Inexpensive Vacation Ideas

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas #1: A cheap and inexpensive vacation can be found in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Gulf Shores is right on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Mobile, AL. It is a beautiful area with white sand beaches, beautiful water and beautiful weather.

While there are many places that one could choose to stay while visiting this area, there are several inexpensive condos/rental homes that can be enjoyed for a fraction of the prices of high rise condominiums.

Houses and condos can be rented on a week to week basis and even just for the weekends. The best part is that even though you are paying half the price of the high rise, expensive condos, you still can get a great place right on the water. The worst case scenario is that you would have to cross the street and walk 75 yards to the beach! Not too bad.

There is plenty to do in gulf shores, some touristy, some not. The people could not be friendlier and to find the best local spots, all one would have to do is ask someone who is familiar with the area.

You can quickly find places for a great price, with the same view as the people paying double to be in a high rise condo. It would be wise though to reserve a few months in advance just to be safe. So for your next beach getaway, look for Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Ready for Family Vacation 1959
Ready for Family Vacation 1959

#2: Camping, anywhere, is the cheapest way to go. And all that fresh air, you cannot beat it. Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, is the best. Everything is right there, hot springs, mountains, and let us not forget the grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. I cannot tell you exactly where I camped, it is so big (Yellowstone) and I just put my bag just on the side of the road.

This Park is a pain to get to sometimes of the year, so plan your visits for the summer. I saw sulfur pots when I was there. This is a hot water pond with high sulfur content.

Yet it still supports life and the water is all colors of the rainbow. You just have to see it. And then at night you can hear the animals howl, talking to each other. The stars, you can see a million. There are waterfalls, petrified wood, and I think Sasquatch still lives here somewhere.

I only spent 3 days here but I could have spent 3 weeks. So keep that in mind, this is not a vacation spot to rush. - By Step from Minnesota.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas #3: When looking for an inexpensive place to have a great vacation, I suggest Southern California. There are so many places to visit and interesting people to meet.

If you like the beach I would suggest La Jolla, as there are white sands for surfing or sunbathing, or if you are interested in sea life some of the coast is home to seals and tide pools. As for city life, you can't go wrong with San Diego.

All year round there are parades and festivals in the historic downtown San Diego. Or catch a game at Petco Park or the Qualcomm Stadium. So much time can be spent in Balboa Park, as well. There are art museums, golf, and the famous San Diego Zoo.

A visitor can stay in Southern California very cheaply and see all the sites, and still have money left over for shopping in Tijuana, Mexico! - Contributed by Amanada from California

#4: If you are looking for great small town atmosphere and a "fun-in-the-sun" vacation, look no further than the coastal towns of West Michigan! Situated along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, there are many towns and cities that will provide a plethora of different activities for you and your family.

Holland has some of the most visited beaches in the state. Grand Haven is home to the Coast Guard festival along with various music and film festivals throughout the year. Saugatuck is filled with great restaurants and many different art shops. These are just a few of the cities and activities there are in the area.

And a big plus is that a vacation here will cost you less than traveling to the big name destinations. And it’s driving distance for many people which helps the vacation budget. No matter what you are looking to do, you should be able to find it and much more in West Michigan! - Contributed by Justin, Michigan.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas #5: Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast is an excellent place for an inexpensive getaway. Although especially popular in the summer months, there are so many hotels in the area near the ocean that prices are nearly always reasonable, especially for a quick getaway from the cities of Portland and Seattle, which are just hours away.

The entertainment at Cannon Beach is also affordable, and children can be easily entertained all day with building sand castles, wading in the water, hiking, and riding recreational vehicles for a very low price.

Numerous reasonably priced family restaurants abound in the Cannon Beach area as well. For those seeking an extremely cheap or inexpensive vacation, there are a number of state parks and other campgrounds in the vicinity that offer an even lower cost means of overnight lodging. - Contributed by Drew from Seattle.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas #6: My husband and I are not particularly well off financially. We rarely get to take vacations, so the ones we do go on are always really special.

My favorite was when we set aside the money and time to make a trip to Texas for a Renaissance fair.

It was only for a long weekend, but we had an amazing time. We drove to Dallas, taking turns behind the wheel. It took us 8 hours to get there but the countryside was really pretty.

Our first day there we took a trip to the science museum and saw a show in the planetarium, went to an indoor butterfly garden, and looked at some of the geology exhibits which were really interesting. That night, we had dinner at an amazing romantic restaurant with great food and live music. The next day we got dressed and headed to the renaissance fair.

We both had so much fun watching shows and walking around the park- I even had knives thrown at me by professional knife throwers. The drive home was long and quiet. It was a really great experience and I'm glad we had the chance. - Sarah from SC

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