New York City Vacation Ideas

New York City Vacation Ideas #1: My all-time favorite place to vacation is New York City. I have been there a couple of times and it is incredible. The fabulous night life and the many tourist attractions are outstanding.

Times Square was my favorite part of the trip. There is a T.G.I.Fridays restaurant down there and although it is a pretty "regular" restaurant that I can find back home, I found it to provide a not so regular experience. It really is right in the middle of everything and you can meet some interesting people.

I also really liked the Empire State building. I had no idea there was so much to do in the building. I just thought the top of the building was the big deal. No, there are great places to eat and tour within the building. I would highly recommend it.

The shopping is fantastic in New York City as well. There was one store that stands out in my mind called Strawberry. The prices were incredibly affordable and the clothing was great. Overall, New York City has an experience for everyone. No matter who you are, you will find something great and exciting there! - Amanda from Iowa

New York City Vacation Ideas #2: New York City is my favorite place to go on vacation - there's so much to see and do in Manhattan alone that you can spend a week and just scratch the surface.
  • Throw in the outer boroughs (a must if you're a baseball fan - Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx and the Met's Citi Field is in Queens), and you've got more fun on tap than you'll know what to do with.
  • If you’re an art lover, New York City has a lot to offer. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is my favorite museum in the world, and I’ve been to most of the big ones.
  • The Museum of Modern Art has some of the best modern masterpieces in the world on display. Then there’s The Whitney Museum, The International Center for Photography - the list goes on and on.
  • If you’re a music lover, there’s a lively local music scene, especially on the Lower East Side, the East Village and the West Village.
  • If you’re into shopping and fashion, there are boutiques galore where you’re likely to find cool stuff you can’t get back home.
  • And the food! Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, you name it; you’ll find great international cuisine in NYC.
- Jim from South Carolina
New York City Vacation Ideas #3: Although some people may find it hard to believe, New York City is without a doubt my ideal vacation spot.

The diversity and fast-paced environment is so captivating and unique. Of course if you are a first time tourist you must take a tour of the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, stroll through Central Park, and set a day aside for Times Square and the Empire State Building. I have also found the NBC studio tour, Sex Museum, Coney Island and Wax Museum to be very enjoyable as well.

If you are a fashionista you will love all of the designer boutiques in SOHO and the fantastic deals on accessories and handbags in Chinatown. Remember if you buy a metro card it can also be used for bus transportation. As far as flying into your New York City getaway, I have personally always flown into LaGuardia and have nothing but positive feedback, but I have also heard JFK is a good option too! - Chloe from St. Louis

New York City Vacation Ideas #4: Yes, an affordable New York City Getaway is possible. My favorite place to vacation is New York City. Even though it can get very expensive, there are a few tricks to help you stay within your budget.

Never bring a car - you don't need one and parking prices are ridiculous. From any of the airports, simply take a shuttle bus to Grand Central Station. It will cost about $15 and they leave every 15 minutes. From Grand Central Station, take a subway anywhere you want to go. It's often much faster than a taxi, and as long as you stay out of high crime areas you'll be fine.

Next, there are some great deals on craigslist if you want to stay for a few days. I saw a posh, roomy Manhattan apartment with a roof deck that would easily sleep 6-8 people for $200 a night. You can find smaller places for around $100. There isn't any room service, but you can use the savings on hotel tax to pay for meals. Check out “Time Out New York” on the newsstand, they have great listings of things to do with "best of the week" recommendations, as well as a regular feature of fun stuff daily that's free.

There are restaurants everywhere you look in the city. Two of my favorites are in the small, friendly, diverse neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn. Don't let its slightly run-down appearance fool you - it's safe and neighborly. The Prospect Park subway stop on the Q line is the easiest way to get there, and there is plenty to do in Prospect Park.

After a day at the Brooklyn Museum, or wandering the Botanical Gardens, walk down to Gino's Trattoria at 548 Flatbush to have some of the best Italian food I've ever had in my life, for not a lot of dough. (And I’ve been to Italy a few times, so that’s saying something.) Or try King of Tandoor at 600 Flatbush if you'd rather have outstanding Indian food. Both restaurants' portions are large, so bring your appetite.

Hop on the subway back to Union Square to wander through one of the best used bookstores in the world: The Strand. Dine with the yuppies at Whole Foods Market on Union Square; they’re annoying, but the food is reasonable and decent, and you can pick up breakfast and snacks to take back to your apartment. It's easy to have a great time in New York and not go broke, just plan ahead and jump in. New York City is the best of vacation ideas. - Diana from Pennsylvania

New York City Vacation Ideas #5: As often as I've been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it always surprises me.

The only way to possibly see it all would be to live in Manhattan and haunt the place daily. Forget special exhibitions, it would take years of study to familiarize yourself with just those pieces on constant display in its two square miles of exhibit space.

One of my favorites is a room in the medieval section, transported from its original setting in its entirety, with walls made of intricately inlaid wood paneling. The inlays are tiny pictographic depictions of dozens of biblical stories, each and every one of which is a teeny tiny masterpiece.

