Places to Visit in Michigan

Places to Visit in Michigan #1:

The wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offers many vacation ideas for enjoying nature. This area has very little population and has some of the most beautiful scenery you will in the state.

One area in particular is quite popular for its beauty. This is the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore which runs for 40 miles along the shore of Lake Superior. Highway 28 cuts through here and makes a great place for a scenic road trip.

The rugged cliffs and beaches along the route are excellent for photographers. The mountains and forests of the Upper Peninsula have loads trails for hiking and biking. Another very popular activity here is snowmobiling in the winter.

A great place to start is the small picturesque town of Munising. Here you can rent a cabin along the lake or camp in one of the many campgrounds and RV parks in the area.

Places to Visit in Michigan #2:

Michigan is the perfect vacation idea for car buffs. The area has been an integral part of the automotive industry through its history. Here are a few places to visit that feature the classic American automobile. A vacation road trip would be a good way to visit some or all of these spots.
  • In Lansing there’s the RE Olds Transportation Museum. This is a small venue which has about 20 vintage autos and features the original 1897 Oldsmobile.
  • In Dearborn, visit the Henry Ford Museum. There are loads of things to see here featuring, of course, lots of old Ford cars including Henry’s very first Ford. Nearby is Greenfield Village where you can actually take a ride in a 1923 Model T.
  • In Flint, stop in at the Sloan Museum. This museum features Buicks as well as covering the whole automotive history of Michigan. You will also find science exhibits and hands on exhibits for children.
  • Auburn Hills has the Walter P Chrysler Museum with about 75 old cars including some wonderful vintage Hudson, Desoto, Nash and Dodge.
  • The Automotive Hall of Fame is a big museum in Dearborn with interactive exhibits, automotive artifacts and loads of classic cars.
  • The Gilmore Car Museum is housed in 22 barns filled with cars. A popular feature is the 15 Rolls Royce autos which includes a 1910 Silver Ghost.

Places to Visit in Michigan #3:

Eagle River Historic Lighthouse

By Roger from Wisconsin - Eagle River is a small town in the Northwoods of Wisconsin that provides an unforgettable outdoor experience. If you like fishing, camping, boating, and other outdoor recreational experiences, you will love visiting Eagle River.

Eagle River is located on the largest chain of lakes in the world, a chain of 29 lakes that provides excellent swimming, fishing, and the opportunity for all kinds of water fun, like jet skiing, tubing, and other activities. Once you're done with your outdoor fun, you can check out some of the fun shops located in Eagle River.

On Main Street is Tremblay's Fudge Shop, which provides delectable treats for you to enjoy, or bring home as a gift. Fun dining locations in Eagle River include Soda Pop's, a fun diner that offers over 150 different soda flavors for you to choose from, and Leif's Cafe, a family restaurant that offers delicious food at a reasonable cost and serves breakfast all day.

If you're looking for something a little more upscale, check out Eagle Waters Resort. Their fish fry is deservedly famous around town. For outdoor fun with a Northwoods flair, Eagle River can't be beat!

Places to Visit in Michigan #4:

By Samantha from Grand Rapids - A fun vacation I once took in my home state of Michigan was to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron. I've been there several times because it is a very unique and fun place to visit.

I always take the Arnold Line Ferry over to the island. I prefer this ferry because you can take your bicycle over with you for pretty cheap. I like to stay at the Lakeview Hotel which is near the docks and right downtown. It is a nice, historic hotel with great views. The Grand Hotel is always a great place to visit or stay because of its' history. Mackinac Island is a unique place because there are no cars on the island. Everyone travels by bicycle or horse and carriage.

In fact, one of the fun things to do on the island is bike around the shoreline, which is about eight miles long. Sometimes my husband and I even rent a two-seated bike just for the fun of it. Inland, there is Fort Mackinac surrounded by hiking trails through the hills.

And finally, downtown is the most touristy place to visit simply because Mackinac Island is known for delicious fudge. There are several world famous fudge shoppes along the main road and I never forget to take some home with me each time I visit. I would highly recommend Mackinac Island if you are looking for great places to visit in Michigan.

Places to Visit in Michigan #5:

By Tammy from Cleveland - My favorite thing to do during vacation is to be a volunteer lighthouse keeper at my favorite lighthouse on Lake Michigan. It's a great deal. For $25 per year, I get to climb the lighthouse (and the other two lighthouses in the association) as many times as I want.

Plus, I get to spend at least one week climbing it two or three times a day! The best part of this whole vacation deal is that the association pays for my housing for that week.

To sum it all up, I receive a free week's vacation in a nice three-bedroom home. I get two days off to do what I want in an area of Michigan that I love - Silver Lake State Park. I get to watch the sun set on Lake Michigan, and watch the light come on at Little Sable Point Lighthouse each night. Finally, I get to talk to hundreds of people each week. Some of these people love lighthouses as much as I do, so I get to hear a lot about wonderful experiences others have had and find out about the latest tour schedules.

Did I mention the best part? Discounts on merchandise featuring my favorite lighthouse is one other perk of the job. Life is good being a volunteer lighthouse keeper at Little Sable Point Lighthouse in Mears, Michigan! What a lovely vacation idea!

Places to Visit in Michigan #6:

By Glenn from Michigan - My favorite vacation experience has to be my four day trip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Me and my wife began our trip by traveling along US 2 along the bottom of the UP. There are wonderful sites of Lake Michigan along this route at one point a beach that encompasses at least a ten mile stretch of shore line.

Our first stop the cut river bridge. This is a short bridge over a deep gash in the earth created by the river. I call it a mini grand canyon. Our first day mostly spent traveling along the shore line with a stop at the mystery spot (good for kids not adults), a zoo and a gas station with at least fifty different types of jerky. The next day we traveled to Fayette.

Lake Superior Michigan

This is a state park on Big Bay de Noc. The state has rebuilt a smelting town at this spot and you are able to see how people lived in the 1800's in an iron ore smelting town.

We spent eight hours just wandering around and looking at the buildings and walking the many trails. If ever you get to this area I highly recommend this site.

Next we traveled further North with a stop at the largest fresh water spring in the worlds; a forty foot deep natural spring. One beautiful place in nature. Back in the van further North we went to Munising and a look at many natural water falls with a visit to a museum that displayed old settlers type of stuff. We spent an entire day exploring this area.

There are at least twenty different areas to see, one anther state park called castle rock really cool place along Lake Superior. The last day we traveled along a curvy road across the top of the UP. Along this route we stopped at several water falls and great places along Lake Superior. One of my favorite was the Log Run.

This is where the loggers used to push logs down three hundred feet sand dunes to Lake Superior below. You feel the power of Mother Nature here as you look out over the turbulent waters of Lake Superior from three hundred feet above. The trip took four days and yes there was a lot of driving but there was so much to see even this was pleasant.

It seemed around every corner there as a park or a new unique site. The landscape changed from rolling hills to steep cliffs in a blink then too lake views. There is so much to see you could just drive around but I recommend stopping a breathing in the crisp air and getting sand between your toes.

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