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Las Vegas Night Skyline
Las Vegas Night Skyline
Nevada Vacation Ideas #1: Angel Lake Scenic Byway - Nevada is a great place for a scenic vacation drive. Angel Lake Scenic Byway is one excellent driving spot.

This is a section of SR 231 starts at the town of Wells, ascends several thousand feet as it winds through beautiful Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and ends at the glacial Angel Lake. This scenic drive is well deserving of its nickname, Highway to Heaven.

Lake Tahoe Scenic Highway also shows off Nevada's incredible scenery as it skirts the eastern rim of Lake Tahoe. This drive has earned a reputation as the most beautiful drive in America.

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#2: Take a Desert Tour in a 4x4 air-conditioned Hummer. The Grand Canyon Tour Company is one of many companies offering a desert tour.

They will take you out in the desert near Las Vegas to places like Deadmans Gulch, Joshua Forest, Ghost Ranch, Skull Cave, and Lookout Point. It's a wild adventure of a lifetime.

#3: Mesquite, Nevada is the small-town alternative to Vegas. Located 80 miles north of Vegas in the beautiful Virgin River Valley, Mesquite boasts four casinos. Besides gambling there are four excellent golf courses, several luxury spas that feature heated mineral pools, aromatherapy and Watsu water massage. Nearby are the towering cliffs of the Virgin River Gorge.
#4: Eureka is one of the best-preserved mining cities in the American West. Silver mines made it a boom town until the late 1800's. Though the 50 mines are now shutdown, the city continues to prosper with many of the old buildings intact. The Eureka Opera House and the Eureka County Court House are two fine examples. The Eureka Sentinel Building is a preserved 19th century newspaper shop.
Nevada Vacation Ideas #5: For bicyclists Nevada's "Extraterrestrial Highway" just might be a vacation idea for you. This ride celebrates Highway 375, which runs along that mysterious Area 51. There are two rides. One is a road "night ride" on the ET Highway. The other goes off-road to the Area 51 security perimeter.

Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway runs some 98 miles through a desolate but beautiful part of Nevada. It runs very close to the top-secret Area 51 which is famous for UFO sightings.

You can get a good view of Desert Bighorn Sheep and the red colored sandstone formations that Nevada is famous for by taking a drive on the Red Rock Canyon Road.

#6: Red Rock Canyon, 15 miles west of Las Vegas, is considered extremely photogenic because of its dramatic red sandstone formations and the wild burros and mustangs that roam the small valley. You can drive through but better to stop and enjoy a picnic, hiking, horseback riding, or even some rock climbing.
#7: Bootleg Canyon is one of the best mountain biking vacation spots anywhere. It's located near Boulder City, Nevada. They have 35 miles of World Class Downhill and Cross Country mountain bike trails. The routes are modeled after the downhills of a ski resort. The trails are interconnected so that you can create a route that suits your own taste from short to long or from easy to difficult. The International Mountain Biking Association calls Bootleg Canyon one the three man-made wonders of southern Nevada, along with Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.

Wheeler Peak
Great Basin National Park Wheeler Peak
Nevada Vacation Ideas #8: Great Basin National Park features Wheeler Peak, the second highest peak in Nevada. It is topped by a glacier and home to Lehman Cave. This beautiful limestone cave is famous for its dense cave formations and large quantity of shield formations. The park has some 65 miles of hiking trails. The high altitude can be a problem for some people.

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