River Cruise Vacation Ideas

River Cruise Vacation: If you like getting out on the water but a traditional ocean cruise is not to your liking; maybe a river cruise is the vacation idea you are looking for.

A river cruise doesn’t spend days crossing an open expanse of water. Instead it takes you right through the heart of the Europe, China, Russia or any number of other interesting places throughout the world.

Watch from the deck or your cabin window as the countryside flows by. When the ship docks, the city is right there at your feet – Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Kiev, Shanghai – ready to be explored.

A river cruise ship is smaller and more intimate than their ocean-going counterparts.

There are still things to do onboard - Lectures, demonstrations, theme dinners, libraries, fitness centers, spas. Often there may be music and dance performances by local artists.

But the real activity is on the banks. It’s the cities, towns, people and landscape that encompass the everyday life along the river.

Typically a river cruise will provide you with a new tour every day. Sometimes two. The rest of the day is spent day cruising through scenic the countryside.

Walking tours are common and a great way to seen the local sights such as castles, cathedrals and picturesque villages.

River Cruise Tours has winter European Christmastime cruises. These take you to the wonderful Christmas markets of Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Prague or Budapest. A river cruise along the Rhine or Danube Rivers take you to some of the hundreds of colorful Christmas markets throughout Europe.

Yangtze River Cruise will take you down the Yangtze River in China. You can discover China's unique blend of modern cities and ancient traditions.

Uniworld Grand River Cruises has a cruise along the Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg. You will be able to experience the Russian culture, cuisine and people in a unique way that is only possible with the river cruise. Remote forested islands, vast lakes, tiny summer houses, quaint lifestyles and pastoral landscapes are all part of the Russian river cruise experience.

Why a river cruise?

A river cruise combines luxury, comfort, and convenience. The onboard experience is un-crowded providing both privacy and an exceptional opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers. The river cruise vacation is fast gaining in popularity as more people discover the delights of this truly unique way to see the world.

Mississippi River Cruise vacation by Joe from PA - The Mississippi River splits the USA almost in half. It therefore has had a major influence on the history and growth of our county. Why not combine a great vacation and getting to know this important river.

A great way to combine these interests is to take a boat ride down the Mississippi. You could enjoy a single day excursion or a multi-day trip from St. Louis to New Orleans. There are several commercial companies who offer a variety of trips and accommodations. Many of these use the old style paddle wheelers.

Typically they stop for special planned land excursions such as Civil War Sites but the best part is just sitting in a comfortable deck chair as you drift slowly down-stream. Good food, new friends, good conversation and lower blood pressure. Remember, on the river there are no traffic lights and you don’t have to look for a motel at night.

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