Houseboat Vacation Ideas 
Adventure and Freedom on the Open Waterways

Houseboat vacations provide you with freedom and a sense of adventure yet they are an exceptionally safe family vacation idea. You chart your own course when you take hold of the wheel of a houseboat.

Every day the choice is yours. Travel as much or as little as you like. Or stay put and enjoy the many activities that are at your fingertips, literally right outside you door.Typically houseboats travel along at a top speed of less than 10 mile per hour so the world passes by at a slow and leisurely pace.

What better way to relax then to the gentle rocking feeling and sound of the water as you float along in your own private getaway.

Most of the time you do not need any boating expertise to embark on your houseboat vacations. But check ahead of time as some companies require it. Typically a driver’s license is all that is required.

For houseboat vacations in Europe Crown Blue Line has over 500 houseboats in France, Holland, Germany, Scotland and Italy. In France you can take advantage of the ancient canals that meander thru most of the country.

Navigate through the numerous locks and enjoy the countryside. Their boats are stable and even kids can steer them. You will have the opportunity to see places that most tourists never see.

Here in the states you may want to try Forever Resorts. They can arrange a houseboat getaway on various lakes across the country.

Houseboating on Lake Meade, Nevada, lets you enjoy The Lake Meade National Recreation Area with its opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, fishing, windsurfing, and sailing.

Take a houseboat out on Lake Don Pedro in California with over 13,000 acres and over 160 miles of shoreline to explore.

Houseboating - Fun Vacation Ideas

Other houseboat vacations through Forever Resorts are California’s Trinity lake … Missouri’s lush green Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake ... Georgia’s Lake Lanier with its hundreds of islands to explore … Lake Amistad on the Texas/Mexico border in the Amistad National Recreation Area has hundreds of archaeological sites to explore … Lake Meredith in Texas’s Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is known for it’s walleye fishing.

Erie Canal Houseboat Vacation - A great New York vacation idea is a canal cruise through the upstate rolling hills, villages and farms.

Mid-Lakes Navigation Company provides this cool family vacation idea that takes you on the famous Erie Canal, Oswego Canal, Seneca Falls and the whole New York State Canal System.

With Remar Rentals you explore the 1000 Islands region of upstate New York and Southeastern Ontario. There are actually about 1,800 islands with choice fishing, boating, waterskiing, swimming, golfing, hiking, and kayaking.

Lake Amistead, in Texas is a wonderful spot to getaway and relax on the water with a houseboat. The lake is great for fishing and there is over 850 miles of shoreline with limestone cliffs and sandy beaches ready to be explored and enjoyed. can book a houseboat vacation rental for you.

Enjoy a California houseboat vacation at Shasta Lake. Located in Northern California's beautiful Shasta Cascades Region, Shasta Lake is quite popular as a spot to get away from it all in a comfortable houseboat rental.

There are a total of ten marinas on the lake that will rent a houseboat. It's the third largest lake in California so there are plenty of places to enjoy the scenic peace and quiet out on the water.

This makes Shasta Lake a great spot for a romantic vacation on a houseboat. Fishing, swimming, skiing and wakeboarding are a few of the fun things to do. Or you can just relax and enjoy the view from your floating, fully equipped houseboat stateroom.

Lake Ouachita, in Arkansas is another great place for a vacation on a houseboat. Almost Home Houseboat Rentals can set you up in a luxurious houseboat with all the comforts of home including a hot tub and a water slide.

Relax in a private cove and enjoy all the recreation of beautiful Lake Ouachita, swimming, fishing and cruising around the lake and islands. Almost Home Houseboat Rentals is at the North Shores Resort which is just west of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Wherever you go for your houseboat vacations you can anticipate a truly together family experience. Kids love the water and with the whole gamut of water activities available to you at all times it’s a can’t miss vacation idea that everyone will love.

We live in Kentucky and renting a houseboat seemed like an intriguing vacation idea for my family and I. So a few years ago, we decided to embark on a new vacation adventure!

We rented a small houseboat from State Dock on Cumberland Lake in Kentucky. It was such a wonderful vacation that we have returned every year since. The first year we rented the houseboat from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. We quickly realized that was not long enough.

From the second year on we rented from Monday morning through Friday morning. e arrive at State Dock on Saturday and spend Saturday and Sunday nights at the Lure Lodge, right next to the houseboat docks.

The Lure Lodge is a full-service hotel with an executive golf course, putt-putt golf, horseback riding and pools.

Our first boat was small, but what did we know? It had enough beds, a full kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, a hot tub and water slides from the second level.

The houseboat rental company provides bedding and the kitchen basics, but nothing else.

We didn’t know what to bring, so we went overboard (pun intended!). We brought too many clothes and too much food.

We have learned that you only need an outfit to drive down and back in, 2 swimsuits, a cover up, pajamas and beach towels.

You have to bring your own food, and we soon learned that simple meals are the ticket. Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled foods, packaged foods – anything that can be quickly prepared to keep you out of the kitchen!

If you have any water toys, bring them along. A jet-ski, power boat or pontoon will allow you to venture out from the cove that you moor your houseboat in for the duration of the trip.

The absolute best thing about renting a houseboat is that you are totally disconnected from the world!

Cell phone coverage is spotty at best, at least for now. The satellite TV works for videos, but the boat has to be in the exact right spot in the lake to get any reception from the satellite. Bring along some games and a CD player for entertainment.

Take a risk and rent a Kentucky houseboat for you and your family and discover how much fun this vacation idea can be just relaxing and being together. - By Karen from Michigan

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