Phoenix Things To Do

Phoenix Things To Do #1:

If you are vacationing anywhere near Phoenix you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Arizona Science Center. The Center is all about science and how it can be educational and entertaining at the same time plus a big dose of inspiration for young and old minds.

Imagine the opportunity to have hands-on interaction with over 350+ permanent exhibits and the good news is that all of these exhibits work equally as well with children and adults. As you can imagine, the Center is very well visited by all ages.

The Center’s work is not only appreciated by locals and visitors but they have a very successful national traveling presentation which includes duplicates of some of the best of their work.

The following is a short sample of some of the exhibits: Make a Home reviews all the steps involved in building a home, About You teaches the physiology of our bodies and Networks instructs on how to survive in the internet world.

The Center also has the Dorrance Planetarium and an IMAX Theater. The theater screen is five stories high which allows for some spectacular heavenly presentations of the stars and planets.

There are several special programs such as Summer Camp Science, a Night Out for Adult’s and a pre-school presentation called Stroller Science.

Phoenix Things To Do #2:

Imagine yourself in a place where there are flowering plants all about you and these plants and flowers have brilliant colors and shapes that you have never seen before. You will think that you are either in a dream or in heaven itself.

But no, you’re walking through the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. If you come from the east or the north of USA you would be seeing absolutely gorgeous flowers which would be completely new to you.

Every corner that you turn, as you stroll through the gardens, will catch your breath with a sigh. The 140 acre Gardens are a first class assemblage of desert plants which are collected from all over the world. There are over 30,000 plants of which over 130 species are rare. The Gardens are arranged in five trails with each trail covering a different theme.

Workshops and lectures are offered on landscaping these unique plants. Other subjects that are taught include horticulture, plant photography and botanical art. The Gardens also offer concerts, special tours, and a gift shop.

Be sure to bring your camera with plenty of film and charged batteries as you will be so seduced by the beauty that you will take hundreds of photos to show your friends back home. Oh yes, one more thing, we suggest the guided tour as you learn so much more that way.

Phoenix Things To Do #3:

When you are planning a vacation remember to include the young children in your plans. With that in mind, if you are planning to be anywhere near Arizona, the Phoenix Zoo has a reputation as one of the best for children.

With 125 acres donated by the washing machine Maytag family there is plenty of room for it to remain a first class zoo. The Zoo has 1,300+ animals and two and a half miles of walking paths for visitors. These trails are split into four trails of different themes.

The headings for these trails are: Children’s, Tropics, Arizona and African. The Children’s Trail has the small animals from all over the world. Some of the favorites are the Ocelot, the Raccoon, the Gibbon and the Wallaby. The Africa Trail has the White Rhinos, Tigers, Lions, Baboons and Cheetahs, plus may others.

The Arizona Trail concentrates on the local wildlife such as the Sonoran Pronghorn, the Turkey Vulture, the Coyote, the Grey Wolf and others. The Tropics Trail shows Anteaters, Orangutans, Tortoises, Elephants, Jaguars and others. Of course there is a Monkey Village to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Phoenix Things To Do #4:

The Heard Museum has the following motto: "World Famous for a Reason". That motto is probably quite accurate, however, words alone cannot tell the whole tale so why don’t you just hop down to Phoenix and see for yourself. The Museum is significantly famous for its exhibits of American Indian culture and art of all kinds. They offer ten exhibit galleries and guided tours that are free.

They also have an outdoor garden with sculptures plus a lovely café and art gallery. With half dozen new exhibits each year plus many permanent exhibits and festival programs, the museum’s facilities are fully utilized. There are many educational opportunities for seminars and group lectures.

The Museum’s Online Shop provides access to the art work of the most outstanding Native Artists. You will find a variety of art from sculpture and pottery, to paintings and jewelry. Also, many books by or about the American Indian are available for purchase.

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