Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #1: Spend your family getaway in a luxury cabin on Ludlow’s Island Resort.

This is a private island in one of the most beautiful lakes in the U.S. - Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota.

You couldn’t ask for a more family fun filled setting. Your cabin sits only a few feet from the water. You have access to canoes, paddleboats, hydrobikes, kayaks and electric powered boats.

Ludlow’s Island Resort
Ludlow’s Island Resort

The lake is great for fishing and swimming and guides are available to help you with fishing tips.

The resort has loads of organized fun activities for the kids such as hot dog roasts, pontoon tours of beaver lodges and eagle nests, nature hikes, fishing derbies, island picnics and lots more.

Ludlow’s Island provides children with a safe outdoor natural playground where they can run and hide and explore like children are supposed to do.

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #2: Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, in Newport Beach California, has been a top spot for families, both local and from across the nation -- for over 50 years.

The Dunes has been a top spot for families, both local and from across the nation -- for 50 years. Not only is there a host of activities for guests of all ages, it is located on a safe, protected waterfront area and borders an estuary.

For those with RVs, the Dunes luxury RV Park has been called the "Ritz of RV Parks" by the Los Angeles Times. It has become a popular "one tank trip" destination. The Dunes also comfortable cabins and tent camping.

Many locals spend their weekends at the Dunes so they can enjoy a short getaway on the beach at an affordable price. You can take a Segway nature tour of the Back Bay or head out on the water in a kayak, sailboat or electric boat. The Dunes has an island in its backyard, Balboa Island.. the family can ride the ferry over and enjoy the Fun Zone and a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #3: The Klamath River in northern California is recognized as a National "Wild and Scenic" river. Your family can have a fabulous outdoor adventure vacation river rafting the Klamath River. Outdoor River Specialists ( O.A.R.S. ) have a vacation package that is great for families with children as young as 4 yrs old. O.A.R.S. has been arranging family adventure getaways since 1969 so they know how to do it.

Rafting the Klamath River with OARS

Their Lower Klamath River Rafting trip runs a section of the river that is tailor made for families. The rapids are easy and there are lots spots where everyone can swim. You will travel in inflatable kayaks or rafts. Along the way you will camp by the riverside, do a little hiking, pick a few berries and even pan for gold.

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #4: Visitors from all over the globe come to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and sunrises and ponder the spiritual significance of Ayers Rock. Ayers Rock Resort has several hotels, apartments and campgrounds in the park and offer a wide variety of tours to enjoy the Kata Tjuta National Park.
Ayers Rock Resort Heli Tour
Ayers Rock Resort Heli Tour

You can head out on the swaying back of a camel, take a Harley motorcycle tour, or any one of over 65 tours, local activities and attractions. This is an excellent vacation ideas for families to see the beauty of the Australian Outback and learn about the aborigine culture.

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #5: Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Park is a natural masterpiece of U.S. southwest landscape. Many western movies were filmed here in this Arizona sagebrush plain with its towering Sandstone spires and rocky, barren beauty.

The park resides within the Navajo Nation and you can enjoy the park with a tour by Sacred Monument Tours. You can do the tour by hiking, horseback or Jeep. The tours are guided by Navajo people so you can explore the native culture as well as the Arizona backcountry in all its overwhelming beauty. This is a great vacation idea for kids and Sacred Monument Tours welcomes families.

The Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Park lies on the border of Utah and Arizona. You can also do a driving tour of the park. There are 11 scenic overlooks on the 17-mile Valley Drive. These are great spots to get some photos of the incredible scenery.

Monument Valley Park – Navajo Nation

Kid Friendly Vacation Ideas #6: Since our children had never been to our nation's capital, we decided last summer to take a vacation to Washington, D.C. Since we flew there, we wanted to stay at a place that was convenient to many of the sites we wanted to visit and to the Metro (subway) as well.

We chose the State Plaza Hotel in the George Washington University district. It was within walking distance to many of the monuments and just a couple of blocks from a Metro station.

The first day we were there we visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the various war memorials. The Vietnam, Korean, and World War II Memorials were extremely stirring.

The second day we went to Ford's Theater and the Petersen House where President Lincoln was taken after he was shot and where he later died. To see those places and to hear about their history was amazing. Later that day we visited the Washington zoo. The third day we went to the Smithsonian. We visited several of the museums there. There is so much to see in those museums that a person could spend days going through them. There is such a wide variety of exhibits in the museum that everyone can find something to interest them.

We also visited the National Archives late that day and then walked by the White House and got a quick glimpse of it from the outside.

The next day we visited the Capitol. One of our senators, Senator Chambliss, had arranged a tour for us there. The Capitol is breathtaking in its beauty.

That afternoon we went out to Arlington National Cemetery. That was quite an experience. Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was quite a poignant experience. The changing of the guard there is something to see. It is so touching to realize that here lie three soldiers whose identities are not known and yet their graves are visited by so many countless numbers of people.

There are so many famous people buried at Arlington from war heroes to politicians to astronauts. The graves of John and Jacqueline Kennedy and their infant son were deserted at the particular moment we were there except for our family.

From Arlington National Cemetery there is a point at which we were able to look out and see so much of the city of Washington, and it was indeed an impressive sight.

Washington D.C. is an excellent vacation idea, a beautiful city so rich with history. We all enjoyed visiting it so much and the children got such an education from actually being in places that they had read about so many times. Our nation's capital is one of the best travel destinations for kids and an experience they will never forget. - By Harriet from Georgia

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