Nebraska Tourist Attractions

Nebraska Tourist Attractions #1:

Chimney Rock National Historic Site is tribute to the settlers who passed this beautiful rock formation on their way to open America’s West. Back in the pioneer days of the western migration the settlers heading for the California trail, or the Oregon trail, or the Mormon trail, passed by this striking rock formation.

So it quite naturally became a famous landmark. It is estimated that at least one half million settlers saw Chimney Rock on their way through.

You will be reminded of the courage and fortitude that these travelers displayed via several exhibits and a video presentation at the nearby Ethel and Christopher Abbot Visitor Center.

The Center also has an extensive collection of books about the history of the trails and the people that passed by Chimney Rock.

They also carry postcards and photographs. The U.S. Geological Survey Department calculated Chimney Rock as 360 feet from the base to the top and 4,225 feet above sea level.

Nebraska Tourist Attractions#2:

By David, Virginia - While it may not seem as glamorous as some larger cities, Omaha, Nebraska has much to offer folks looking for a relatively inexpensive, family-friendly vacation. The Henry Doorly Zoo alone is worth the trip to this surprisingly sophisticated mid-western city.

Long associated with the famous "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom", the zoo features the "Desert Dome", a 13-story high geodesic dome housing the world’s largest indoor desert and the Lied Jungle, America’s largest indoor rainforest exhibit. The art, music, and theater scene in Omaha is also quite impressive for a city of its size.

The Omaha Community Playhouse (the largest community theatre in America) the Omaha Symphony, the Joslyn Art Museum and a host of smaller venues offer an array of arts and culture opportunities.

No visit to Omaha would be complete without sampling some of its signature hearty cuisine. Whether in the form of the famous steaks served at Gorat’s restaurant and loved by local billionaire Warren Buffett or any of the varied restaurants in the quaint, cobblestone-paved Old Market district downtown.

Nebraska Tourist Attractions #3:

By Luke, Colorado - I find myself unable to get away from home these days. If I could, I would like to go camping by Lake McConaughy up in Nebraska. When I was a child, my whole family and I would drive there and pitch tents by the water after getting permits from the nearby station.

No RV parks for us - we were nice and secluded. We would spend anywhere from three days to a week there, just unwinding from the daily grind that otherwise would have occupied us. Despite the welcome quiet, there was plenty to do.

We would explore the beach, build campfires, fish along the shore, take a nap in our tents, or watch the water skiers from the nearby boat dock as they sped by. Everyone always looked forward to these annual trips, and we were sorry when they were over. As I sit here writing this, I find myself wanting to go again!

Nebraska Tourist Attractions #4:

If your vacation plans take you to Ogallah, you will the find most popular recreational areas in the state. Here you can see Boot Hill, famous as the final resting place for gunfighters and cowboys who "died with their boots on".

There's an 1880's style Main Street with a western stage show. The Main Street Historic Walk of Fame guides you to outdoor markers that chronicle the history of Keith County. For a variety of water activities you can hit nearby Lake McConaughy, Nebraska's largest reservoir, and Lake Ogallala.

Nebraska Tourist Attractions #5:

The Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska has a goal of honoring the history of the three U.S. air defense groups. Starting in 1946, right after the end of WWII, these three became the major combat commands of the U.S. Air Force.

A great idea for your next vacation would be to visit this outstanding museum and learn about this important history. Over 30 period aircraft are on display along with many photographs and artifacts. The displayed aircraft include a B-17 Flying Fortress, a B-47 Stratojet, a B-25 Mitchell as well as a U-2 spy plane.

There is a wonderful section of the museum for children called International "Play" Station. It includes some excellent play facilities including space capsules, a multi-axis trainer and flight simulator rides. You will enjoy the many exhibits which include reviews of many important historical events.

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