Houston Things To Do

Houston Things To Do #1:

If you enjoy strolling through museums while on vacation, Houston, Texas has a number has a number of fun and interesting museums. Head to the Houston Museum District. The Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston is one of the best art museums around with an ever changing array of exhibits.

Families on vacation will love a trip to the Houston Museum of Science. This museum has a lots and lots of exhibits that are geared to engage and intrigue children.

Another excellent and popular spot is the Houston Museum of Fine Art.

Besides the 60,000 art pieces from around the world, the museum has 18 acres of beautiful public gardens.

The art on display includes sculpture, jewelry and photographs as well as the expected paintings and drawings.

Vacation Ideas: Houston Things To Do #2:

Enjoy a little bit of the natural world at Houston’s Arboretum and Nature Center. This is a 155 acre nature sanctuary right in the heart of the sprawling city of Houston.

Here you can relax among the beauty of the plants, birds and animals that are native to the Texas terrain.

The Arboretum and Nature Center is beautifully landscaped making it a pleasurable diversion from the concrete and steel that makes up the rest of the city.

The kids will enjoy the interactive exhibits and also the pondering pond and the learning tree located in the Discovery Room. This is a wonderful place for nature walks on the center’s five miles of walking trails. The center is in downtown Houston near Memorial Park.

Fun Houston Things To Do #3:

A great way to see many of Houston's sights on your vacation is with a a sightseeing tour. Houston Tours (houstontours.com) features traditional bus tours that take you around the downtown area.

You can visit many interesting tourist spots such as the Water Wall, Williams Tower, Rice University, the observation deck at Chase Tower, Galleria Mall, San Jacinto Monument and the battleship USS Texas.

They offer tours of Galveston and the Houston Space Center. Houston Tours (houstontours.net) has helicopter and motorcycle tours. If you enjoy a good walk, you can try Discover Houston walking tours. They have a walking tours with themes such as the paranormal, art, history, architecture, shopping or dining.

Cool Houston Things To Do #4:

Houston’s Downtown Aquarium may not be the biggest aquarium attraction around but it’s a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t get a thrill out of hopping on a tram and taking a ride right into the heart of shark infested waters? That’s what the Downtown Aquarium’s Shark Voyage does as it glides through a see-through tunnel that runs directly through the water that’s home to blacktip sharks, sandtiger sharks and zebra sharks.

At the aquarium’s Discovery Rig kids can get an up-close experience with stingrays, horseshoe crabs and other marine creatures. There’s a Ferris wheel ride that gives you great views of the Houston skyline. Other fun exhibits including one that features the white tigers of the Maharaja’s temple; the Sunken Temple with lionfish, tarantulas and scorpions; Shipwreck with coral reefs, moray eel and giant octopus.

Vacation Ideas: Houston Things To Do #5:

The city of Houston has some nice open green space that provides an excellent place for you to enjoy outdoor recreational activities on your vacation trip. Memorial Park and it's close neighbor Buffalo Bayou Park have over 1100 acres with lots of hiking and biking trails. One trail, Picnic Loop is especially favored by inline and roller skaters because it has a nice smooth surface. The parks have some great trails for mountain biking.

Infantry Woods, has a challenging trail that is popular with mountain bikers. If you are vacationing with your dog, the parks are pet friendly with a pet recreational area and doggie water fountains along the trails. You can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a top quality public golf course and many other recreational activities. Close by is the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens and the Hogg Bird Sanctuary.

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