Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Ideas

Our Myrtle Beach family vacations by Monroe, Virginia - Recently my very new family took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I love Myrtle Beach so I was extremely excited all the way down from Virginia. Our son had just celebrated his first birthday which only made the excitement greater. Luckily, we had a navigation device on my phone which made the trip down as painless as possible. Our first visit was of course the hotel room. We stayed in Days Inn. I was extremely thrilled with the hotel choice; however, we didn't stay in it very long so there weren't too many complaints.

After we settled in, we decided we wanted to get something to eat. We figured why not walk down to the strip to find something to eat. We settled for a little place called the Oceanfront Bar and Grill. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was definitely nice to enjoy a meal by ocean.

Afterward, we headed back to the hotel room. It was a long trip made even longer with an anxious child. We saw all sorts of places that we wanted to visit but couldn't because they were closed down. We had made our Myrtle Beach family vacations trip about three days before Memorial Day and thus our choices were limited.

We put the baby down and left my sister-in-law in charge of him as the wife and I decided to head down to the ocean to enjoy a few waves.

It felt really good to get back into the ocean. However, the same thing happens every time: you forget its salt water.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, but headed back to the room before it got too dark. When we arrived, our child had waked up from a very brisk nap. We pulled him out, put some "little swimmers" diapers on him and put him in the children's pool at the hotel room.

We figured would get him used to the water before we threw him in the ocean. He enjoyed himself, to my surprise, much more than I had expected.

He finally was ready to get out, however, so we all decided it was time to get out. The wife and I decided we were going to find a Food Lion and get some supplies for the next three days.

We stopped at a Krispy Kreme donut shop and enjoyed some donuts very late at night. I was surprised to find one open, but this is the beach.

The next day of our Myrtle Beach family vacations was mostly spent on or in the beach. Our child got his first opportunity to enjoy the water that is the ocean. He was brave as brave could be. If he could have caught himself a shark and took at home as a pet I feel he would have done so.

A day on the beach can make you really hungry, however. We ate a place called "The Giant Crab." This was a buffet that had all sorts of seafood on it (including crab legs, of course). We ate our fill and headed to Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Golf.

This is the craziest putt-putt golf course I have ever seen. There were four stories of putt-putt jammed into two 18-hole courses. We only had time to play one, given the baby wanted to be all over the place.

However, it was the most fun I have ever had on a putt-putt golf course. There were eye pleasers and wowzers to be seen all over the place.

We headed back on to the hotel afterwards for some much needed rest. The next day was more of the same early.

We hit the water, we played hard, and my son ate dirt and knocked down sand castles. We decided to eat at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville for dinner. The place was interesting as far as restaurants go, but the food wasn't all that great.

We walked around the Broadway at the Beach and entertained the thought of going to Ripley's Aquarium, but we decided not to.

We decided afterwards to go in search of an ocean pier somewhere. We found one, but I really wasn't that impressed. It wasn't that memorable and the price to walk on the pier seemed a little unreasonable given the time we showed up.

We played a few video games in the arcade, won some tickets and bought some mini tootsie rolls that never even made it back to the car.

After returning to the hotel room, the wife and I decided we wanted to take a romantic walk by the ocean.

Seeing the oceanside at night, the seemingly completely different culture was pretty amazing. The view wasn't that bad either.

Unfortunately, that was our last night. We packed our bags early the next morning and prepared ourselves for the drive home.

However, our Myrtle Beach family vacations was absolutely amazing. So much, in fact, that we started planning our next trip to Myrtle Beach before we even got back into our home state.

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