Orlando's Walt Disney World - Best Family Vacation Ideas

by Jodi
(Kansas )

Disney Hotel View

Disney Hotel View

Without a doubt the best family vacation that we ever took was a week at Orlando's Walt Disney World.

We took advantage of the "Grand Plan" option that provides for an all inclusive experience. It started with a limo to pick us up from the airport, delivered us to our own personal concierge who made sure we could go anywhere we wanted, eat at any restaurant, get in early to the parks, attend special Grand Plan guest only tours and shows and more.

We stayed at the Grand Floridian and our balcony looked out over the Magic Kingdom where the kids watched the fireworks every night. We visited all the different parks, took in several shows, had meals with the characters, took a nighttime boat trip out to the laser and fireworks show at Epcot Center and a so much more. It was a chance rainy day that led to one of the best days our family ever had before or since.

The DisneyQuest indoor attraction had just opened and was being tested out so it was not heavily advertised yet. We had the run of everything in the three story building for a full day almost all to ourselves. My daughter and I thought the best part was the animation station where you drew Disney characters and they came to life on a giant TV screen where you could control them.

My husband and son could not get enough of the programmable roller coaster ride. The station featured a computer to build the roller coaster of your dreams then you got into a simulator that could go in all directions, even upside down so you could "feel" the ride on the coaster. They both said the experience was so real they felt woozy from it.

By going with the Grand Plan we did spend more up front, but it allowed us to fully relax while we were on the property. We never had to say no to anything the kids wanted or question if we could afford to do this or that. There were also hundreds of little things that came with it

By Freddy from Tennessee - When I was a child, I always wanted to go to an amusement park or a theme park. But the neighborhood swingset was the only place my parents could afford to take me.

They always felt bad knowing they couldn't give me my every desire, but I was a smart, grateful kid.
I knew how hard they worked, and how much they loved me. I was content with whatever they could give me. But when my twelfth birthday came around, I got the biggest surprise I could ever have imagined.

My parents surprised me with tickets for the three of us to...Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida...and Six Flags in Georgia. They had saved up enough money over the years to take me on a three week birthday vacation to some of the most amazing theme parks in the United States!

Not only did I gain the experience of being at a theme park, I gained a good amount of travel experience, as I had never been out of the state of Tennessee before then. We didn't stay in any fancy suites or hotels, or have dinner with Mickey Mouse or whatever, but I didn't need that to make the vacation spectacular.

Plus, they wanted me to go to college eventually, so they chose not to put us completely in debt. I had THE time of my life. To this day, I have never had a better vacation than that. I don't believe I ever could. Thanks Freddy for these Walt Disney World ideas.

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