a honeymoon vacation idea that my husband and I will never forget. - By Catrina from Missouri

Romantic Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacation Ideas #4: My husband and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on our honeymoon, so we were definitely looking for cheap honeymoon destinations. We decided there was no need to travel across the world. We would stay close to home.

We rented a room for three nights at Diamond Jacks Hotel and Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. Since we stayed during the week, the rates were even cheaper. We had a king size bed, a beautiful view, and a Jacuzzi tub in the room. There is a pool, hot tub, and spa downstairs, but we only visited once, being quite content in our room.

There are several other casinos nearby, but usually at least one of them has a special for first time visitors, where they reimburse you for a set amount. One of the best parts was the Chinese food we had delivered from Lucky Palace, just a block down the street.

The food was wonderful; we enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub very much, and had a great time for about two hundred dollars. We try to go back for our anniversary every year, and it was a pleasure to find out that some hospitality agents are very accommodating with discounts when they find out that you’re returning to the place you spent your honeymoon. - By April from Louisiana

Romantic Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacation Ideas #5: I had a great honeymoon, without the need of re-mortgage our house. We decided we wanted to go to a warm place with nice golden sand beaches, and we found that place in the island of Gran Canaria. Let me explain about this island, it is part of an archipelago of seven islands called the Canary Island.

The most important islands of these are Gran Canaria and Tenerife, another destination we considered. But we chose Gran Canaria for the great quality of the beaches there.

Anyway, as I was saying, these islands are to be found on the west coast of Africa, near Morocco, but they belong to Spain due to have been conquered by the "conquistadores" some five hundred years ago.

It was really easy to fly from Madrid there and it was only four hours away. When we arrived, as the plane was going to prepare for landing, we could see from the plane window a good bit of the wonderful island. To be fair, the island looks like a massive cone broken by hundreds of ravines, some of them covered with pine trees and other vegetation, and for the coast... Oh well, we couldn't wait to step on those huge golden sand beaches we could see.

Luckily, after landing, a tourism agent met us at the airport and drove us to the hotel where we stayed ten days. After resting a couple of hours we went for dinner and discovered that they were hundreds of options around us, plenty of traditional Canarian restaurants and other exotic places to eat.

We decided on a Thai place and had a great and cheap dinner followed by couple of drinks at a great pub we found on the way. The day afterwards we went to the nearby beach at Maspalomas. This is an amazing beach with golden sand and huge sand dunes where to find shade.

The water temperature was just perfect and we enjoyed the day getting a nice tan. For the rest of the time there, we explored the city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the mountains. Here we found little villages high up the island main mountain. We took pictures on the "Roque Nublo", a huge boulder on the top of a mountain in the middle of a massive crater in the centre of the island, it was amazing.

And between eating, drinking, swimming and exploring we consumed the ten days. It was an amazingly cheap holiday. A hundred Euros for both the plane tickets, four hundred for the ten days lodging in a four stars hotel and around fifty Euro daily for food and drinks. Totally recommended for your honeymoon vacation ideas! - By Antonio, Spain

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