Rio Vacation Ideas

Rio Vacations Idea #1:

Tijuca National Park is an 8,000 acre rainforest located right in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro. If you are planning a vacation in Rio, be sure to include a visit here. Explore this incredible natural environment with waterfalls, wildlife, tropical trees, and vegetation.

Tujuca Peak, in the park, has wonderful views of the city, beaches and ocean. Tujuca Peak is also a popular spot for hang gliders to take off and soar out over the treetops. There are many hiking trails which you can use to explore the park.

Tree canopy tours are also a fun way to enjoy the park. Rio Adventures is one of the companies that offer tree canopy tours. Jeep tours are also another fun way to see the park. One of the companies offering jeep tours is called Rio de Janeiro Tours.

Rio Vacations Idea #2:

Jardim Botanico is a world class botanical garden famous for its orchids and large variety of birds and animals. Opened to the public in 1822, the several hundred acres of rainforest is a tranquil respite from the hubbub of the big city streets.

The cultivated garden take up about half of this area. The main avenue of the park is lined with hundreds of imperial palm trees. Monkeys can be seen playing in the tree tops.

There’s a huge botanical library with photos and rare plants. Wandering the garden paths you can see sculptures, fountains, ponds with water lilies, greenhouses.

Guided tours are available. If you prefer not to walk, you can arrange a tour ride on a golf cart vehicle. Jardim Botanico is a registered UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Rio Vacations Idea #3:

Rio de Janeiro vacation ideas must include a city tour. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.
  • Macuco Rio offers speed boating tours that include historic sites and also wildlife spotting such as whales, turtles and dolphins.
  • Marlin Yacht Tours and Saveiros Tours offer sailing excursions on large schooner vessels. These are sightseeing trips and you can also have a fun fishing trip.
  • Helisight offers helicopter tours that take you over the city, beaches, tropical rainforest of Tijuca National Park and around the Cristo Redentor statue,
  • Cultural Rio has walking tour that focuses on city’s historical culture and society.
  • Rough Trip offers guided motorcycle tours of Rio de Janeiro and also Buzios which is a popular vacation destination too.
  • Gray Line Tours offers a variety of Rio tours that cover all the city historical spots, beaches, mountains as wells as tours to Buzios and Petropolis.

Rio Vacations Idea #4:

Plan a visit to the Rio de Janeiro museums.
  • Museu Carmen Miranda has a couple hundred items that commemorate the music and performances of the world famous Carmen Miranda.
  • Museu Casa de Rui Barbosa showcases Brazilian culture with books and personal effects from important authors including Rui Barbosa.
  • Museu de Arte Moderna focuses on Brazil’s rich history of art with diverse exhibits of various art forms including painting, theater, cinema and music.
  • Museu Historico Nacional is the largest museum with several hundred thousand items covering the history of Brazil back to the year 1500.
  • Museo do Indio is dedicated to the indigenous people of Brazil with artifacts from their daily life in the jungle and examples of their artwork.

Rio Vacations Idea #5:

Sugar Loaf Mountain is a dramatic natural addition to the Rio de Janeiro city skyline. This is especially evident at night time when powerful lights illuminate the mountain adding to the already impressive city nightscape. Rising up 1,300 feet above the bay, Sugar Loaf Mountain provides activities for the vacationer.

The smooth sides of the mountain make it very popular for rock climbing enthusiasts. There are over 60 different routes that you can use to climb up to the mountain summit. A less adventurous way to get to the summit is with a ride on the cable car. It’s a thrilling ride with an incredible view out the glass walls of the cable car. At the summit you will be treated to an unforgettable panoramic view of the city and ocean.

The lower summit, Morro de Urca can be reached by a cable car ride from city level. Here you can enjoy restaurants, bars as well as concerts and shows. There is also heliport here where you can get a helicopter for an aerial tour of the city. The wooded mountain surrounding the summit can be explored on walking trails.

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