Rhode Island Vacation Ideas

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #1:

The award winning Newport Winter Festival has music, food, festivities, and entertainment for all ages. Some of the many cultural and recreational events and activities available are a Pizza and Chile Cook-Off, a city-wide Scavenger Hunt, an Ice Sculpting Competition, a Children's Medieval Winter Fest, and the Fantasy Snow Ball

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #2:

Gaspee Days is an annual Pawtuxet event that commemorates the first overt action by the colonists that lead to the Revolutionary War, the burning of the British warship Gaspee.

Town tours, arts & crafts, a Colonial encampment, parade, fireworks, a symbolic burning of the ship, and much more.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #3:

The annual Newport Music Festival is one of the most extraordinary festivals in the world. Three to five concerts are presented every day by world-class American and international artists.

The performances are held in Newport's famous mansions. The festival has been named one of the "Top 50 Outstanding Festivals & Events" in North America by Leisure Group Travel magazine.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #4: The Hot-Air Balloon Festival at the University of Rhode Island is two lovely days of hot-air balloon rides, parachute demonstrations, arts and crafts, and music. There are many other events including top entertainers like James Taylor. There are kids rides, crafts, games, jugglers, and various shows and demonstrations.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #5: The Newport Cliff Walk is designated as a National Recreation Trail. This is a public access walk on private property that skirts the rugged Rhode Island coast.

It's a top attraction in the area and attracts visitors from around the world. Some places are a little rough and require some care but the natural beauty is worth the effort.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #6: The International Tennis Hall of fame and Museum is the world's largest tennis museum. It is located in Newport. The history of the sport is chronicled in a self-guided tour. There are interactive exhibits and on display you will find historical tennis equipment, fashion, trophies and memorabilia. The Newport Casino is the heart of the rich history of New England tennis.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #7: The Arcade, in Providence, is where the modern shopping mall got it's start in 1828. The indoor shopping arcade was an experiment that didn't catch on at the time but The Arcade is the oldest one to still be around. Today it is a National Landmark and draws throngs of visitors with its grand monumental Greek columns, specialty shops and restaurants.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #8: Block Island has been called "one of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere" by The Nature Conservancy. Only 21 square miles and accessible by ferry, this respite from the hot crowded mainland has 3 beaches good for swimming and fishing. It is home to many endangered species of plants and animals.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #9: For something really different check out the Mid-winter New England Surfing Championship. It's held off the coast of Narragansett each year during the frigid month of February. Surfing in the snow and cold of winter? This should be something to watch! Contact the Eastern Surfing Association for more information.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #10: Rhode Island is the ocean state with an extensive coastline that is tailor made for fishing. Adventure Fishing Charters has 3 vessels and 2 captains ready to take you out for the vacation fishing trip you've been dreaming of. They sail out of Jim's Dock, Jerusalem, RI to fish for Striped Bass, Totaug and others in the great fishing areas around Narragansett, Block Island, the RI South Shore. Come to Rhode Island for your vacation, stay at Wakamo Park Beach Resort in South Kingstown and go fishing with Adventure Fishing Charters.
Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #11: Newport, Rhode Island, has a lot of turn-of-the-century mansions and nine of them are open to the public for guided tours. One of the more popular is The Breakers on Ochre Point Avenue. This opulent mansion has 70 rooms and was built in 1895.

The Rosecliff was modeled after the Grand Trianon in Versailles. It has the largest ballroom of them all and a heart shaped grand staircase. At The Beechwood you can see costumed actors who will tell you all the secrets of the elite Victorian high society who lived in these mansions during the "Gilded Age".

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #12: Three things combine to make the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island famous around the world. These three are its nature fresh beauty together with the regal architectural of the Newport homes, plus the spectacular uninterrupted view of the ocean and the shore line.

