Places to Visit in Wisconsin

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #1:

New Glarus is a beautiful town in Southern Wisconsin with the nickname of "Little Switzerland". Now, that’s the recipe for a great vacation spot. First, most of the buildings, either homes or commercial, look so much like Swiss architecture that you could easily think you were in Switzerland. Secondly, the rolling hills look so much like the alpine farmlands and third, the town was settled by Swiss Immigrants.

They are quick to celebrate with ethnic festivals so keep an eye out for a schedule. In the big history book of tourist all-stars New Glarus shines brightly.

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #2:

Here’s a super idea for a vacation experience in the lovely city of Milwaukee WI. Take a behind the scenes tour of Discovery World which is an interactive, hand-on museum for adults.

Their goal is to help the average person understand the connection between innovation, science and technology. The beautiful, modern building, located on the shore of Lake Michigan, is an oasis of learning techniques.

With the largest scale model of the 5 Great Lakes, they are able to study the various factors that influence the use and the health of these five treasures. With a snap of the fingers you can make it rain over the lakes. They have both Boy Scout and Girl Scout workshops, utilizing their vast array of technical knowledge and equipment.

Discovery World has a 75,000 gallon fresh water aquarium and a 65,00 gallon salt water aquarium plus several smaller tanks. The salt water aquarium offers a replica of conditions in the Caribbean Sea for the study of tropical creatures and coral reefs.

This tank has a 360 degree viewing tunnel running under it for an unbelievable look at the multi-colored fish and many other species living in these warmer waters.

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #3:

Cedarburg Wisconsin Covered Bridge
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By Jenny Hugo, MN - My favorite place vacations have been in Cedarburg, WI. It's a small town with plenty to do and is located about 30 minutes outside of Milwaukee. Grafton and Port Washington are two similar towns that are about twenty minutes from Cedarburg.

All three of these little towns have a lot of small independently owned shops that have antiques, knick-nacks, homemade jewelry, children's items, crafts, kitchen items, household items and so much more. I have purchased many gifts for friends and items for my home on trips to Cedarburg.

My favorite shop there is a store that has literally hundreds of cookie cutters and cake pans. There are a few local coffee shops that are also great for people watching while enjoying a nice cup of joe. My favorite is in Cedarburg and is called Cedarburg Roasters. The restaurants are all top notch and it's just a great place to get away from the buzz of your current town.

Another plus, if you decide you do want some night life, Milwaukee is close-by with tons of bars, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. In the summer, there are tons of local neighborhood cookouts and fairs to visit and the towns love tourists!

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #4:

If you are vacationing any where near La Crosse, WI you should check out the La Crosse Parks. They have over 15 public parks with facilities which include a Skate Park, an Ice Arena, Dog Parks, Golf Courses, hiking and biking trails plus beaches and pools. For a peaceful relaxing atmosphere try the Riverside Park which overlooks the lazy Mississippi River.

The last week of October is Oktoberfest time in La Crosse. With 50 years of experience, La Crosse really knows how to have an Oktoberfest. There are parades, bands, banjos, singing, lots of local food dishes, and the selection of Miss Oktoberfest.

The Children's Museum of La Crosse has three floors of pure fun. This is the model for a quality hands-on museum. Children learn how to control the flow of the Mississippi river. They learn how to climb a wall. They learn merchandising via a kid size convenience store. They learn how to build a bridge and then walk over their very own bridge. This is true learning wrapped up in fun.

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #5:

Madison, Wisconsin sits on a strip of land between Lake Mendoata and Lake Monona. This provides the vacationer with lots of opportunities for boating and fishing. The new Madison Children’s Museum embraces the latest thinking in inter-active museums. With such novel exhibits as a human size Gerbil Wheel and an inventive city of Possible-opolis the children have heaps of fun while learning new things at high speed. The Bakke Art Studio, within the museum, encourages original works of art using a variety of media.

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI is a excellent idea for a vacation stop. You’ll see 16 acres of beautiful plants and flowers in well planned arrays. Their landscapes, waterfalls and exotic plants are award winners. Adding to the beauty of these outdoor flowers is the Bolz Conservatory with its 50 foot high pyramid of glass, its free-flying birds and its blooming orchids.

Places to Visit in Wisconsin #6:

Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest community. Its heritage traces back to its origins as a French trading post in 1634.

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay is a vacation idea just waiting to happen. These historic items are in five categories: archived papers and documents, a library of related books, a collection of 500 artifacts, 15,000 photographs and a rolling stock of 70 locomotives and railcars. The Museum collection of rolling stock has some excellent examples of historic engines and railroad.

Lambeau Field is the home of the Green Bay Packers football team. In 2003, a massive remodeling changed this minimum use facility into a tourist attraction with year round potential. Check out the Packer’s Hall of Fame and Pro Shop plus Curly’s Pub and the beautiful Atrium. You’ll love ‘em.

In the spring, summer and fall Green Bay Botanical Gardens are a wonder to behold. With the flowers and bushes dressed up in their very best LED lighting array, your evening stroll through the garden will be an unforgettable moment. The 60 foot caterpillar is especially spectacular.

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