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Ideas for Romantic Vacation #1: Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michealangelo, and Raphael all made beautiful sculptures and paintings.

Italy also has a lot of history. The Roman Ruins, the Pantheon, the Coliseum, and Circus Maximus are some of the sites.

Even though it is a small country, Italy is so densely packed with so much culture; it is a worth-while trip.

Other great places to visit are the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and the famous Renaissance city of Venice. The water is beautiful and the gondala trips are the most romantic things to do in the whole world.

Florence is another famous city in Italy. The prices in Italy are very low, considering the majority of life there is very relaxed. Overall, Italy is a beautiful place for romantic vacation ideas, a perfect spot to start or rekindle that romantic flame. - By Sean from West Leanesburg

#2: Tenerife - A great romantic place to vacation is Tenerife. This is part of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa. I love to go there because the beaches are pristine, the sea is warm, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

My hotel of choice is the Bahia Princess. If you go all inclusive, the hotel provides a delicious evening buffet. You are also a stone's throw from some great attractions, the best probably being the medieval banquet and joust.

Most of the beaches in the tourist areas offer a variety of water sports, from relaxing pedal boat hire, to a banana boat ride which is definitely not for the faint hearted! I am a keen diver, and the reefs and rock outcrops around the coast offer some of my favorite dive sites in the world.

Loros is Spanish for parrots, and there are certainly plenty of loros to be seen, but you can also view tigers, gorillas, and even a killer whale show. The park is a great way to cap off a romantic holiday to a picturesque island. - By Rob from London

Ideas for Romantic Vacation #3: The beautiful and romantic Balearic Island chain lies just off the coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean. The three main islands are Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza. Mallorca has been referred to as the New Spanish Riviera. The jet-set from all over the world visit the Balearic Islands for fun –in-the-sun. It is true that the King of Spain sometimes takes his vacations there as well!

Palma, the capitol of Mallorca, is a popular vacation spot for Europeans, especially among the British, Germans, Danes, and Swedish. The beaches of Mallorca are extraordinarily beautiful, and swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea is an exhilarating experience. There are abundant discos for those who enjoy the night-life, and few can resist classic Spanish food at the charming and exquisite restaurants.

Sightseeing tours are available for those who want to travel around the islands, viewing the fabulous rock formations and different species of birds. Why not make Palma, Mallorca, your next romantic vacation destination? I lived there for 3 years so I know. You won’t be sorry! - David from Idaho

#4: New Orleans For romantic getaway spots, I like New Orleans, LA. First of all, it is one of the most diverse cities you will ever set foot in. From the historic French Quarter, to the artsy and independent Bywater and raucous Bourbon street there are plenty of different sights and sounds to keep one occupied.

The Chateau Le Monye (a Holiday Inn owned hotel) is particularly perfectly located as its only one block from Bourbon Street and walking distance from several of the trolley and bus lines which make getting around a lot easier.

For music lovers (especial jazz and funk enthusiasts) it is one of the few cities left that will have live music going on until one or two in the morning...sometimes later. Jazz lovers should particularly check out Preservation Hall, Maison Bourbon (for some more contemporary jazz), Davenports Lounge (also more contemporary) and Fritzel’s European Jazz Bar (more in the Dixieland vein.

There are also more typical tourist attractions, like cemetery tours and of course the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium. My wife and I have spent several vacations in New Orleans and it never gets old. -By Brett from Illinois

Ideas for Romantic Vacation #5: My husband and I took an awesome honeymoon trip to the Tennessee portion of the Great Smokey Mountains. It was the perfect trip for us because hiking is our favorite thing to do together. The national park has a lot of trails in varying difficulties.

One of those we hiked led to Ramsey Falls. The trail guide listed this trail as strenuous, and it wasn't kidding. The first two miles follows an old logging road. The next two miles is a more typical footpath. All four miles are uphill and pretty rugged. The falls are lovely, and in my opinion, worth the sore legs we had the next day. There are other easier trails, and the scenery is beautiful anywhere you go in the park. Besides hiking, we were also excited about all of the wildlife we saw.

Smokey Mountain National Park is an excellent place to see black bears, deer, or turkeys. For people who don't want to hike to the animals, Cade's Cove is an excellent choice. Bears and other wildlife are easily spotted from the car as the road follows a loop through the area. Nature is not the only attraction in this area. Gatlinburg is filled with tourist shops and attractions including the Ripley's Museum and Ripley's Aquarium where I got to pet a manta ray.

Pigeon Forge is home to theaters and concerts. We loved our vacation to the Smokey Mountains and would love to return and visit the portion of the park in North Carolina. - By Ruth from Butler

Ideas for Romantic Vacation #6: The Danai Beach Resort & Villas is one of the top romantic getaway spots in Greece. It is surrounded by excellent beaches and offers luxury in a secluded location. The Aegean Sea provides the place for kayaking, windsurfing and other water activities. There is a golf course nearby. They have a Luxury Honeymoon package that includes, among other romantic amenities, a private terrace swimming pool.

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