New England Vacation Ideas

New England Vacation Ideas #1:

By Anais from Colorado - For me, a true vacation is both an escape from the ordinary as well as a chance to relax. A trip to Vermont provides the perfect combination of the two. Flying into the capital city of Burlington is virtually painless, as major airlines like Delta and JetBlue have several flights a day from New York City and Boston. Burlington itself has a fun, funky feel, with dozens of clothing and art stores on the pedestrian mall, Church Street.

Magic Hat, a popular microbrewery, is only a ten minute drive from downtown, and there are several great local restaurants like American Flatbread and the Skinny Pancake, both of which source ingredients from local farmers. I love to hike, and the Green Mountains offer dozens of trails with spectacular views.

Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the state, is less than an hour from downtown Burlington, and if you need some help recovering from the trek, the Ben and Jerry's factory (with free samples!) is only a short drive away.

Vermont's mountains and fields are beautiful all year round, and it's the perfect travel destination for anyone who appreciates a good view, kind people and pleasant vacation ideas.

New England Vacation Ideas #2:

By Christi from Connecticut – Of my favorite vacation cities, Coventry, Connecticut is the place to go. This is where my grandma lives. Her backyard is just woods, so I always go back there and enjoy hiking.

There is even a little stream in which my family and I will often take a dip in. Wildlife is everywhere and it is always fun to find all the footprints of several animals during our hike.

I enjoy staying at the Super 6 Motel because it is convenient and reasonably priced. They also allow dogs in the rooms, which is something I always need when traveling. I always take my family out to eat at Shady Glenn.

It is a old fashioned family restaurant that has a million ice cream flavors to die for! As well as on the way out, we make sure to stop at Munson's, which is a family owned store that makes and sells gourmet chocolates.

I can never leave Connecticut without stopping at Shady Glenn and Munson's! All in all, Coventry, Connecticut is a place to get away from the hectic bustling lifestyle of the modern times, and escape back into nature and into family friendly and relaxing getaways.

New England Vacation Ideas #3:

By Elizabeth from Vermont - Stow away this summer to the Green Mountains of Vermont. For my entire life, I have escaped the hot summers of Los Angeles for New England vacations I love to breathe in the sights, sounds and smells of the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont.

Nowhere on the planet will you find a more beautiful and peaceful spot. Specifically, I enjoy the small town of Stowe, Vermont. The rolling hills, the quaint shops, B&B’s, homespun Inns and house rentals offer a plethora of choices in where you can stay.

Stowe is famous for being the home of the Trapp Family Singers and the Trapp Family Lodge, however on the opposite mountain is nestled Edson Hill Manor, my number one choice in simple elegance and tranquility. Miles of rivers, streams and trails are sprinkled throughout the village with a backdrop of the winter’s wonderland of some of the best skiing in America.

Stowe is also an artist village of sorts including musicians from all over the world. During the summer there are car shows, musicals and plays, movies in nearby parks, a hot balloon festival that puts the Southwest to shame, 4th of July fireworks and celebrations that make the visitor spectators check the morning newspapers for the availability of local property.

New England Vacation Ideas #4:

By Sara from Maine - Although I have previously sought the warmth of other states such as California, Florida, and South Carolina, my favorite place to vacation would be right in my home state: Maine. I know I am part of what seems to be a very boring state, one that most don't recognize as separate from Canada, but Maine has a lot more to offer than you might think.

Maine is actually called "Vacationland." Feel free to check the license plates. I won't even begin to tell you about the wonders of the mild summers and beautiful fall foliage. Instead, I would invite anyone to come up to Maine during the winter time. Those of us who have lived here for at least a couple of years know that the most fun can happen in the coldest of weather.

I love going to all of the ski resorts here, but my favorite place is Saddleback Mountain. For the past few winters my family and I have stayed in a lodge there for 3 days. It is a little off the beaten path, but that's what makes it wonderful. No worrying about your job or the house or anything else.

Just you, your family or friends and the soft powder. You can literally ski/snowboard right down to the chairlift first thing in the morning and get going on the fresh layer of snow before anyone else. You get to explore nature and feel the wind on your face as you fly down the mountain. The view at the top is also incredible. Something that can't really be put into words and even a picture doesn't do it justice.

So, the next time you are looking for a thrill and maybe a change from the hot weather, Maine is the perfect New England vacations spot to get away from it all and just have fun.

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