Places to Visit in USA

Places to Visit in USA #1:

By Mable, New Hampshire - Ocean City, New Jersey is the finest of all spots for a family beach vacation! Why? Though it is not immediately apparent, this barrier island's community is rooted in Wesleyan Methodist religious tradition. This means there are deeply instilled values that enhance family visits with safety and security. While other Blue Laws have ceased, the town is still dry. Summer patrols, particularly on the beaches and at other attractions in the evenings enhance the sense of common decency and family atmosphere.

The town is steeped in family heritage, from the happy history of its salt water taffy shops to its arcades and amusements. Clean, long, sandy beaches are carefully watched by the summer life guard, and they are vigilant about the surf as well as any risky behavior.

The water is warm in summer well into the fall. Over two miles of boardwalk bound the beaches, and much of the boardwalk has family-friendly attractions, shops and restaurants. Hours are posted and enforced for bicycle and surrey riding on the board walk with lanes also marked for walkers or joggers.

Thursdays are family days throughout the town, with special events, contests and performances. The music pier is a famous indoor venue for plays and concerts, and the fishing pier juts well into the sea for those who favor this sport.

Parasailing, surfing, and jet skiing are available for the more adventuresome. In short, here is a relaxed, salty, sandy vacation for all! Ocean City, New Jersey is one of the coolest places to visit in USA.

Places to Visit in USA #2:

By Tom from New Hampshire - Atlanta, Georgia with its surrounding areas is an awesome place to visit, especially in the autumn! The fall weather is very temperate, the airport is quite accessible, and this is not an insane city for the rental car driver new to this urban area.

Things to do in Atlanta range from visiting famous companies such as Coca Cola and CNN; to the history, events and attractions at Stone Mountain; to the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter and Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.

Downtown shopping is famous. Dining can be elegant or simple, fine fare offered by the likes of the southern chain Waffle Houses. Be prepared for numerous streets named after peaches, and for sweet tea served everywhere. Professional sports teams are well known, and amateurs will find much to their liking.

About a two hour car ride south there is a treat in store: Here is Plains Georgia, hometown of the Carters. President Carter still teaches Sunday school here, the train station converted for his campaign office is open and still decorated as such, and you can walk along eating the best peanut butter ice cream in the world.

Nearby in Americus, Habitat for Humanity was founded and has its headquarters. If possible try to arrange to visit Koinonia Farm, where this wonderful charity has its roots.

Places to Visit in USA #3:

By Addie, DE - Greensboro, Vermont boasts a really special entertainment feature for the whole family but especially the young ones, in the form of "Circus Smirkus". It has all the fun and excitement of topnotch circus acts together with center ring stories which come alive by their Junior Circus Troupers. You can watch them perform fun acts from places like the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and Aesop, favorite tales from children's classics.

I understand that part of this wonderful group of circus performers, called Troupers, go to schools in residency for 1 or 2 weeks and teach many arts and tricks from their pack of talents both in the classroom and gyms. The children are excited and renewed to learn gymnastic feats that get them into the physical routine of gym with new enthusiasm.

All of this organization, and international youth circus, is non-profit and organized over the past 22 years for the promotion of education and well-being of young people everywhere. Circus Smirkus is in Greensboro, Vermont and this would be a vacation adventure of a lifetime for young people and the whole family!

Places to Visit in USA #4:

By Vicky from WV - Here's a nice place to visit while on vacation in West Virginia. If you like to combine history and vacations into one time slot, then Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is a good vacation idea for you. You may remember from High School history class how John Brown and his band of abolitionists contributed to the beginning or the Civil War by attacking Federal soldiers. It is believed that he actually captured more Northern soldiers than any other engagement during the war.

Now to wet you’re historian appetite you should know that many other famous Americans had a connection with Harper’s Ferry. This list includes Thomas Jefferson, "Stonewall" Jackson, Meriwether Lewis, George Washington and Frederick Douglass. Sorry, I’m not going to tell you all of the details - you’ll just have to take a trip there to find out. The modern era has been kind to Harpers Ferry. There is an excellent National History Park, a lovely thriving town and many beautiful views of the joining of the Shenandoah and the Potomac Rivers.

Places to Visit in USA #5:

By Susy from Virginia - One of the most interesting places to visit is the Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum complex, which is in nearby Dearborn. This sprawling development is a tribute to the bygone era American history of the 18th and 19th centuries. Historic homes, cabins, farms and other structures from all over the United States have been relocated or rebuilt on the grounds of Greenfield Village, including a recreation of Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park workshop.

You can also see the home of the Wright Brothers, the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law and even take a ride in a Model-T car. The small-town feel of the complex provides visitors with an opportunity to see how life was like back in the early days of our country, with demonstrations of the lost art of blacksmithing, typesetting, glass blowing, sheep shearing, and even 1860s-era baseball games with period rules.

Hungry for a bite to eat? Head over to one of the cafes, where you can order from an authentic 1850s menu! The adjacent Henry Ford Museum is a tribute to imagination and innovation, with exhibits spanning transportation, home arts and historical artifacts. Suitable for all ages, this unlikely vacation destination is one of American’s best-kept secrets for places to visit in USA.

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