Pacific Island Vacation Ideas

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #1: The waters around Palau, Micronesia are considered by many to be the best in the world for diving and snorkeling.

The main underwater attractions are the more than fifty WWII shipwrecks, tremendous variety of fish and the excellent visibility. The Palau Pacific Resort is a great place to stay while enjoying the ocean and atmosphere of this western Pacific Island paradise.

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #2: Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands, is the place to go if you really want to get a way from it all.

Stay at the Aitutaki Pearl Beach Resort and head out to the twenty-one small islands that sit within Aitutaki’s large reef lagoon. The lagoon is perfect for snorkeling or take a Lagoon Tour. There are plenty of empty pristine beaches on Aitutaki and the tiny surrounding islands.

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #3: The Highland Festival is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see Pacific Island culture.

It is held every year in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea.

Hundreds of local men and women gather to don exotic face & body paint and traditional headdresses.

Then they participate in intertribal “sing-sing” competitions involving lots of chanting, drums beating and stomping of feet.

This is a unique cultural display that is not to be missed on a tropical vacation.

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #4: At an altitude of 7,000 feet, The Ambua Lodge in Papua New Guinea, offers a panoramic view of the rich green rain forest of the Tari Valley.

This luxury lodge, set in the midst of a remote wilderness jungle, provides a comfortable base from which to explore the sights and sounds of the local wildlife and the culture of the indigenous people.

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #5: Every July 4 The Heilala Festival celebrates the birthday of the ruler of the last pure Polynesian chiefdom in the Pacific Islands - Nuku’alofa, the capital of the tiny island kingdom of Tonga.

The whole country celebrates with events like the famous Miss Heilala beauty pageant which involves dancing while covered in coconut oil. Other activities include dances, parties, parades, concerts, sporting events, and yacht regattas.

Pacific Island #6: Fa'a Samoa refers to the Samoan way of life. This includes family, community, church and respect for the Samoan identity. At the Safua Hotel, in Savai’i, Western Samoa, you trade a little comfort for the chance to becomes directly involved in Fa'a Samoa.

The hotel is run by Moelagi Jackson who is an active leader in the preservation of the Samoan culture and environment. As a guest at her hotel you will have the unique opportunity to participate in and learn about local cultural events and activities.

Pacific Island Vacation Ideas #7: You really have to go out of your way for this one. Easter Island sits in an isolated part of the South Pacific ocean and is the home to the mysterious giant stone monuments.

There are close to a thousand of these ancient statues, considered one of the "Nine World Wonders". If you go, don't miss the Tapati Festival. This is a beautiful celebration of the native Rapa Nui culture and includes strength and skill contests, dancing and feasts.

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