Madrid Vacation Ideas

Madrid Vacation Ideas #1:

Early in September each year, The Juan Carlos Exhibition Centre in Madrid hosts International Fashion Week. If fashion is your hobby or perhaps your business then a good idea would be to arrange your vacation in Spain to mesh with this event. This exhibit just happens to be the most significant showing of fashions in Spain.

It has been a main stay of the fashion industry in Spain and also in Europe and has gained in importance as observed by the increased number foreign exhibitors and foreign attendees.

This could be the result of the quality and the competitive price of Spanish goods. The Madrid International Fashion Week embodies just about every facet of the fashion industry.

Madrid Vacation Ideas #2:

A vacation in Madrid, Spain opens up some great tourist spots but here’s a good idea for a change of pace. Why not take an Open-Topped Bus Tour. You’ll be guided to all of the best tourist sites, and enjoying your visual vantage point at the same time.

These tours are well planned and scheduled to give you the best look at the real Madrid including many historic locations. The interesting feature is that you can get off of the bus to do some exploring on your own and then get back on the next bus and continue your tour. There are several different tour routes so that you can cover the whole city of Madrid.

Madrid Vacation Ideas #3:

If this is your first visit to Madrid, you really shouldn’t leave without experiencing El Rastro Market! El Rastro is an outdoor market in the heart of the city and it is probably Europe’s largest outdoor market. The locals consider it a vital part of their life to go there every Sunday morning.

The market area is large, as it winds through the streets of the older residential section of Madrid. There is just about anything for sale that you could imagine. You will find clothing, art, handcrafts, antiques and many more.

It is a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts for friends at home. Best of all you will be among the people of Spain and this leads to friendly conversations and learning more about Madrid and it’s people than any other activity you could seek.

Madrid Vacation Ideas 4:

The "La Plaza de Toros" translates to "The stadium of the bulls" and it is considered to be the leading bullfighting stadium in the world. This stadium, in Madrid, is the home of classic bullfighting and as a result it draws bullfighting "aficionados" from all over the world.

The word "classic" means that the matadors find it much harder to win than in any other location. You just have to go to the La Plaza de Toros. What would your friends say if you told them that you vacationed in Madrid and didn’t see a bullfight.

To help you with planning the best months for bullfighting are May and June. That is the period for San Isido, which is a world famous bullfighting festival. Keep in mind that exciting bullfighting continues to go on in not-festival months.

Madrid Vacation Ideas #5:

If you’re looking for something really special to remember your Madrid vacation, look no further than Hot-air Balloon Rides. There are several businesses in the Madrid suburbs which can accommodate you. Imagine the joy of floating quietly in the air and looking down at the city and country side.

You’ve been up in an airplane. They are either too noisy or so high in the sky that you can‘t even pick out a house. You could parachute jump from a plane but the scary part overshadows the great view. No, these don’t cut it. The answer for you is a relaxing journey by balloon at a height where you can wave to people on the ground and study the architecture of famous landmarks.

Talk about panoramic views. Here’s one that allows you to drink a glass of wine with crackers and cheese while you roam from town to town enjoying the many spectacular views.

Madrid Vacation Ideas #6:

Imagine being able to tell your friends that in Madrid, Spain you had dinner at the oldest restaurant in the world. Just stop in at the Botin Restaurant in down town Madrid, have a lovely meal, and you have bragging rights over all of your friends. Now, this is no hoax. The Guinness Book of Records has certified that the Botin Restaurant started in 1725.

The restaurant has a couple of famous connections. The artist Francisco Goya is said to have worked there in his early days and Ernest Hemingway was a frequent visitor during his many visits to Spain. Independent of the Guinness record, the restaurant has wonderful food and the ambiance, with its centuries old cast iron stoves, makes a visit quite interesting.

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