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Mexico Vacation Ideas #1: Cultural Mexico - An interesting part of a vacation in Mexico is a visit to some of the country’s cultural spots. The caves at Baja contain ancient cave paintings made by the indigenous local people. Many Aztec ruins are located near Mexico City.

On the Yucatan peninsula you will find Mayan pyramids with old artifacts. These places are a great way to learn about history and the Mexican culture. Two companies that offer Yucatan tours are Ecotourism Yucatan and Maya Tour.

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#2: San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico is a wonderful place to go whale watching. Sometimes there are as many as 400 Pacific gray whales in the lagoon at one time.

What is truly unique and spectacular is that these whales purposely come up to the surface so that they can be touched by the human visitors.

San Ignacio Lagoon is located about half way down the Baja peninsula's Pacific coast. Baja Ecotours has camping facilities and an all-inclusive whale watching eco-lodge.

#3: Beautiful and romantic Guanajuato City, Mexico, is the site of the internationally famous Cervantes Art Festival. This is Latin America's premier arts festival. It features world class artistic and cultural attractions in the area of music, opera, theatre, dance, visual arts, cinema. For several weeks the city is literally flooded with talented performing artists from around the globe.
#4: Banderas Bay, in western Mexico, is the largest natural bay in the country. Its deep, calm water is home to many marine animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, majestic Humpback whales and giant manta rays. Sports fisherman will find it to be one of the best spots in the world. The long beautiful beach is perfect for swimming and beachcombing with many very secluded areas.

For the more adventurous, scuba diving, sea kayaking and parasailing are popular. Golf is nearby. Or head out on the water for a sailing or whale watching trip. The atmosphere is a great mix of a tiny fishing villages and family-run restaurants along with five-star hotels and upscale shopping.

Mexico vacation ideas #5: Taxco - Enjoy the culture and tradition of Mexico’s silver mining past at the city of Taxco in the Guerrero region. This colonial-era town on a hill is a feast for shoppers. The red-roofed, whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets make this a charming place to vacation. Taxco has stayed true to its silver boom past and become a destination spot for vacationers around the world.
Zihuatanejo, MexicoZihuatanejo, Mexico
#6: Zihuatanejo is a centuries old traditional Mexican fishing village and the home of one of the loveliest beaches in Mexico.

Nicknamed Zihua, this quiet and beautiful vacation spot is the dream getaway that was featured in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption".

It is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the State of Guerrero, the so-called Mexican Riviera.

#7: Monarch butterflies - Every autumn tens of millions of orange-and-black winged Monarch butterflies migrate from across the United States and Canada down to Michoacan, Mexico. A trip here will provide the incredible experience of seeing as many as a hundred million butterflies covering the trees in so vast a number that tree limbs can actually break under the weight. You can actually hear their wings beating. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you want to plan a trip to see the Monarch butterflies, Mexperience has a lot of excellent info to help you out.
#8: Oaxaca, in Mexico’s southern coastal region, is the home of many fine coffee plantations. This is an area populated by native Indians and alive with vegetation, rivers, ravines and waterfalls. Some of these plantations such as The Pacific, The German, The Little Incense, The Beacon, The Glory and Camila offer guided tours as well as food and lodging. This would be a wonderful way to experience Mexican culture and enjoy a vacation in the beauty and harmony of nature.
#9: Mazatlan, Mexico is known as the Pearl of the Pacific. Besides being a popular spring break destination, it also has a lot to offer for family vacations. The surrounding islands are perfect for snorkeling and enjoying the marine life like tropical fish, sea lions, sea birds, giant mantas, and sea turtles. Boat tours can take you out farther to see whales and dolphins.

Mazatlan´s Historical Zone is a historic area with centuries old buildings and can be seen with a walking tour. Downtown has an open market and the famous cliff divers in Olas Altas Avenue. Other activities available include group horseback rides, deep sea and sport fishing excursions, tours of Stone Island and 10 miles of inviting sandy beaches.

Baja Whale Watching
Mexico Vacation Ideas #10: Kayaking & whale watching For an adventure vacation idea you might want to try whale watching from a kayak. This sounds like a lot of fun.

