Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions #1:

If you enjoy small town museums, a trip to Cape Cod will provide lots of places to visit. In the town of Truro you will find the Highland House Museum. This has a collection of nautical related items gathered by the local historical society. Next door is the Highland lighthouse which is seasonally open for tours.

Wellfleet has the aptly named Wellfleet Historical Society Museum. Visit Orleans and stop in at the French Transatlantic Cable Museum which houses items from the building’s early 20th century stint as an intercontinental communications center.

The Old Atwood House Museum, in Chatham, is an old 1752 homestead housing a rather eclectic variety of New England cultural antiques and artwork.

The town of Brewster has is home to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, New England Fire and History Museum and the Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum. These are just a sample of the many fine local museums you could see on a driving tour of Cape Cod.

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions #2:

Cape Cod - That magical “arm shaped” peninsular projecting east from the lower quarter of Massachusetts. The town of Hyannis is unofficially considered the Capital of Cape Cod, probably because it’s the largest town in both population and industry.

In Hyannis you can tour the Cape Cod potato chip plant, visit the busy harbor of ships on Lewis Bay and see live Broadway shows or children’s drama at the Melody Tent Theater on West Main St.

Cape Cod has many great beaches but nearby Craigville Beach is internationally ranked. Be sure to check out the great opportunities for Whale Watching Cruises and fishing excursions. Oh yes, you’ll probably want to visit the JFK museum at the Old Town Hall on Main St. and also the Kennedy Memorial near the Yacht Club on Lewis Bay. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Dinner Train which takes you on a three hour tour of the area as you enjoy a scrumptious dinner.

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions #3:

Deerfield, Massachusetts is a window into times past. With eleven museum homes, it could easily be called “the museum town. If you want to see how your ancestors lived just stroll around town and take a guided tour and you will be transported to the world of America’s early years. Homes of 1700’s vintage will reach out and warm your heart. The Flynt Center is particularly impressive.

The Yankee Candle Village is a very large, colorful combination a Bavarian Christmas Village and a Nutcracker Castle plus one of a kind shopping and dining. Have you ever made your own candles? You will at the candle making museum.

A most unusual stop to include in your visit would be the Magic Wings Conservation and Garden. A photo of a butterfly on your shoulder would put a smile on your friends faces. If you’re a “Green Thumb” person you might want to slip over to the next town of Whately, MA and visit the New England Wild Flower Society’s Nasami Farm and Sanctuary.

Oh yes, one more thing, if you are an early American History Buff you will want to stop in at the Deerfield Library. They have plenty of reference information regarding the early settling of western New England including the many disputes with the Indians.

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions #4:

The city of Lowell has a couple of out of the ordinary places to look into if you are vacationing in Northeastern Massachusetts. Suppose you are into boating but have never built your own boat.

Lowell’s Boat Shop has classes where you can not only learn how to build a boat but actually build your own Dory or Skiff. The shop has enough boat paraphernalia to be classified as a landmark and a museum. Speaking of museums the American Textile History Museum is a great place to spend a day. Lowell became the leader of manufacturing textiles in the USA in the 1820’s so they have many historical items to catch your interest. The evidence is there.

Our Yankee creativity and business sense initiated a textile revolution that freed our early colonist from their dependency upon European manufacturing. It became known as "The Second Revolution". The museum recently became a part of the Smithsonian Institutes Affiliations Program.

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions #5:

Martha’s Vineyard is a well-known and very popular Massachusetts vacation destination with tourist attractions galore. It’s an island just south of Cape Cod and you get there by taking a ferry. There are several wonderful traditional New England towns to explore. Being an island, Martha’s Vineyard has many excellent beaches.

There are lots of dedicated biking paths so a fun way to get around and sight-see is on a bicycle. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge and other areas set aside for conservation have nature trails. These are all great places to go bird watching, hiking and biking. If shopping is your thing, Martha’s Vineyard has lots of wonderful antique shops, craft shops and art galleries. The World of Reptiles is a fun stop, particularly for kids.

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