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For Poconos vacation ideas, we love the Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. Of all the family vacation resorts we have visited across the Northern seaboard, The Great Wolf Lodge is our absolute favorite.

It has such a wide variety of family fun and entertainment options that it even trumps Disney resorts, in our children’s opinion.

I stumbled across, The Great Wolf Lodge on hot afternoon in July. Our girls wanted to go to a water park, but we couldn't go to one of our many outdoor water parks because my youngest daughter had sunburn from our day at the beach.

I looked online and much to my surprise, found that we had an “indoor” water park, right here in Pennsylvania.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a Hotel/Lodge with an attached, indoor water park accessible from the hotel. No need to walk outdoors to enter it. The water park is even open in the winter months. We spent Christmas break there, last year.

So, while the Pocono resorts skiers were skiing the slopes a few miles away, we were enjoying 84-degree tropical temperatures in the park, and surfing the indoor wave pool.

One of our favorite water rides, is the water rollercoaster, with its 50-foot drop, it’s the only one of its kind in the United States.

Our oldest likes Fort Mackenzie. A tall water tower and tree house with huge squirt guns, and water slides.

Every hour, a huge water bucket dumps 1,000 gallons of water from the top of the fort, into the pool. Every registered guest, at the Great Wolf, receives water park passes included in their resort stay.

Great Wolf Lodge Wave Pool
Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/inajeep

The rustic themed Lodge is a perfect setting for our Poconos vacations. It has a four story lobby decorated with a tall animated clock tower and stone fireplace. A children’s bedtime story hour takes place here every night as a story is read to the children gathered in front of the fireplace each night at 8 p.m. The kids LOVED that! And, it’s a great way to get them out of the Water Park and ready for bed… Ingenious idea.

The lobby also hosts a family movie hour, and DJ dance parties later in the evening. Great Wolf, also has several restaurants in the Lodge, including a buffet open for lunch and dinner, off the lobby. The food is really good and includes a child’s sized buffet. The ‘Bear track landing Water Park’, has several and snack bars, so you don’t have to leave the park, to eat lunch.

The guest rooms are all unique lodge-themed suites that can sleep up to eight people. Our suite has a hot tub right in our room. When we were done with the water park for the day we spent time together in the, ‘cub club’ doing crafts and I spent an hour at the spa having a facial and massage, while the girls were at the scoops spa for kids, enjoying ice cream flavored themed pedicures and manicures.

One afternoon when we were done with the park the guys spent the afternoon in the “Northern Lights Arcade” and we participated in, ‘The Magic Quest Adventure’ They gave us a magic wand and we explored an enchanted kingdom and found glowing objects, befriended a pixie, talked to an ancient wizard, battled a goblin and befriended a dragon. It was a really cool live-action fantasy game, unlike any other activity we have ever played at a resort. We have a blast at the Lodge.

We’ve spent many enjoyable and memorable vacations there as a family and recommend it highly for your Poconos vacation ideas. - By Sue from New York

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