Someone, no one knows exactly who, spent their entire life creating that room, and you could spend all of yours appreciating it. Unfortunately, I never get to spend more than one or two days a year at the Met, and only a few minutes of each trip in that room, so I’ll never see it all. But I’ll never stop trying.

New York City Vacation Ideas #6: I took an awesome vacation to New York City in 2003. By far, this was the best vacation that I have ever taken and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. My friends and I chose to take this trip for spring break and could not have made a better choice.

The activities that we enjoyed while we were in New York City along with the fantastic sites truly made the trip a wonderfully memorable experience.

First, we got pretty lucky because we have some friends that live in New York City so we did not have to pay for a hotel room while we were there. We certainly considered ourselves fortunate with this because the hotels in New York City can be quite pricey. We took the chance to experience Times Square on the few days of out trip. What a fantastic place!

It is always bustling with people and there is always shopping and entertainment to see on the streets. While we were in New York, the 9/11 site was under construction so we got a chance to pay our respects to the lives lost at this tragic event.

Seeing the efforts toward rebuilding and cleaning up really gave me a greater respect for the American spirit. We also got a chance to visit the Empire State Building and this was just absolutely fascinating to be at the top of the building.

The view from this most famous of New York City tourist attractions could not have been more beautiful! We got the opportunity to do some great shopping while in The Big Apple.

There are such a wide array of stores and shops that are quite affordable. Our experiences overall in New York City were phenomenal. Although we did not go somewhere warm with a beach for spring break, we truly enjoyed ourselves in the "Big Apple". I would absolutely recommend New York City as an awesome vacation idea for anyone anytime! - Alena from NJ

New York City Vacation Ideas #7: A very memorable vacation for me was a trip to New York City with my girlfriends when I was about twenty years old. We got the opportunity to go to New York because my friend had made some friends that lived there.

We stayed in New York for ten days and did not have to pay for lodging at all!! So, needless to say, we had a blast with all the extra money that we saved! We are from Iowa so New York City is like nothing I have ever seen before! We spent our time doing all kinds of things. The number one thing that I would say we enjoyed in New York City was the inexpensive shopping. Wow!

We came home with suitcases that were about 20 pounds heavier than when we left! We got a chance to see the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, and Times Square. We did not get to see the Statue of Liberty because the security threat was still very high at this time. But, we did get to see such a variety of sites!

We really loved taking the subway while we were there and it became pretty familiar for us girls from Iowa. It cost us $17 for a pass for the entire time we were in New York so we saved some money there too!

I would recommend anyone to go to New York like we did because we were able to save so much money. If you are able to save money like we did then you can really let loose in the city that never sleeps! - By Amanda from Iowa

New York City Daytime Skyline
New York City Vacation Ideas #8: If you want to get away and only have a day to do it in, you can't beat New York City. I've been there so many times that now I have it down to a routine. I fly in to LaGuardia and go straight to my favorite hotel in Manhattan, the Hotel Elysee.

It's not the fanciest place in Manhattan, but it's clean, it's reasonably priced, the bathrooms are large enough to turn around in, free snacks and drinks are available whenever you want something, and the staff will bend over backward to get you anything else you ask for.

Once I'm checked in, I usually start my getaway to New York City with a trip to one of the many great museums in the city. Usually this will be The Frick. It’s one of my favorite museums.

By museum standards, it's on the small side, but that's because it wasn't originally a museum, but a house. A mansion really, on what is now known as Museum Row, overlooking Central Park.

It's incredible to think that one man owned and lived in the place, because not only is it a large property in a prime location, but the contents of the house are jaw-dropping.

The place is dripping with Gainsborough’s paintings, and amongst its many other treasures, it boasts some of the most beautiful paintings Whistler ever set brush to.

Most startling of all, the two very best paintings ever created by Hans Holbein the Younger, court painter for Henry the VIII, hang here. His portraits of Thomas More and Thomas Cranmer flank the fireplace where someone of more modest means might hang their kids' graduation pictures. If anything ever belonged in London's Portrait Gallery, it's these two paintings, so when you trip across them unexpectedly in New York, it's enough to make you faint.

The place closes down at 6:00, which means they kick you out at 5:30, giving you time to find a nice restaurant and get in a meal before taking in a Broadway play. I personally like to go to Junior's and have a piece of cheesecake and an egg cream. Junior’s is famous for its fantastic cheesecake and I can personally attest to it. After the cheesecake I then go to a musical show.

The last time I went, I saw Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in A Little Night Music. The first time I saw that play, I hated it, but cast is everything. In the hands of Peters and Stritch, every character was lovable, every joke worked, and every song brought tears to your eyes.

They might not be on stage when you're in town, but there's sure to be somebody you've always wanted to see in person starring in something, somewhere, transforming it in the process from so-so to amazing.

After a sound night's sleep in one of the cleanest hotel rooms in the world, I go home the next day having seen some of the most beautiful things in existence, sampled some of the finest food ever cooked, and experienced one of the best theatrical performances ever staged.

And usually, it hasn't cost me more than five hundred dollars. So, as you can see, one of my favorite vacation ideas is a quick getaway to New York City. Try it and you might get hooked like me. - By Daisy from Ohio

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