Miami Tourist Attractions

Miami Tourist Attractions #1:

If you are planning a Miami, Florida vacation you should consider the Miami Seaquarium. Due to the tropic climate in Miami the site has a broad year-round diversity of marine species. Some of the shows are as follows: The bottlenose dolphins take the stage for thrilling acrobatic presentation as they defy gravity by seemly remain suspended over the water.

It’s always fun to watch the front rows get soaked with water. Maybe you’ll become one of the soakees yourself this year. The Sea Lion show is called the Golden Dome.

These naturally funny creatures waddle through their act trying desperately to compete with the athleticism of the silky smooth Dolphins. The Flipper Dolphin Show includes a modern day Flipper who performs in the same lagoon where the original Flipper did his flipping. There are some very funny audience participation segments of the show.

Of course, a Seaquarium show just isn’t a Seaquarium show without the Killer Wales joining in the fun. It is unbelievable,with that size body, how they can jump high enough to simulate walking on water. There is much more to see including the Shark Show where you witness the frenzy of the shark feeding.

Miami Tourist Attractions #2:

The one and a half million acre Everglades National Park occupies the entire southern tip of Florida and is easily accessible from Miami. It has a wealth of vacation possibilities. The park has many acres of saw grass, jungle and swamps so you won’t exactly have the whole 1.5 million acres to play in. In spite of this, there are some great safe things to do that are fun.

One of the best ways to see the park is to skim along the surface on an airboat tour. You’ll see several of the endangered animals such as the West Indian Manatee and the American Crocodile. There are over thirty five species who have taken up residence in the park but even with the airboat it would be difficult to see them all.

Camping is allowed along with canoeing, kayaking and fishing. There are drivable roads but remember, this is a beautiful park with much to see but it is not a theme park. Millions of people visit the park each year and find it more profitable to study and plan ahead in order to ensure a safe and fulfilling vacation.

Miami Tourist Attractions #3:

Rumor has it that you’re planning a Miami vacation. Assuming that’s true, here’s the scoop on the Beaches of Miami. Let’s start with South Beach where there’s just about everything available for a super vacation.

The beach and sand are first class and the bathers and swimmers are in good physical shape. You’ll see some muscular men and some top-less tootsies. So, the day time South Beach scores high on the charts. For many vacationers, the night time South Beach could also score well because the famous Miami Beach nightclubs are right across the street.

Virginia Key Beach is just plain beautiful. It is large enough to have both busy sections and secluded sections. Should you have children and wish to combine activities, the Miami Seaquarioum is nearby. Some of you will be happy to hear that they allow leashed dogs on the beach.

Haulover Beach is a "clothing optional" beach. Yes, that means that you will see nude people if you go there. Clothed vacationers are definitely invited as the two areas are separated and clearly marked. Oh yes, the beach itself is really a winner, especially the surfing. Other good beaches are Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina.

Miami Tourist Attractions #4:

If you are bringing children with you on your Miami vacation then the Miami Children’s Museum is a good place to include in your plans. Their building has 12 galleries and a teacher/parent center along with an educationally oriented gift shop.

The Museum’s many interactive exhibits creates a quality of teaching that is very effective for a children’s museum. Their special programs and classes support their goals of supplying enriching educational opportunities for children in an entertaining way.

Many local organizations support the Museums goals and are partners in various cooperative programs and much of the teaching material is bilingual. Another interesting thing about the Museum is their free film plan to school students from elementary to high school level, as well as film-making workshops with knowledgeable guest speakers. The Museum also encourages the use of community volunteers with specialty expertise to augment their various teaching programs.

Miami Tourist Attractions #5:

There are drive-thru restaurants, drive-thru banks and even drive- thru churches but have you ever seen a drive-thru zoo? Well, Miami, Florida has the answer and it’s called Lion Country Safari. It works this way. After purchasing your ticket you drive into the park in your own vehicle and continue through the five mile trip at a very slow speed.

As you travel you listen to recorded narration. Some of the animals which this allows close proximity to are zebras, rhinoceroses and giraffes. Others animals can be seen in a special zoo which is a part of the attraction.

The zoo portion of the Safari uses the fenceless design for some of the animals. This condition allows you to look at the animals with the feeling that you are standing among them. This is an exciting experience that is created by replacing the fence with a moat of water.

Please don’t miss chimpanzee exhibit. They live on an island system where each day they move to another island which duplicates their normal life in the wild. Because of this and other unique conditions the Lion Country chimpanzees have been used for several behavioral studies.

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