Pet Friendly Beach Vacation Ideas

Pet Friendly Beach Vacations #1:

Huntington Dog Beach is a pet friendly beach along the California coast. It’s between LA and San Diego in the town of Huntington Beach. Huntington Dog Beach is also a convenient 10 minute drive from Disneyland.

You can let your dog run free without a leash as long as you are there supervising. It’s a big beach with lots of room so everyone isn’t on top of each other. Above the beach, on the bluffs are tables and benches with a great view of the coast.

The three main beach entrances all have dog drinking fountains. Huntington Dog Beach is well known for the friendly cooperative attitudes of its visitors.

The beach is popular with families and non-pet owners as well. If you check out the reviews online you will find that Huntington Dog Beach is loved by many beach going pet owners.

Pet Friendly Beach Vacations #2:

Fiesta Island, in San Diego, California is an extremely popular pet-friendly recreational area that includes beaches.

The island is part of Mission Bay Park. It’s located in the middle of Fiesta Bay in the Mission Bay area, just a stone’s throw from SeaWorld. Dogs can be off the leash anywhere on the island outside of the fenced areas.

As for pet-friendly beaches, you will find many on the island. In fact there are about 19 miles of beaches along the island’s shoreline.

The beaches are clean, generally non-crowded and the water is very calm. The bay waters are very popular for boats, water skis, jets skis and other water sports.

On the northern part of the island there is a nature preserve home to many birds and animals. The island is basically a huge playground for dogs and their owners with plenty of beach, grass and also dirt to romp through.

Pet Friendly Beach Vacations #3:

For pet-friendly beach vacation ideas in Florida, try Paw Park & South Brohard Beach in Venice. Part of the beach is open to dogs and there’s an adjacent fenced in area where dogs can run loose.

There’s about 1 acre of the 22 acre park that’s open for pets. There’s a boardwalk that provides access to Dog Beach from the main pet-restricted beach area. Paw Park is right next door to the Venice Municipal Airport and also the Lake Venice Golf Club. There are leash posts, dog drinking fountains, dog showers and dog-friendly "fire hydrants" which is why this is considered by many to be one of the best pet-friendly Florida beaches.

A short drive to the east is the Warm Mineral Springs where you can swim year-round in 87 deg spring water. Just a half mile away is Venetian Waterway Park with a pet-friendly 10-mile long walking & biking pathway.

Pet Friendly Beach Vacations #4:

The Tampa, Florida coast has lots of beaches and one of the best pet-friendly beaches here is at Davis Islands Dog Park. As Florida beaches go, the beach at Davis Islands Dog Park is small. There’s about 200 feet of shore where your dog can run in the sand and splash in the warm Gulf waters.

The beach area is about 1.5 acres. But there is also a dry land area of the park where dogs can romp. It’s all grass and no trees. The park is located at the southern tip of Davis Islands, right next to the Peter O. Knight Airport. Tampa is a great vacation idea with loads of things to do for people. Davis Islands Dog Park provides a great place for your dog to enjoy the vacation as well.

Pet Friendly Beach Vacations #5:

Smyrna Dunes Park is along the shore of Central Florida between Daytona Beach and Canaveral National Seashore. It’s one of the few places in the area that allows dogs on the beach. The downside is that dogs must stay leashed. But despite the leash thing, Smyrna Dunes Park is an excellent vacation idea.

The beautiful 73-acre park is surrounded on 3 sides by water and a 1.4-mile long raised wooden boardwalk provides a pathway exploring the sand dunes. You can take your leashed dog on the boardwalk. There is a river-side beach and a inlet-side beach and dogs can run on both. But the ocean-side beach does not permit dogs.

The park has outdoor showers for dogs and also picnic shelters with grills. Besides swimming and beach romping, the park is a great spot for fishing and boating as well as photography.

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