Must See Travel Spots

Must See Travel Spots #1:

By Jacob from Tennessee - The best vacation I ever took was to Panama City, FL. We stayed in a friend of ours condo and had the time of our life. The condo’s name was Top of the Gulf.

Panama City offers so much to do for fun including all ages. We started the vacation with a relaxing day on the beach. We rented jet skis and had a blast. The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are bar none the most beautiful I have ever seen. We then rode the strip that night and everywhere you looked were fun activities to do.

We bungee jumped, rode go carts and went to clubs that rivaled none. The restaurants in Panama City were extremely unique and perfect in food and appearance.

We ate at a place that was a ship right off the coast, had gator tail on the beach and ate at our condo resort. For all ages and desires, Panama City FL is the greatest vacation idea ever.

Must See Travel Spots #2:

By Laura from New York - My family decided to take a trip to California. We flew into San Francisco where we rented a car and stayed for two days. While there, we checked out the Golden Gate Bridge, the wharf area, and the near-by Muir Woods.

After our two days there, we headed south on the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping in Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, at the Hearst Castle, Morrow Bay, Napa Valley, Hollywood, L.A., and Universal Studios.

The Pacific Coast is beautiful, especially in the summer, and we got to spend a lot of time on the beach and enjoying some great sea food. We visited a vineyard for wine tasting, and saw the Redwood Forest in the same week that we saw the Hollywood sign and rode amusement park rides in Universal.

As a family trip it was nice, because we got to do something that everyone enjoyed. The car rides let the slower moving members of the family rest, while the fact that we toured most of California in the space of a little over a week kept the quicker moving members happy. All in all it was a great trip, and I'd recommend doing something similar to anyone who wants to see and do a lot on their vacation.

Must See Travel Spots #3:

By Thornbrier from UT - For many years we traveled down to Flagstaff, AZ to visit family. It’s always nice being able to have people at your destination who are happy to see you. But I wanted to tell you more about one particular trip. On the way down we rounded one of those cliff-side turns that are normally terrifying, but this time we could see all across the vast open desert, it was stunningly gorgeous. Even driving through the desert was a joy.

On the way home we visited several of those little shops, the ones that are usually run by the local Native American tribes, and got some items for my dad who had to stay home, and his Birthday was only a couple days after we were getting back. We visited several special sites that I recommend for anyone traveling in that area. The Grand Canyon, while it is 'just a big hole in the ground' it is a stunningly awe inspiring 'hole in the ground'.

And speaking of holes, another one to see is Meteor Crater, a testament to the awesome power of a small object traveling at great speeds, they also have several of those little 'Indian' shops (I particularly like the one shaped like a geodesic dome). So yeah, enjoy the splendor of the desert, the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, and the magnitude of Meteor Crater – all must see travel spots.

Must See Travel Spots #4:

By Sammy from California - During last summer, I spent 3 weeks in Hawaii, more specifically on the island of Oahu. This trip was awesome and the culture of Hawaii, its beaches, it’s people, and it’s flawless weather welcome you in and guarantee a fantastic vacation. The hotel I stayed at was the Hilton in Waikiki. The beach is right there and the service is unbeatable. The water of Waikiki is warm (like all of Hawaii), but it offers waves that are perfect for the beginning surfer.

For the more experienced surfers, there are breaks all over Waikiki that offer larger better swells, be cautious of these however, these breaks can be quite localized. All in all, Honolulu is what ever you would like it to be, there is shopping, big waves, small waves, sight seeing tours, or a simple beach chair next to the pool. I would highly recommend this vacation idea to anyone that wants a trip that offers options and anyone who would like to get the most out of their time off.

Must See Travel Spots #5:

By Bethany from New Jersey - Taiwan is one of my favorite vacation spots. My sister and I went on a 10 day biking trip around the island with a group of about 20 people. We biked for about 10 hours a day as well. It was tiring but very exciting because the scenery was beautiful and the people were all very nice and encouraging. We stayed at many hotels in Taiwan because each night we'd stay at a different hotel. The hotels were of very high quality for some had hot springs and some had a washing machine and dryer that was open to the public.

They were located near bustling cities or night markets that we could go to at night and shop and enjoy the little snacks that were sold along the street. We also got to swim in a spring in the mountains after biking up the mountain. It was refreshing and although it was freezing cold, it was refreshing after a long, tiring trip.

We also stopped buy a lot of convenience stores to rest and the workers were all very welcoming. The Taiwan beer is also very tasty and delicious. Overall, meeting all these new people and having this biking tour was quite a pleasant and memorable experience.

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