The path is open to the public and it is right along the cliff overlooking the shore line. Only in the heavens above can you find a lineup of star-studded conditions as good as these. Sailboats, crashing waves, birds, rocks and wildflowers all combine for a pleasant walk. Where else can you get such a line up?

This walk is so good that in 1975 it was selected as a National Recreation Trail. It is three and a half miles long with about three quarters of it easy walking. The rest is for the seasoned walker. Even with a light salting of poison ivy, the walk has not lost its rating as one of the best attractions in Newport.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #13: In Newport Rhode Island you will find the Tennis Hall of Fame Museum. If you are a tennis player or a tennis fan you may want to consider stopping there on your next New England vacation.

The museum has an extensive anthology of artifacts and mementos of the beginnings of tennis up to the present day. They have an goodly number of older technology of audio recordings, photographs and tennis equipment.

They can follow the history of both tennis racquet construction and tennis apparel along with trophies over the years. Of course the most interesting of all would be the videos of famous matches between famous players. The Hall of Fame does host tournaments each year. Some of the players come to Newport right after Wimbledon and play for the Van Alen Cup and a substantial dollar prize.

The cup is named in honor of James Van Alen who was highly instrumental in establishing the Hall of Fame in 1954. Each year names are added to the Hall of Fame at the annual induction ceremony. In 2009 with previously Number One ranked Monica Seles heading the class.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #14: If you have ever doodled with a pencil or tried your hand at art in any form you would thoroughly enjoy a visit to the National Museum of American Illustration in Newport, Rhode Island. During the average person's life time we see more illustrative art than any other form of art.

If you enjoyed Norman Rockwell’s outstanding work on the cover of "The Saturday Evening Post" or N. C. Wyeth’s spectacular drawings in the book “Treasure Island” you were enjoying Illustrative Art. Over all, the museum has an amazing depth of material. You can easily relive your younger days by seeing the illustrations that you loved in your favorite book or magazine.

When planning a vacation it’s easy to gravitate to the theme parks and sporting events but this illustration museum is a diamond in the ruff. Be sure to go on a tour because the tour guides can heighten your entertainment with interesting background stories. Here’s a reminder: This vacation tip comes to you very highly recommended

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #15: For an antique building the Belcourt Castle in Newport. Rhode Island is a very active place. With its sixty rooms and a dignified history going back to its original construction in the 1891 to 1894 period, it is a perfect location for a movie, a banquet , a party or just a study of history.

The Castle is operated by the Royal Arts Foundation and is open as a museum of relics and old style architecture. It’s hard to think that a 60 room castle would be built as a summer cottage but it was and that’s information that would only excite an historian. Speaking of history, the castle was designed after a Louis XIII hunting chalet in Versailles.

The building has generally been kept usable although there are only six bedrooms open for tours. The castle has a wealth of artifacts and classically designed furniture waiting to be shown during your visit. Yes, the Castle has a very large collection of art, antique items and repertories that will be of interest to any visitor.

Rhode Island Vacation Ideas #16: Located at the opening of Rhode Island's Newport Harbor, Fort Adams State Park has an excellent panoramic view of the Harbor and beyond. It is the home of Fort Adams which was built on this site in American Revolution times to protect the upper Atlantic shores. From the air it still looks like a fort but on land you quickly see the park as an oasis of entertainment for today.

The park provides many types of activities for the vacationer. The list includes fishing, swimming, rugby, soccer, boating and picnicking. Sounds like a complete package for "a day at the park".

Busy as the park is on a normal day in the summer, they annually invite the Newport Jazz Festival and the Newport Folk Festival to perform. The park is the home of Sail Newport which is a not-for-profit sailing organization offering a long list of sailing related needs such as instruction and rentals.

The park is also the home of the Museum of Yachting and the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. If you happened to be a sailboat enthusiast, a visit to Fort Adams State Park has to be a trip to seventh heaven. By the way, the fort has been well maintained and tours can be taken which allow you see how what 1700’s warfare was like.

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