Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas

Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas #1: Last summer, my husband and I and another couple, went on our first trip to Hawaii. I was a bit skeptical at first that we were going to Hawaii in the summer - wouldn't it be too hot? No, it was perfect. We first flew to Maui. As soon as I got off the plane (right on the runway) and breathed the Maui air, I was in love. I thought, "This is the nicest smelling place I've ever been". Once I actually saw the flowers loved the place even more.

One of the first things we did after getting our rental car was go to Kmart for some groceries. I bought a lay there for $6. Who knew those bargain orchids would have lasted a whole week?

We drove our rental car to our condo that we found on It was waterfront and it cost us about $75 a night for a one-bedroom condo with full kitchen.

We used the awesome condo as our home base to travel the Hana Highway and for day snorkeling and diving trips. I would recommend Maui to any gardener who is looking to travel - you will fall in love with all the exotic plants! -

Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas #2: The first time I was old enough to go scuba diving, my family decided to go to Maui Hawaii for our yearly vacation.

I was so excited to see all the underwater life up close and personal, it was almost overwhelming. I had snorkeled for about 6 years and I was ready to take the next step.

My family stayed at the Sheraton that year, and what an experience! The staff there was so friendly and kind, and their scuba team is highly professional and I would recommend them to anyone.

My first time out at Black Rock on the north end of Maui is a time I will never forget. I got a picture next to a huge sea turtle and got to see thousands of colorful fish.

Now, more than 4 years later because of this experience I am now a certified diver and hope to return to Maui to go on more extensive scuba trips!

I would recommend going to Maui for anyone that has not visited the Hawaiian Islands. The excellent weather, people, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are truly memorable and worth every penny. - Angie from WA

Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas #3: One of the most fun vacations I had was with my family in Hawaii. Hawaii is made of several islands; we only had a week so we stayed on the Big Island.

For our first day, we went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. I have snorkeled several other times since, and none of them had the diversity of fish and wildlife that the bay did.

There were small octopi and reef eels, and the fish weren't afraid of you at all, so you got to swim as close as you wanted. Unfortunately, the sun was really bright that day and we ended up getting so sunburned we had to rest in our hotel for another whole day afterwards.

We then visited a cultural center where we got to see hula dancers, coconut tree climbing, and fire dances from different Polynesian islands like Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji.

My personal favorite was probably the Fiji dancers because of their colorful headdresses. At the end, they held a big feast for the tourists with roast pig and taro, which was delicious. We also went to a dolphin resort where my brother and I got to swim with dolphins, which I've wanted to do since I was probably ten. All in all, I really loved this pleasant Hawaii vacation. - Amanda from Maryland

Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas #4: The best vacation I had was in Hawaii. My ex-wife and I spent two weeks with a tour group (Your Man Tours) and were able within this time to visit four islands. We started in Honolulu, Oahu, and thoroughly enjoyed the beaches and tide pools as well as several shows. The Aquarium was a highlight, as was a tour that included historical locations and a tour guide that narrated the history of Hawaii very well.

We visited Laie Hawaii Temple and the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Cultural Center is a 'do not miss' experience. It has villages and floats depicting the backgrounds and history of many Polynesian peoples. Next we explored Maui and were awed and amazed at the rugged trip on rustic roads to Hana.

The Big Island of Hawaii included visits to Hilo and cross-country for an up close and personal visit to Volcanoes National Park. After we reached the opposite side of the island, we took a helicopter ride over the active volcano and watched in fascination as the lava ran into the ocean sending plumes of steam higher than we flew.

It was a sight that a relatively small percentage of people have seen from that perspective. While we were adequately warned of the dangers accompanying that flight I will be forever glad that we took it. It was truly a once in a lifetime adventure.

Our final island prior to returning to Honolulu for our flight back to the mainland was Kauai. This turned out to be our favorite of them all because it is so natural and non-commercial for the most part.

Many of the attractions had been washed out or ruined by the recent year's hurricane and a few were in the final stages of refurbishment. Some had unfortunately been damaged too badly for restoration, but the ones that were on the way back to normal offered attractions too good to pass up on and some of the most gorgeous scenery I have ever witnessed. I'll be back there again someday! - A.L. from Georgia

Pleasant Hawaii Vacation Ideas #5: In the summer of 2010, I went to Honolulu Hawaii for three weeks. I have to say it was the best time of my life. Not only was the beach, and the city beautiful, but the most surprising part of my great vacation was the people. For most of my vacation I just relaxed.

Drank margaritas, danced with the beautiful Hawaiian girls, and ate some unbelievable food. My last night in Honolulu I ate at a restaurant close to my hotel. While eating I overheard some children ask their mother for a soda to go with their dinner. The mother gently responded they could not afford it. The kids there were so well-behaved! They did not cry, complain, or grunt. So on my way out I put three large sodas on my bill, and sent them to their table.

The community in Honolulu really surprised me, as well as the scenery, and everything else they offered me. My whole experience was amazing, and I cannot wait to go back again for another pleasant Hawaii vacation. - Dane from CA

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