I love vacation ideas in Mexico.

by Dave

Cozumel Mexico Statue

Cozumel Mexico Statue

I love vacation ideas in Mexico. What I enjoyed most about my last vacation was in Cozumel, Mexico. My hotel, Cozumel Palace was a four star variety and included all the meals and alcoholic drinks in the package. The rooms were also very nice and included several on-site facilities such as pool, spa and on-site entertainment.

My most enjoyable moments were under the water. I am an avid scuba diver and was most impressed with the coral reef formations and the abundant wildlife that was present in the underwater universe.

My best dives were joined by at least one or two green sea turtles that often swam along with our dive group for many of the dives. These turtles often approached us within 10 feet and were very curious. They seemed to sense our curiosity with no lack of danger.

I will remember these group dive experiences well since I have several underwater photos to chronicle the event. I will plan to return to this destination again.

Oscar, from Arkansas
Belize is a small country right on the south eastern border with Mexico. It's not far from Cozumel. The most memorable vacation of my life was a family trip to Belize. After landing in Belize City, we took a horribly crowded water taxi to the island of Caye Caulker.

While getting there was horrible, the island was great; we rented a house with a hammock on the roof and spent our time enjoying incredible snorkeling, fishing, and food.

The island had a great go-slow atmosphere and everyone there was extremely friendly--one group of fishermen we ran into even offered to take us fly-fishing for bonefish in their boat entirely free of charge!

After a week on Caye Caulker, we visited the town of San Ignacio and stayed in a resort called Cahal Pech Village Resort. While the name means "place of the ticks," it was an extremely nice resort with excellent food and beautiful rainforests.

While in San Ignacio we visited the incredible Mayan Ruins of Caracol, went to the Belize National Zoo, went Cave Canoeing, and went horseback riding through the jungle. All of these were amazing experiences, making my trip to Belize the best vacation I've ever been on.
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