Most Romantic Vacation Ideas

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #1:

A walking vacation in the beautiful Italian Lake district is a wonderful romantic European vacation idea. The Wayfarers has been creating walking vacations since 1984 and they have a 7 day trip that tours Italy’s Lakes Como, Maggiore, Lugano & Orta.

The lakeside pathways, the alpine slopes, pure fresh air, breathtaking scenery, and picturesque villages – these are the ingredients for a romantic couple’s vacation.

Private boats shuttle you from island to island on the lakes. You will be walking 10-12 miles per day while exploring forests, flower-filled meadows and lakeside shores.

The trip includes time spent in Milan where you can shop at chic fashion and interior design boutiques, visit gothic Cathedral “The Duomo” and a castle built by the Renaissance noble Family Sforza.

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #2:

St John, United States Virgin Island must be one of the romantic places in the world.

To start with, the island only has around 2,500 inhabitants permanently living on the island; therefore if you want seclusion, you can find it. One suggestion is taking a hike on one of the more remote US Park Service trails. They normally take about 2 hours in which you will see beautiful fauna and wildlife.

At the end, you wind up in a cove with white, soft sand where you can relax as the boat comes and picks you up. If that is not to your liking, stay at the hotel and visit the beach with your partner.

If you don’t want to stay at the hotel’s beach, all beaches in the USVI are public, and so you have your pick of them. Take a picnic basket which can be bought at the hotel--or get a bit adventurous--and take one from a local eatery.

Make sure that you try scuba diving and snorkeling. When you and your partner do so, you feel as if you are the only two in the world. Of course at night, there is dancing or going for a walk under the moonlight. All of this makes for a get romantic place.

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #3:

By Fred from MI - The most romantic vacation I ever went on was last summer with my fiancee. We traveled to Traverse City, Michigan which is located on a bay off of Lake Michigan. They had the cutest houses for rent on the water which were secluded with a private dock. Paddle boats were available for rental.

We also spent a lot of time watching the wildlife from the Jacuzzi on our deck. The downtown was a few miles away and had lots of small shops and plenty of restaurants to go to every night. The two local breweries had the friendliest staff and good food too. I would definitely plan to take more time off if we visit again so we could see the Sleeping Bear Dunes that are close to Traverse City.

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #4:

Contributed by Aurek, Houston, TX - The ideal romantic getaway would be Sydney, Australia. While definitely a very well-known city, it’s a bit underrated in the vacation world.

The laid back attitude of Australians would complement the amazing beaches, great eateries, and wonderful shopping destinations. Just imagine: after a relaxing day soaking up the sun and getting an excellent tan, you can dine at one of the world’s greatest water-side restaurants, overlooking the sunset.

After dinner, spend all those hard earned dollars at unique shops that sell designer clothing, souvenirs, or just local snacks to bring back to the hotel for that late-night craving.

When it’s time to turn in for the night return to your hotel where hospitality seems to sing from the chimney (thanks to the good nature of most Aussies).

And to think - you get to repeat it all tomorrow! Sydney seems to be the perfect mix of the familiar and the exotic. It has a perfect amount of fun and relaxation. Everyone will have a great time!

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #5:

Contributed by Stella - The San Juan Island located north and west of Seattle is one of the most beautiful and quite places a person could dream of spending a honeymoon. You can live in luxury at Rosario’s or you can choose a little cabin on the beach with a fireplace. The only way to get there is by boat or by ferry.

If you are lucky you will see the Orca as they swim through the Straight. You can rent mopeds, take walks, or visit the local artisans. There are restaurants available or if you prefer the grocery store has everything you need. On a budget or the skies the limit this is truly a romantic getaway for anyone wanting to be alone as a newlywed couple or to add spice back into your relationship.

Most Romantic Vacation Ideas #6:

Contributed by Eric, Shreveport - The most romantic place that my wife and I visited was the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute in Morrilton, Arkansas. We were up there for a combination vacation and marriage retreat that was sponsored by our church, and once we arrived there, the area and the grounds blew us away.

Though, from Shreveport, Louisiana, it was a bit of a drive, once we arrived, it was the most scenic place that we had ever been, and we were formerly from Los Angeles, California.

The grounds were immaculate and the institute had rooms in every price range, from smaller, hotel-styled rooms to two-three bedroom cabins for people who want absolute privacy. There are plenty of activities, but the view of the hills of Arkansas and the ambiance of the rooms and the ground is more than enough to rekindle a romance.

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