Las Vegas Vacation Ideas

Las Vegas Vacation Idea #1:

The Bellagio Hotel is an elegant and luxurious Las Vegas destination. It sits on a 10-acre man-made lake and features a 65,000 square foot spa, botanical gardens, fine arts gallery and numerous other attractions. And, of course, there is the huge casino that is accessible from just about anywhere on grounds.

The Bellagio is not for a family on a tight budget (you must be 18 to stay here anyway) but for those who wish to enjoy Las Vegas in luxury, you will get your money's worth here.

Vacation Ideas in Las Vegas #2:

Caesars Palace is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas and for decades it has been one of the most popular. One of the reasons for Caesar’s success is that they have always provided their guests with quality entertainment.

From Frank Sinatra to Celine Dion and Elton John, their 4,000 square-foot Coliseum Theater is consistently booked with the world’s best entertainers. Add to that a central location on the famous Las Vegas strip, top-notch restaurants, upscale shopping and exciting casino action. Caesars Palace is practically a complete Las Vegas getaway destination by itself.

Las Vegas Vacation Idea #3:

Cirque du Soleil is a wonderful and fun Las Vegas vacation idea. Yes, it’s a circus, but not like the traditional circus. The focus here is acrobatics with the best acrobats in the world. Add in tumblers, fire-breathers and clowns.

Then mix it up with the most unusual and innovative choreography and you get an unforgettable theatrical experience. Cirque du Soleil has become an integral part of the Las Vegas experience so don’t miss it on your next Las Vegas vacation trip.

Vacation Ideas in Las Vegas #4:

An unusual and interesting stop on your Las Vegas vacation is the Atomic Testing Museum. Here you can see Nevada’s 50 years of nuclear weapons testing on display with videos and exhibits. It’s all officially sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and run by the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation.

Ground Zero Theater is a simulated concrete bunker for protection from the radioactive testing fallout. See and learn about the people involved in developing The U.S. atomic program and what the future holds as we make plans to progress the technology.

Las Vegas Vacation Idea #5:

There is so much to do in Las Vegas and one of the more unusual vacation ideas is a ride called The Star Trek Experience. It’s located inside the Las Vegas Hilton. It’s hard to define the experience. It’s a combination theme park ride, show and performance art.

There are two shows - the 'Klingon Encounter' and the 'Borg Invasion 4-D' which involve live actors that interact with you and help you survive a harrowing adventure involving spaceships, dangerous aliens and dramatic rescue. There is also a Star Trek Museum with loads of show memorabilia, much of it from the actual shows.

Vacation Ideas in Las Vegas #6:

A vacation in Las Vegas should include a trip to The Stratosphere Tower at the Stratosphere Hotel. The Tower is 100 stories high and at the top is an observation deck, a revolving restaurant and 3 wild and exciting rides.

In the restaurant and lounge, the windows start at the floor and are angled so that you can get a breathtaking view - straight down! The three rides - The Big Shot, The Insanity & X-Scream - will spin you, drop you and thrill you taking full advantage of the 1100 foot tall tower.

Las Vegas Vacation Idea #7:

The Las Vegas MGM Grand is a vacation destination all by itself. It has one of the largest casinos in the city with over 170,000 square feet of games. The hotel property takes up 7 acres including the 5,000 rooms, massive convention center and the CBS Television City in Las Vegas.

At the Lion Habitat you can watch half-dozen lions as they lounge on the faux savanna. There’s a recreation of New York Studio 54 for some nighttime fun. Or the elegant La Femme production featuring ballet dancers in the tradition of the Crazy Horse in Paris. The famed Cirque du Soleil theater performs at the MGM Grand with its world-class acrobatics.

Las Vegas Vacation Idea #8:

Take a break from all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and look into the city's past. Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park is an 1850's era adobe fort that was part of the original non-native settlement in the Las Vegas area. Located in downtown, it has been refurbished and provides an interesting diversion from the city's famous casino's and hi-tech entertainment.

There are a number of exhibits with antique historic artifacts from the period such as a spinning wheel, pump organ and butter churner as well as old photographs of the settlement over the years.

Las Vegas Strip

Vacation Ideas in Las Vegas #9:

One of my favorite vacation experiences was the time I went to Las Vegas several months ago. It was over a long weekend with my girlfriend, and we did so many things! We got a great view of the strip in our hotel, and the room itself was amazing!

We would relax by the pool and get a tan during the day with free alcohol provided to us, and then at night we would go out and party in different clubs and dance the night away. Even on the nights we didn't party in clubs, it was fun and interesting just to walk down the Las Vegas strip and see all of the lights and activities going on during the night time.

We saw several shows, including Cirque du Soleil, which was fantastic. Even though we didn't have our fill of Vegas yet, we took an excursion to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, because they were only a couple hours away and they were amazing sights to see! I would tell everyone they need to visit the Grand Canyon once in their lifetime; picture just do not do it justice, it is absolutely breathtaking. - Dallas from Philadelphia

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