Nebraska Vacation Ideas

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #1: At the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park, near North Platte, you can see the home of the man who made the famous "Wild West Show" back in the late 1800s. The preserved house, barn, and outbuildings sit on 16 acres of land and are full of memorabilia and artifacts from Buffalo Bill,

The Wild West Show, and Chief Sitting Bull. There is a theater that shows an original 1898 movie of the Wild West Show that was made by Thomas Edison. Camping and horseback riding are also available.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #2: The Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha, has the largest cat complex in North America. You can see rare Sumatran Tigers, Asian Snow Leopards, and Siberian Tigers. The zoo is home to The Lied Jungle, the world's largest indoor tropical rainforest.

The huge Scott Aquarium is an 850,000 gallon coral reef tank with a glass tunnel through it. You can feel as if you are really under water. The free-flight aviary with its more than 500 exotic species of birds, is the second largest aviary in the world.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #3: For excellent fishing and birding try Box Butte Reservoir about 10 miles north of Hemingford. You can catch northern pike, walleye, largemouth bass, yellow perch, and channel catfish. Over 200 species of birds have been spotted.

The dam and this 1600 acre reservoir is also a great place for boating, swimming, wind-surfing, and sail-boating. Nearby Hemingford holds the third largest County Fair in the state.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #4: The Environmental Adventure Company offers a tour of the Platte River valley in south-central Nebraska to see the Sandhill Cranes. Each spring 500,000 sandhill cranes spend five weeks here getting ready for their yearly migration.

Special blinds are set up designed for observing the sandhill cranes. There is also plenty of opportunity to observe other wildlife and bird species of the Platte River basin .... it's a bird watching paradise.For more information on how to enjoy a bird watching vacation try my friend Gene's bird watching site.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #5: The town of McCook, in Southwest Nebraska has adventure in the heart of beautiful Republican River Valley. Here's a few things for the family to try. Pumpkin picking, cattle cutting, a championship golf course, pheasant and deer hunting, balloon festival. How about storytelling of the last great buffalo hunt. Or antiquing along historic brick streets.
Nebraska Vacation Ideas #6: Visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska would be a great idea any time of the year. There is so much to see and do that you could easily stay for a couple of days. The Zoo is divided into over 25 sections. The sections pertaining to the larger land animals include Cat Complex, Pachyderm Hill, Bear Canyon and Gorilla Valley.

The Desert Dome has two floors with 42,000 square feet each and it is the biggest indoor desert in the world. The desert includes plant and animal life from several deserts around the world.

The Kingdoms of the Night section is located beneath the Desert Dome and it is the largest nocturnal exhibit in the World. Other sections that might interest you are the Owen Sea Lion Pavilion, Dairy World and the Butterfy & Insect Pavilion.

For a little more excitement you may want to try the Simmons’ Wild Safari that drives you through the zoo for a close look at the animal or the Skyfari, which is an aerial tram which travels above the Zoo. Also, be sure to check-out the Lozier Imax theater

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #7: The Folsom Children's Zoo & Botanical Gardens enables visitors of all ages to get up close and personal to their over 300 varieties of animals and 400 species of plants. It’s both fun and educational. The Folsom Children's Zoo & Botanical Gardens is committed to wildlife conservation and breeding programs for endangered species.

They go out of their way to meet the needs of all people, regardless of financial constraints, language barriers, or physical barriers. One way they do this is with their Sensory Safari for people with visual handicaps. This provides the blind with ways to experience the animals utilizing their other senses.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #8: The Bruce L. Anderson Recreation Area, is home to the 50-acre Recharge Lake. It was named in honor of the conservation advocate and longtime director of the Natural Resources District. You can enjoy fishing, boating, picnicking, and hiking.

The lake is stocked with bluegill, large mouth bass and catfish. Boating is allowed but only up to 5 mph. Facilities include a boat ramp, picnic tables, cooking grills and fire rings, hiking trails, outhouses, playground equipment, and an ice skating pond in the wintertime.

Nebraska Vacation Ideas #9: Agate Springs Ranch, near Harrison, Nebraska, is a major archeological site that has revealed much of our knowledge of animal species that lived 20 million years ago. There are walking trails that enable you to tour the quarries where the bones have been uncovered. Exhibits display bones still embedded in the rock. The museum contains a large collection of Plains Indian artifacts.
Nebraska Vacation Ideas #10: The Great Platte River Road Archway, in Kearney, Nebraska, is a unique and fun history museum. The Archway is a link that lets America see the mark of respect to the perseverance and ingenuity that developed our amazingly diverse culture and active American heritage and future.

The Archway's wonderful educational programs for children of all ages, the exceptional Chuckwagon Restaurant, a gift shop that offers a variety of Nebraska-made products and a selection of themed items.

A trip to the Great Platte River Road Archway is an interactive adventure that uses life-size dioramas, antique cars, computers, movies and more to teach and entertain at the same time. The Archway is also embarking on a new tradition. Starting in June, 2009 the Arch will be having an annual Pow Wow to celebrate Native American history and culture.

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