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Places To Visit In Illinois #1:

Down in southern Illinois near the town of Belknap is the Cache River State Natural Area. With 20+ miles of great hiking trails and a large variety of natural beauty, you could easily limit you visit to just hiking and go home satisfied. On the other hand, you will probably find much more to do in over the 14,000 acres of park land.

Bird watchers will see great blue herons, red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, varieties of owls and many more. You will also find an abundance of beavers, opossums, foxes, white-tailed deer plus musical chorus of frogs.

Fishermen can catch bass, bullheads, catfish and sunfish. A new visitors center, the Henry N. Barkhausen-Cache River Wetlands Center, is available to answer your questions.

Places To Visit In Illinois #2:

Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Park in Petersburg, Illinois is a most unique vacation spot. As you can guess by its name, the park is a recreation of the 1830’s rural community where Abraham Lincoln lived in his early 20’s.

With only about 25 families, the town was not large. Some of Lincoln’s work experiences during that period included a store clerk, a post-master and surveyor. His political career got started a few years later.

There is a 475 seat outdoor amphitheater and a 250 seat inside theater where shows of the Chautauqua Series are performed on weekends. The amphitheater schedule includes plays, concerts and lectures during the summer months whereas the indoor theater continues these programs into the winter months. These stage presentations are truly family oriented material.

Places To Visit In Illinois #3:

If you prefer an out-door vacation then you should consider Giant City State Park, in Makanda, Illinois. Does four thousand acres sound adequate? Does camping and picnicking sound good? And what about fishing, rock climbing, hunting, rappelling and horseback riding? Do these activities sound like you?

Now, if you haven’t stopped reading yet, then Giant City Park is a good fit to you. Perhaps, all of these activities are great except for the camping. In that case, you could stay at the Giant City State Park Lodge and eat your meals at the Our Bald Knob Dining Room. Other amenities are log cabin lodging, adult and children’s swimming pools and a wonderful wholesome atmosphere. The hiking trails are particularly exiting as you discover the 12,000 year old ridges of sandstone.

Places To Visit In Illinois #4:
Magic Waters Water Park, in Rockford, IL is a multi-award winning entertainment center that you really should have on your list of "places to visit on vacation next summer". They have so many exciting rides that we will concentrate on just a couple and you can take it from there.

With the largest wave pool in Illinois, Tsunami Bay will keep you immersed in fun for hours. This attraction has to be the most popular at Magic Waters because there are so many things you can do. Over 700,000 gallons of constantly moving heated water goes a long way toward true happiness.

Splash Magic River is a 1,200 foot of constantly moving water with fun at every curve in the river. Your ride includes rapids, mist bubbles, waterfalls and a water spraying machine.

Places To Visit In Illinois #5:

Contributed by Jennifer, Illinois - Detroit, Illinois is a fun vacation place! I love Greek town, it gets better every time I go there, and I don't even really like Greek food! There is a Pizza Papalis there that has the most amazing deep dish pizzas ever. Usually I like to go take a stroll along the river walk near Hart Plaza and then take the people mover around town to see Detroit from a birds eye view.

But if you are looking for a more exciting time there are always the casinos down town, the Greek Town Casino is right across the street and it is always hopping. The Detroit Institute of Arts is also downtown, it is a wonderful experience, and it even has the Detroit film theater attached to it that shows some very out of the ordinary shows. The last thing I saw there was The Dark Crystal, I admit I am kind of a dork, but I grew up watching that movie.

Anyway, the science center is right across the street from it, and while it costs a few bucks to get in, it has some cool features like Imax dome theaters and lots of cool hands on stuff for the kids, and adults, if you are like me. Detroit has lots to offer, it is really an interesting place with something for everyone. I love Detroit!

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