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Indianapolis Vacation Ideas #1: If you are vacationing in Indiana sometime soon and you’re bringing the kids along , this is the place for your family to visit. It’s called the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and it’s a place that makes learning new stuff a heap of fun.

The museum is just chock full of super hands-on exhibits which take the complicated knowledge of outer space, dinosaurs and just about every question you’ve ever asked and explain it in simple, enlightening ways. There are four floors and if you stop at every exhibit you’ll probably need to change your plans and stay for a week.

The museum is designed to accommodate a small group of vacationers equally as well as a large school group. In the center of the building is a large spiral ramp which connects four levels in a way that makes moving around the museum very easy of all visitors, even with a wheel chair.

In the center of this ramp is a very large and beautiful blown glass piece which extends vertically through several levels of the building. This piece was prepared by the famous glass blowing artist, Dale Chihuly. All we can say is Wow, this is just a great place for kids of all ages plus mom and dad will love it too.

Indianapolis Vacation Ideas #2: Alright now, all of you horsepower guys who are reading this; if you’ve never been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, now’s the time to include it in your vacation plans.

Here’s the deal. Waiting for you to arrive is the Grounds Tour, the Gasoline Alley garage, the Yard of Bricks and the Hall of Fame Museum.

The Grounds Tour is exactly as you would expect. You get to walk on the track plus an explanation of the track’s unique construction and in particular the one yard of exposed bricks at the starting line.

A tradition started some years ago that the winner of the Brickyard 400 kisses the red bricks. Get ready to pucker up because they may just allow random visitors the honor of a kiss.

The Gasoline Alley means getting to visit the garage area during a race. The Indianapolis 500 is the only race where this is allowed. Call to check for details.

The Hall of Fame Museum has the honor, a few years back, of being recognized as a Nation Historic Landmark. With seventy five plus cars plus many photos and mementos, the museum is most interesting and will probably be the highlight of your visit.

Indianapolis Vacation Ideas #3: It has been said that “love of cars and love of golf seem to run together”, so let’s talk about Indianapolis Golf Courses. Since we've just been talking about the Speedway, it seemed like a good idea to remind you that right next door to the speedway is the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course. This course has been judged to be one of the top ten public courses in the USA.

There are 30+ golf courses in the Greater Indianapolis area. Here are a few that may be just right for your vacation plans. The Fort Golf Course was designed by Architect Pete Dye and claims to be a championship course that is as good and anything in Indiana.

The Buffer Park Golf Course is a nine hole course with a course rating of 38.0 and a 122 slope rating. With Stan Burton as the designer they claim to be the finest nine hole course in Indiana.

The Eagle Creek Golf Course has two eighteen hole courses, the Pines and the Sycamore. They have a large practice area and provide lessons as needed. This begs the question; what golfer, who isn’t a professional, does not need lessons?

Indianapolis Vacation Ideas #4: If you are planning on driving anywhere near Indianapolis on your next vacation you really should consider a visit to the Indiana State Fair. This is one of the biggest Indianapolis tourist attractions. It is common knowledge that vacations and state fairs are a good marriage so let’s pencil-in next August on your list.

The Fair has the grounds and the buildings to handle the large number of attendees so don‘t worry about crowds. These buildings, however, are rented out for many other organizations during the rest of the year. So, if you miss the August dates for The Fair you might want to check out the complete schedule for the fair grounds. You just might find a fit for you and the family.

The 4H organization’s program takes place at the Fair each August This includes competition in many farm and garden related skills with awards and scholarships given out. There are also two other interesting competitions in marching bands and hot air balloons.

Indianapolis Vacation Ideas #5: Indianapolis is the home of a very unique museum called the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

The museum’s collection of Native American Indian art includes artifacts and pieces of art from many areas of North America. Since most American Indians did not have the tools for brush- type oil painting, most of the collection is rich in artifacts. The collection is quite complete as it includes something from the majority of the tribes in North America.

The museums gallery of Western Art includes a wide sampling of 20th century work by a broad selection of well known artists. The rugged American West is so divergent that it is not easy to categorize every aspect of western art.

The museum, however, has many paintings by artists who have captured that divergence. There are several types of tours available. The Discovery Tour is the most popular as it covers an overview of the galleries and the types of paintings in the museum.

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