Sea Kayak Adventures has put together several kayaking vacation tours in Loreto Bay, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico. Strike out in your kayak to search for dolphins, sea lions and blue and fin whales.

Sea Kayak Adventures has various adventure packages that include kayaking, whale watching, snorkeling, hiking and camping. And it is all takes place in the beautiful Bahia de Loreto National Marine Park in Loreto Bay.

Mexico Vacation Ideas #11: Mexico’s Pacific Coast is a great spot for deep-sea fishing. Sail fish are a very popular catch and two of the best spots for sail fishing are Mazatlan and Manzanillo.

In fact they both claim to be the sailfish capital of the world. Lots of other fish varieties are caught along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Shark, billfish, albacore, red snapper, striped marlin, sea bass, Wahoo, bonito and Dorado are some of the other fish caught here.

There are many good fishing charter companies that will arrange a fun deep sea fishing adventure for you. IFISH Mexico and Star Fleet Sportfishing are two top deep sea fishing charter companies in Mazatlan, Mexico. Ocean Fishing Adventures and Deep Sea Fishing In Mexico are two excellent companies in Manzanillo.

Mexico Vacation Ideas #12: The Mexico port city of Veracruz is great family destination. This is a city that you can explore and sample a taste of the "real" Mexico. It is popular vacation idea for locals as well as foreign tourists. Accommodations are reasonably priced, the beaches are lovely and the city is bustling with activity. The best time to visit Veracruz is November through March when the humidity has dropped off and hurricane season is over.

In February the city hosts the Veracruz Carnival. This is fun time to visit as long as you don’t mind the crowds. Veracruz is also very full of Mexican history. You can see it in the architecture and the many historical monuments and museums. If you enjoy exploring then Veracruz is a wonderful place to visit.

Mexico Vacation Ideas #13: Mexico is very much a golfer’s paradise. You can play year round thanks to the temperate climate. The breathtaking scenery and lush landscapes is hard to beat. Many of the 120 or so Mexico golf courses are designed by the top names in the sport.

Palmilla Golf Club, in the desert of Los Cobos, was designed by Jack Nicklaus and is famous for its scenic mountain location. Midway between Cobo San Lucas and San Jose is the Cabo Real Resort Gold Course. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones and features seaside as well as mountain holes.

Club de Golf Cancun Pok-Ta-Pok is the oldest golf resort in Mexico. It is one of several great golf resorts in Cancun. Club de Golf Cancun Pok-Ta-Pok has an incredible spot next to the Nichupte Lagoons and the Caribbean Sea. The resort takes full advantage of the crystal clear waters and offers world-class scuba diving and snorkeling.

Mexico Vacation Ideas #14: If shopping is high on your list of favorite vacation activities, Mexico should be an ideal spot for you. Mexico is famous for its top quality craftspeople who use skills in creating their handicrafts that date back hundreds of years. Mexico City has the wonderful Bazaar Sabado where you can find handmade treasures brought in by craftspeople from around the country.

Another excellent shopping place is San Pedro Tlaquepaque. Hundreds of merchants offer fine pottery, hand blown glass and musical instruments.

If silver crafts are what you crave, head to Taxco. This old colonial town seems draw all the best silversmiths in the country. It’s located southwest of Mexico City. For woodworking and furniture you should go to Michoacán, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara and Colima. Michoacán, in particular, is known for its chip-carved pine furniture.

Mexican Beach LizardMexican Beach Lizard
Mexico Vacation Ideas #15: The Cancun area has, among other well-known attractions, many interesting archeological sites that reveal the culture of the Maya Indians.

In fact, the El Rey Ruins are located right next to the Hilton Resorts Golf Course and a stone's throw from Playa Delfines Beach.

Here you can see the remains of some Mayan paintings, platforms and religious ceremonial buildings. Eighty miles south of Cancun is a more major site, Tulum.

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Tulum is the walled Mayan city of Zama which is a very popular spot. Nearby Tulum is Coba. Set in the dense jungle, Coba is a fine example of a grand Mayan city with pyramids and buildings along wide avenues. Chichen Itza and Uxmal are two more archeological spots in the Cancun area.

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