Kailua Beach Park in Oahu

Kailua Beach Park, Oahu, ranks right up there as one of the best beach vacation ideas in America. Located on the northern coast of Oahu, the beach is fine white sand and the water is beautiful blue green water. Lifeguards are on station. Sunbathing is ideal here as well as other activities like kayaking and bodysurfing. The Park really is a park so there are trees and grass to play on. Have a barbeque at one of the pavilion covered picnic tables.

You can even set up a tent and have a cookout barbeque. There is a very large are for picnicking and BBQ-ing. The locals love this beach and come here a lot to spend the day.

Kiteboarding on Kailua Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii
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The shallow waters are sheltered and calm making it a fun beach for families with small kids. There is a consistent onshore wind that makes this a world-class windsurfing spot for both experienced surfers and beginners. Windsurfing, paddleboarding and kayaking are popular with lessons and equipment both readily available at the park. They are close enough to easily transport them to the water or, you can have them take it down to the water for you.

In fact, Kailua Beach is considered by kayakers to be among the best beaches on the island. There are numerous islands off shore that kayakers love to paddle out to and explore. And the relatively calm waters make good conditions for an average kayaker to handle. If you want a beach vacation idea that is less crowded than other Hawaii beaches, like Waikiki, then park at Kailua Beach is the answer. That’s because it’s located on the opposite side of the Ko'olau Mountain Range.

But even if you are not staying in Kailua, the drive over the mountains on the H3 Highway provides views of the island that are worth the trip itself.

The parking is not the greatest so get there early but once you are on the beach you won’t have the crowds that you find elsewhere.

The park at Kailua Beach makes a great vacation idea for families. Lifeguards are on station. Thanks to the protective coral reef, the waves are on the smaller side. The water is not full of surfers and the kids have a safer place to enjoy the water. The wind that attracts the windsurfers also makes for excellent kite flying on the beach.

Kailua Beach Park is beautiful, serene, well maintained and the air is filled with the scent of plumeria, a fragrant tropical flowering tree. The people of Kailua are friendly and kind. You couldn’t ask for a better Hawaii beach vacation idea.

The Kailua area is lush with greenery, quieter and more low paced than the typical Hawaii vacation spot. Kailua Bay is spectacular, especially viewed while hiking into the adjacent hills. The town is a good place to explore on foot. You will find some nice antique shops and artist galleries and be sure to visit the excellent farmers market.

Rent a beach bungalow or cottage and enjoy the beach experience. Or a vacation home rental in Kailua. Pat's Kailua Beach Properties can find you nice accommodations.

Kiteboarding Video at Kailua Beach Park Hawaii

By Mary Jo from Illinois - Kailua Beach Park is just the start. Most visitors to Kona (Kailua) on the Big Island of Hawaii may stick to the beaches or the tourist area just south of Kona around Captain Cook. But a day trip up the west coast along Highways 19 and 270, though less well-known, is one of my favorites. This, by the way, is the route of the original Ironman competition. If you're there between Christmas and Easter, you have a chance to see whales.

Kailua Bay Dolphins
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Along Highway 19 is a view of almost endless black volcanic rock on both sides of the road—and what must be the world’s most interesting and inoffensive graffiti. It’s made by using small pieces of white coral positioned to create a message or picture against the black rock—the same messages as graffiti everywhere, but much more environmentally friendly. When the messages start growing old, other folks come along and re-use the coral to form their own.

Further north is the port of Kawaihae, where many containers of goods are shipped to the big Island because the bay is deep and the area is uncrowded. Across the road is the little town of Kawaihae, which is memorable for 2 unpretentious restaurants, whose names and owners change every few years, but which consistently serve excellent seafood and steak. On weekends they also have live music, which may be anything from rock and roll to contemporary Hawaiian. Kona residents themselves often come here to dine.

Continuing north, you’ll find side attractions worth visiting, such as the macadamia nut factory with free samples of nuts, coffee and lemonade, all grown locally, and a small botanical garden with fascinating bronze sculptures of insects and animals. Bring your camera for this!

Finally you will end up in Hawi, at the northern tip of the island, with many historical monuments and interesting shops. If you don’t want to drive back the way you came, you can take the long way around the island through Hilo. But that is another interesting trip in itself!

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