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Zoos are great vacation ideas and the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, near Wichita, Kansas is a completely different kind of zoo. Visitors can interact with selected animals by touching or feeding them at specific times as indicated by postings around the park. The park’s goals include animal preservation and education. To accomplish this, they have a group of well trained and knowledgeable guides always available around the park. The kids will love this park.

The Museum of World Treasures is not just another museum. With Egyptian mummies and a T.rex dinosaur named Ivan, this is a real museum. You’ll see over 3,000 items from around the world.

One of the tourists favorites is Logan the Tylosaurus who is a 40 foot longs sea reptile which was discovered in Logan county, Kansas.

The Hopalong Cassidy Cowboy Museum, near Wichita, is a specialty museum in that is sticks exclusively to memorabilia related to Hopalong Cassidy’s many years as a western cowboy movie star.

It is Interesting that Hopalong started out as a rowdy troublesome cowboy but turned into a clean-cut hero for the majority of his years of success.

As you can guess from the name, the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, Kansas is primarily military aircraft. They have an array of 30 aircraft dating from the 1980’s and back to World War I as well as a variety of military vehicles, a field chapel, aircraft engines, a simulated field kitchen and a German POW barracks. For a photo of each of the aircraft go to their website.

Constitution Hall in Lecompton, Kansas (near Topeka) is important in Kansas history. In the late 1800’s new settlers would stake their land claims with the Federal Land Office on the first floor. During that period the building was also used for many debates regarding the filing for statehood and for Kansas’s position regarding slavery.

Gage Park takes stage center for folks in Topeka, Kansas. Facilities available within this beautiful park are: an aquatic center, a theatre, a mini-train, a carousel, a dog park and a zoo.

The carousel is vintage style with the music via paper roll organ and the mimi-train ride is a 12 minute jaunt around the park. You will have to explore the remaining activities on your own. It’ll only take a couple of days.

The Prairie Band Casino & Resort in Mayette, Kansas (near Topeka) is a typical first class resort with comfortable accommodations, super food, friendly staff and great entertainment.

The casino has slots, poker and table games. Other attractions at the Prairie Band Casino are the Players Club, RV facilities and bus service. They also have facilities for meetings and conventions. he Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas (near Topeka) is a very interesting zoo in that they are strong on adoption. You become a ZOOparent which comes with several small privileges. Sound interesting? Check out their web site.

Their live-in residents include mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. You can share your photographs of the animals by mailing it to the zoo and then see it displayed on their web site. The Peter Pan Park in Emporia, Kansas (near Topeka) is a classic old time public park where you and the kids can stop for the few hours of old fashion fun.

The following are the play equipment: a see saw, slide swings, large sandbox, tennis court, monkey bars, jungle gym, a twisty slid and a walking path. The combination of Emporia State University and a Community Theater adds much music and stage presentations to this interesting town.

The OZ Museum in Wamego, Kansas (near Topeka) is just what you hoped it would be. Yes, it’s a memorial to the work of L. Frank Baum who wrote "The Wizard of OZ". The museum has more than 2,000 historical items with some over a century old. Children, both young and old, will enjoy this vacation stop.

The Columbian Theatre in Wamego, Kansas (near Topeka) holds a century of history and secrets which makes it a museum of historic information. For many years it was the center of entertainment and then abandoned for an equal period. A recent full restoration has turned this old treasure into a gem. Take a tour and you will be thrilled by its charming beauty.

The County Stampede is an outdoor camping and country music festival which is held at the Tuttle Creek Lake State Park near Manhattan, Kansas. This four day event is a great vacation idea and it's typically held on the last week of June. With attendances over 150,000 and topnotch stars performing you know that this has got to be a great vacation idea.

The Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita over the years has been like watching a diamond grow in beauty. Now housed in the remodeled former municipal airport terminal the museum houses a world class collection of significantly historic aircraft, many of which is one-of-a-kind.

Adding to this collection are engines, records, schematics, photos and books together with aviation memorabilia. This is a perfect stop for an aviation buff. There are many beautiful displays at the Botanica Gardens in Wichita, Kansas, including the Pansy/Butterfly house, the Wildflower Woodland and the Brosius Rose Garden.

There is also a large collection of garden sculptures sprinkled among the various gardens. Watch for the new Woodland Bird Garden, which marries attractive flowers and shrubs with several species of north American birds. A bloom schedule is available on the web site.

For train related Kansas tourist attractions try the Great Plains Transportation Museum in Wichita, Kansas. Here you will find some classic old railroad locomotives on display. The outdoor display includes the Santa Fe steam locomotive #3768 and Santa Fe FP45 diesel #93.

Indoors, you’ll find a plethora of railroad artifacts such as signs, prints, artist renderings, lanterns, tools and specifications. They even have a mock-up mechanical stoker used for training steam locomotive personnel. The Great Plains Transportation Museum is an excellent vacation idea for railroad enthusiasts.

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