New England Vacation Ideas

#1: Rockport, Massachusetts is a picturesque little town an hour north of Boston on Cape Ann. This rocky seaside charming spot has been drawing in artists and summer tourists for decades.

The famous red lobster shack, Motif No.1, has been the subject of thousands of artists and photographers.

Ride along on a lobster trap run, take a boat out to Thatcher Island, browse through the shops and artist galleries, or just soak up the relaxing ocean-side atmosphere.

A local spot to visit is the Paper House which is an actual house that is really made from paper. Thatcher Island stands just off shore of the quaint little harbor.

Boat rides are available out to the island and its twin, 165-foot tall lighthouses. The North tower is open to visitors and there are trails that run across the 50 acre island. Historic and scenic, Rockport is one of the top New England vacation ideas.

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Here we are ready for our annual family camping trip to beautiful New England, circa 1966.

New England Vacation Ideas #2: At the Edison National Historic Site, in West Orange, New Jersey, you can visit the home, library and laboratory of Thomas Alva Edison.

Dating back to 1887, this is the place where Edison invented the light bulb along with many other important inventions like the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the nickel-iron alkaline battery and more.

There are extensive displays of his actual inventions. This is a great place to explore history and get a glimpse into the life of one of the most prolific and influential inventors of the industrial age.

#3: Wisp Mountain Resort, Maryland, has fun vacation activities all year round. During the winter you can hit the 20 runs for skiers and snowboarders as well as special areas for snowtubing. If you would rather ride on the snow you can head out in a snowmobile or take a sleigh ride. Summertime brings golf weather and Wisp Mountain Resort has an 18-hole course ready for action.

They have a host of fun stuff for the whole family like a skatepark for skateboarders and bikers, guided ATV tours, mountain biking, paintball, whitewater kayaking and lots more. Their family adventure van tours will take you for a wildflower photography tour, a maple syrup tasting tour, a winery tour or a visit to the Woodlands Zoo.

#4: Vermont is a wonderful vacation destination with incredible scenery. A great place to enjoy this state's beauty is at Hubbard Park in Montpelier. The park is an excellent place for the family with picnic areas and large play areas. It has 185 acres with lots of pine, hemlock and oak trees, some swamp area and a nice little pond. The 54-foot high observation tower provides great views of Montpelier and Hubbard Park.

There are seven miles of trails through the park which are perfect for hiking during the summer and skiing during the winter. For a winter visit, there is also a good sledding hill.

Montpelier is also the home of the Vermont State House and you can take a guided tour. This is a historical spot because this is one of the oldest and best preserved of all the state capitals. The T.W. Wood Art Gallery shows off the works of Thomas Waterman Wood as wells as many local artists.

Gettysburg Park Statue
Gettysburg National Military Park Statue

New England Vacation Ideas #5: Gettysburg National Military Park, in central Pennsylvania, sits on 6,000 acres of land that was the site of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. It was here that President Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg Address in 1863. Located in south-central Pennsylvania, a visit here is a tremendously moving and educational experience.

The Park contains 26 miles of scenic roads lined with some 400 cannons as well as over 1,400 monuments and plaques. You can take guided tours or strike out on your own. The electric map is a dynamic exhibit that provides a unique and fascinating walk through the 3 days of the battle.

The Cyclorama is a massive oil painting that presents a stunning 360 degree depiction of the battle. It was done in 1884 and is one of the last cyclorama paintings in existence.

Gettysburg National Military Park is an excellent historical and educational spot to visit during a vacation to central Pennsylvania.

New England Vacation Ideas #6: Maine is moose country. So how about a Moose Safari Trip for your next vacation idea. North Country Rivers is an outfitter that will take you on a moose & wildlife tour through the natural habitat of Maine's moose.

Along with the moose you can see other wildlife eagles and osprey or deer and even bear. You will be shooting these 6 foot tall, 1000 pound beauties not with a gun, but with your camera or your video camera.

The guides at North Country Rivers know how to get you close to the action and make it a vacation to remember. North Country Rivers is in Bingham, Maine.

New England Vacation Ideas #6: Waterparks make a great vacation destination and you will love this New England waterpark, Whale’s Tale Waterpark. A trip to Whale’s Tale Waterpark is like catching a whale by the tail. You better hold on tight!

Whale’s Tale is a thrill filled water park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, near Lincoln. Their wild water rides are designed to put you in the eye of a storm. Their water bobsled ride twists you around for 400 feet and gets you going 40 mph!

Some of the other attractions include 2 major thrill rides, 4 water slides, 2 tube rides, a huge wave pool, tranquil Lazy River ride, 3 giant hot tubs, 4 kiddie rides, a themed warm water pool. Parents can relax while the kids have fun in the special activity area designed just for them.

Enjoy live entertainment on the Wave Side Stage every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The Whale’s Tale Waterpark is a New England favorite and the Aquatics International Magazine liked it so much that the park was voted "Best in Class".

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