Mexican Vacation Ideas

Mexican Vacation Ideas #1:

The Spanish culture is strongest in the Mexican city of Pueblo. Surrounded by volcanoes, this capital city (of the state of Pueblo) shows off its Spanish heritage through the multitude of churches, former monasteries and convents and unique colonial architecture. Still one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, Pueblo enjoys a comfortably warm year-round climate.

The local food is a wonderful eclectic mix of traditional Spanish influenced with flavors from India, Arabia and French sauces. Don’t miss sampling Pueblo’s sweet “dulces” which the city is famous for.

There are many excellent museums in Pueblo. The highlight is the group of four museums in the Hill of Guadalupe area featuring exhibits celebrating the history of Mexico. The Museum of Folk Art displays many items folk art and regional costumes. Just outside Pueblo is a wild animal safari park called Africam.

Mexican Vacation Ideas #2:

By Pam, NJ - Webster should define vacation, Cancun Mexico. We took an all inclusive trip to celebrate Christmas, my husband's birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary. The weather is perfect at that time of the year and the crowds are almost non existent. We choose to stay at the Grand Oasis Beach Resort.

The all inclusive package included air fair, hotel transfers, food and drinks at all six of the 5 star restaurants on site. We took advantage of all we could during our nine day stay.

Snorkeling, parasailing, speed boat tours, shopping, relaxation and my service. You can take a bus to anywhere on the island for only $1.00 or if you choose stroll a short distant to downtown and enjoy the local nightlife.

The nine days went by so fast, though we usually started our day at 6:00am, as soon as the sun rose. The long walks on the beach in the early morning and late evening are something I'll never forget. The experience brought us back to a time in our relationship we had lost by the demands life require.

That time alone with my husband is a constant memory and the pictures I'll cherish a lifetime. The resort staff was courteous, made us feel safe and made our stay a complete dream vacation.

Mexican Vacation Ideas #3:

By Sol,Texas - Chihuahua, Mexico has been my top vacation idea for the past 20 years. It's very enjoyable, wonderful climate, and very friendly people.

The indigenous people called the Tarahumaras are seen all over, not only in the larger cities but also in the smallest towns. The sceneries and all the tourist attractions attract people every year. Vacationing in Chihuahua is the best.

You'll never see a better place than this. It's the biggest state in Mexico and has so much to offer. The artifacts, art, caves, people, stores, food, everything there is just great.

If you ever get the chance to go, do so. You won't regret it! I usually go to Chihuahua City, and shop. They tend to have a lot of key chains, t-shirts, decorations with the Tarahumaras on them. Tarahumaras have their own language, so if you ever run into one just say "Quira-va", meaning how are you doing? Go see Chihuahua, and all it has to offer.

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