New Jersey Tourist Attractions

New Jersey Tourist Attractions #1:

The "Jersey Shore Pirates" located in Brick, New Jersey is a most unusual vacation entertainment. This is an adventurous boat trip for young children and their parents, aboard the Sea Gypsy.

The kids and you will have a swashbuckling Pirate Adventure on the Metedeconk River. Your mini shipmates will become pirates after donning pirate’s clothes, adding a bit of face paint and learning some pirate talk.

They learn to read a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt and discover a secret message in a bottle. The adventure ends with the mini crew going home with their share of the treasure.

New Jersey Tourist Attractions #2:

Peggy, New York City - A short drive from NYC is Cape May, New Jersey. I spent a long weekend vacationing there last summer and had a delightful time.

There are many beaches to choose from and since I have a dog I often went in the morning and in the evening to Sunset Beach at Cape May Point where dogs are permitted.

During the daytime I left my dog in the room of my pet friendly B&B and headed out to try a different beach each afternoon.

The center of town does not allow dogs but I still enjoyed walking around looking at the Victorian architecture and quaint shops. There were many good restaurants from which to choose.

I especially, enjoyed The Blue Pig Tavern which has outdoor dining. I had the Seared Day Boat Scallops which I highly recommend. It wasn’t cheap but was worth the splurge. Of course, a trip to the shore wouldn’t be complete without having lobster and the Lobster House on Fisherman’s Wharf didn’t disappoint me.

The boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean was a throwback to long gone era. In fact all of Cape May is steeped in history but I especially enjoyed the arcades with games from my childhood like skeets. And of course, the best way to get around and see the town is by bicycle which I rented and even had delivered to my B&B.

New Jersey Tourist Attractions #3:

By Jeff, New Jersey - Growing up in northern New Jersey, I often vacationed "down the shore" and some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood come from spending my summers on Long Beach Island. My earliest memory of this island is of crabbing in the bay with my older brother.

My grandmother used to rent a little shack in the middle of the island in its widest part, yet I remember the feeling of accomplishment that I had making the long walk back from the bay with a half a dozen blue-claw crabs in a basket.

I have at spent least a week at Long Beach Island, nearly every summer, since the time I was first born. When I graduated from college I decided to treat myself to a week long respite. I rented a house bayside, so that I could relive the summer memories of my childhood crabbing and fishing with my brother.

Then I would join my parents for a sunset cocktail. I wanted my wife to appreciate that which was a significant part of my childhood. While sitting on the dock, watching the boats pass by, listening to the waves gently smack against the pilings, I made the mistake of reading Close to Shore.

This is a book based on the 1916 shark attacks, which were the inspiration of the novel and subsequent movie, Jaws!. The first of these shark attacks happened on Long Beach Island.

Consequently, I removed myself from the dock and did not go near the water for the remainder of the week. Despite my lack of aquatic escapades, I enjoyed myself grilling, eating, lounging, and playing board games with my family. Life on "LBI" is simple and relaxing.

Long Beach Island has no boardwalk and is a far cry from Seaside Heights, where "The Jersey Shore" is filmed. The island is part of me and I have every intention of sharing the adventures that I have had with my children.

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