Places To Visit In Summer

Places To Visit In Summer #1:

By Jennifer from Alabama - Every summer our family takes a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The beach is quite easily our favorite vacation thing to do in summer and no beach can beat Myrtle Beach for us.

Aside from lounging poolside or on the beach during the day, we enjoy visiting Broadway at the Beach almost every evening. There are so many great restaurants and retail stores to keep you busy. You can visit the Ripley's Aquarium, catch an IMAX movie, or play putt putt golf all in one place.

After Broadway at the Beach, we make plans to visit one of the many calabash buffet dinner restaurants in the area.

Captain Benjamin's is one of our favorite restaurants, but we have tried others that also offer good food. Every spring we look forward to booking our summer vacation, we have many wonderful memories from Myrtle Beach.

Places To Visit In Summer #2:

By Rachel from Ohio - When I get precious time off I like to spend it with our neighbors to the north. Canada offers a multitude of things to do in the summer.

I have been from Ontario To British Columbia and all these spots are great vacation ideas. Some places that stick with me are Toronto, Niagara Falls and Vancouver.

Toronto is a lot like home but Canadian. The bars, night life and colorful culture make Toronto one of my favorite weekend vacation spots. If you can fly in, I would suggest it.

You don’t need a car to get around Toronto and if anything it tends to get in the way. Like all cities, Toronto can get a bit congested about rush hour.

Niagara Falls is another must see. The campgrounds and give you something else to do when you get tired of Ripley’s Believe it or not. You must stay on the Canadian side if you are going to visit the falls, With the endless gardens for flowers, butterflies and even birds, Buffalo has nothing on Niagara.

Vancouver holds an extra special place in my heart. The east coast can be a bit rainy, but the locals are nice, there is amazing culture and night life. There is never a shortage of things to do eat and enjoy in Vancouver. Whatever you niche, from shopping to natural lifestyles, Vancouver has a place for you.

Places To Visit In Summer #3:

Lake Lure, North Carolina
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By Amy from Tennessee - For places to visit in summer, our family enjoyed some great vacations at Lake Lure in North Carolina. The lake is beautiful and on this trip we had a view of Chimney Rock from our rented lake house.

Our trip was in August and the water was a perfect temperature. We decided to make our destination about half-way between my brother's place and mine so we wouldn't both be traveling a long distance to see each other.

The lake house we rented had a kitchen, a game closet, a Ping-Pong table, and a video player with some movies. There 4 bedrooms and room to spare even though there were 10 of us. A porch overlooking the lake also had a grill. Downstairs had a screened porch. There was a stone walk down to the lake and umbrellas and chairs.

We spent every day swimming in the water. A canoe was provided and some floats. We were told there was a ladder leading to the top of the boathouse and we could leap of the top into the delicious water. (The motor boat was not available). We all donned the life-jackets (also provided) and took turns canoeing. We used the kitchen for meals. The men did some grilling and wanted to make pancakes for the kids in the morning.

My sister-in-law and I worked together on the rest of the meals. The kids were so happy swimming we didn't use the coloring and activity books we brought. They did play Ping-Pong and dive into the game closet in the evenings. We could get snacks any time we needed because we brought them. We didn't have the expense of eating out. The cost split between two families was reasonable for a four day week-end. We cleaned up carefully afterwards to insure we got our deposit back.

I used the internet to look up the lake house. Our lake house was called "Poole Hall." It was for rent on a site called That stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. There were a lot of places to choose from of varying sizes and not just at Lake Lure, but all over the United States. Some owners offered discounts for the military. For us renting a lake house or cabin was the perfect option.

Places To Visit In Summer #4:

By David from Maryland - I would highly recommend going to Seattle, Washington during the summer (ie. June through August.) The weather is absolutely beautiful and there is zero humidity. Almost immediately, you can tell that the air you breathe is very clean and pure.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the City Center. My family and I kept ourselves busy hiking at Mount Rainier, going to the Indian Reservation Casino, Tulalip, eating around Pike Place Market, shopping at both the Outlet Malls and Seattle stores, and taking tours of the Pugent Sound. If you're looking for a good summer vacation idea, Seattle has all the amenities to cater to that. Lastly, it was very warming to meet all the friendly locals and I managed to build some friends that I added to my Facebook!

Places To Visit In Summer #5:

By Kisha from Tampa - My favorite summer vacation experience was a road trip from Tampa, Florida to my hometown of Hampton, Va. The trip itself usually takes about 12 hours, but this particular time we drove slow and enjoyed the sites. Our favorite place to stop was South of the Border. It was a great experience for my children and it was my first time going. You can find just about anything there, such as food, lodging, gas, and all kinds of stores for souvenirs. There are plenty of picture taking opportunities and the signs on the highway leading there are hilarious.

One of the places I found really great souvenirs ended up being a gas station with a general store feel. I thought it was pretty cool and the people there are really friendly. I make the trip back home at least twice a year but I have yet to be able to stop back in at South of the Border. Hopefully this summer I can do it all again. Tampa is perfect if you are looking for places to visit in summer.

Places To Visit In Summer #6:

By Anish from Italy - My favorite summer vacation destinations are Venice, Rome and Milan. The summers are quite pleasant there. We traveled all over Italy through the best and cheap transportation system, Buses and trains were our friends. Spending nights at the excellent Hotel Vatican Garden Inn made my experience memorable. The snow clad Alps and Vosges were the best mountains I ever seen.

The city of mermaids, Venice was still amazing even though commuting was a little painful as we had to walk everywhere. Milan being the fashion capital of the world, we were entertained by a special friend with some passes for Fashion shows in that season.

We later went to Rome, the eternal city of monuments, churches, gardens, and capital of Roman Empire. It's so true Rome wasn't built in day, the city is so cramped you wouldn’t think the architecture of the city was designed by one of the best artists of the world. The top attractions consist of temples, residences, basilicas, churches, palazzi, piazzi, parks, museums, and fountains.

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