Our Disney Vacation was Absolutely Great

by Danielle
(North Carolina)

In October my family and I took a trip to Orlando and Disney World FL. Maybe you can get some Disney vacation tips from our experience. It was absolutely great. This was one of the best vacations that we have ever enjoyed.

My husband and I were traveling with our 2 year old son and 6 month old daughter. We decided that instead of being trapped in a car for the twelve hours it would have taken us to get to Orlando we would take the Amtrak train and at least be able to get up and move around without having to stop.

Our train left around 9:00pm the night before our check-in date at the Wilderness Lodge Disney Resort and arrived around noon the next day. The train ride would have been awesome during the daylight, but since we traveled at night we weren't able to enjoy any of the views or scenery and sleep wasn’t very easy since we are not used to sleeping in recliners.

Once in Orlando we took a taxi to the resort and since we arrived before check in we enjoyed a lunch at the resort's family restaurant while we waited. We had purchased our park tickets online and they were the flex tickets which allowed us to visit any of the parks as many times as we wanted during the 6 days we stayed there.

This was the best thing we did since we had young children, if one needed a nap, got hungry, thirsty or just wanted a break, we could run back to the resort and not have to worry that we had wasted our tickets. The Disney parks were very child and parent friendly (as you can probably imagine) but they took extra steps to make it easy for parents. There were private nursing rooms, feeding supplies like high chairs and microwaves as well as changing areas and kid sized bathroom facilities.

Many of the rides and activities were gentle enough for my 6 month old to ride along too and when they were not, they allowed the parents to wait with the child while the other parent rode, and then just switched you out without having to return to the back of the line.

Then there was the convenience of getting to and from the parks, from the Wilderness Lodge we could take the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom, the ferries ran about 2 to 4 boats at a time, so there was never a long wait to get over to the park.

From the Magic Kingdom we could take the Monorail to any of the other 3 parks, but since the motor coach buses also ran regular schedules directly to and from the Lodge, we usually just took the bus to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

The Wilderness Lodge itself was magnificently decorated and everything had that wilderness feel. The larger of the two pools was made to look like a pond that came from a waterfall and included a natural looking water slide.

The smaller pool was made to resemble a hot spring complete with bubbling spots. We also enjoyed the hot tubs since it was October and the night air was starting feel cooler. On the return Amtrak train, we decided to get a sleeper car since we would once again be traveling overnight. We were able to stretch out and relax this time and get a great night's sleep.

Word of caution though, if you have the top bunk it really doesn't matter how old you were the last time you fell out of bed, they put that net up for a reason, and if you take it down you will find out why! Overall the whole Disney World FL trip was excellent and makes great vacation ideas even with small children.

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