Private Island Vacation Ideas

Private Island Vacations Idea #1:

Peter Island, in the British Virgin Islands is the largest private island in the Caribbean and is home to the Peter Island Resort. The resort sits on 1,800 acres of the island's lush mountainous terrain and has a five of gorgeous beaches available.

The beaches offer something for everyone whether you are looking for romance, casual beachcombing, snorkeling or yacht watching. Peter Island Resort takes full advantage of the island's six breathtaking bays, and 20 secluded coves.

You can explore by water with a kayak, by land with the numerous hiking trails or by air with an island helicopter tour. One of the most popular and memorable activities on Peter Island is the daily trip to the far side of the island to take in the incredible tropical sunset.

Private Island Vacations Idea #2:

The Turneffe Atoll, in Belize is where you will find the private paradise of Turneffe Island Resort. The atoll is known around the world for its tremendous variety and quantity of fish and marine wild life.

This is because the atoll is made up of coral that grows around the rim on an ancient under water volcano. These huge coral growths make the perfect home and breeding ground for sea life. The coral is so massive that it extends above the surface of the ocean to form islands.

Turneffe Island Resort is a premier vacation destination for fishing, snorkeling and diving. This is the way to vacation in the Caribbean; luxurious island-style cabanas, world class diving, guided snorkeling trips, fishing trips for bonefish, tarpon and other saltwater game fish.

Private Island Vacations Idea #3:

Also on the Turneffe Atoll is another private island that is yours to play on when you stay at the Blackbird Caye Eco-Dive Resort. Stay in one of their lovely cabanas with the beach on one side and the tropical jungle on the other.

Relax in the hammock on your own private porch while enjoying natural trade winds drifting in from the eastern Caribbean Sea. The meals in the community lodge are family-style are a particular place for guests share stories of the day’s adventures.

The Blackbird Caye Eco-Dive Resort focuses on diving and snorkeling and other eco-friendly activities. There is a main dock main dock with a dive and snorkel shop. You can set out with a kayak to explore the reefs and mangrove lagoons. Walk the jungle nature trail.

Private Island Vacations Idea #4:

In the northern Caribbean Parrot cay Island home to the 1,000 pristine acres of Parrot Cay Estates. From the beach houses with private pools, the health-giving cuisine to the mile long private beach, the atmosphere at Parrot Cay Estates is one of calm and stillness.

The understated elegance, privacy and luxurious villas make this one of the pre-eminent private island getaways in the Caribbean. Parrot Cay’s award winning holistic spa is inspired by the Javanese Royal Lular Baths.

Parrot Cay Estates is located in the Turks and Caicos, an archipelago of tropical islands 575 miles south east of Miami. The islands here have escaped most of the heavy tourism buildup and strive to remain in their natural state as much as possible while still offering vacationers the opportunity to visit.

Private Island Vacations Idea #5:

Sunset Key is a private secluded island of only 27 acres. It is located in the Straits of Florida, not far from Key West. Westin Resort operates a luxury resort here called Sunset Key Guest Cottages.

They offer luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cottage bungalows with a front porch, rocking chair and ocean view. You can enjoy the quiet tropical splendor Sunset Key Island while still having all the fun and excitement of Key West just minutes away.

The resort marina offers catamarans and schooners to take you out on snorkeling and kayaking excursions through the Key West backcountry and mangroves. Head out from the marina for a sunset sailing excursion. View the local sea life on a glassbottom boat tour.

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