Hot Vacation Spots

Hot Vacation Spots #1:

By Aliki Papa Athens from Greece - If you want to spent relaxing moments and sunbathe all day reading a book then you must choose one of the most beautiful islands in Mediterranean Sea, Santorini. Santorini is a really beautiful island with nice beaches and beach clubs.

You can choose from a lot of hotels and I chose Santorini Palace in Fira. Fira is the biggest city of Santorini. You can do many things there like visiting the volcano, which is a great experience.

A friend of mine worked as a tour guide there so it was great and worth it. Santorini is very famous for the delicious food and wine ,I loved the wine especially Vinsanto which is a sweet wine perfect with cheese or chocolate.

You should visit the Wine factories in Santorini to taste all the different kind of wines, white, red and Vincanto.

The beaches are also great in Santorini like Perissa and Red beach totally worth visiting, or you can relax to the hotel`s pool which is great. I remember that we went in June the weather was nice and the view from the hotel was breathtaking.

Moreover in Santorini you can enjoy a great night life you must totally visit Maharaya an oriental club and a Greek club, which is called Club 33 with pop Greek music and sometimes they invite professional Greek singers.

I think that Santorini is a really great island; a tip if you want to enjoy a quiet vacation then you should consider visiting May or June.

If you want to enjoy the night life and the crowd then visit -n August. For me, Santorini is one of the hot vacation spots.

Hot Vacation Spots #2:

By Bob from Spain - I decided to visit Croatia after seeing so many things about this country on TV and reading about it in the newspaper. WOW! Words cannot describe what this country has to offer! The country is so diverse (from its golden fields of Slavonia to the amazing coastline) that all of your senses will be constantly stimulated!

Slavonia with its historic cities like Vukovar (scientist found the remains from the Neolithic ages) and Osijek is the "food factory" of the country and Europe. The capital Zagreb is extraordinarily cute. It has a little bit of Vienna and Paris charm, however it is unique in its own ways. Croatia also has about 20 National Parks that are protected under UNICEF – didn’t have time to see all of them!

Croatia's real trump card is the most magnificent coastline with thousands of beautiful islands. One which impressed me the most is Vis, an island that is a home to amazing beaches like Stiniva (I urge you to google it). If you're up for partying, the best party place is Novalja on island Pag, named the new Ibiza, and rightfully so.

The must see places besides the islands are Dubrovnik, an ancient city that’s considered the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, and Split with its Diocletian's palace! Even more amazing from the views is the food! But that's a whole other article!

Hot Vacation Spots #3:

By John from Ohio - The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's hot vacation spots. When I was still a kid with my family we went scuba diving along the northeast coast of Australia. It was a ton of fun. The color of the water was so blue. The coral had so many different vibrant colors. Also, the fish there were amazing. They had so many different shapes. We even ran into a shark.

It was so scary at first. It was a hammer head and our dive instructor latter told us that they were not very aggressive. On the second part of our dive we got explore a sunken ship. It looked like it came right out of the movies.

Although we did not get to go inside, it was still a blast. Unfortunately, our tanks were running low on air so we had to surface. Our family was both sad and happy on the way back to our hotel. We all had enjoyed the trip and decided to make it a family tradition to vacation there.

For dinner that night we had seafood that was freshly caught. I could not help but wonder if the fish we ate had come from beautiful coral we had explored was just hours ago. I slept out on the balcony of our hotel room and I was put to sleep by the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Hot Vacation Spots #4:

By Amy from Illinois - Tropic Star Cruise to Florida: The weather reports called for three more days of freezing rain back in Chicago. I looked up and smiled, as pearly gray dolphins hurled themselves over the boat's foamy wake.

As the Tropic Star chugged across Pine Island Sound, I tightened my grip on my lover's hand each time one of the sleek beasts flung itself from the turquoise water, then splashed back down in a wreath of salt spray. Two escapees from the Windy City, we were en route to Cayo Costa, a barrier island off Florida's Southwest coast, to spend a couple of days in a cabin.

The state park's Web site described it as "primitive." But "primitive" is a relative term, we discovered. Sure, the wooden building had no running water or appliances, but there was a wood-walled outdoor shower just steps away and a beach-front fire pit close by.

Equipped with tightly screened windows and clean-but-hard bunks for sleeping, the place was Spartan but more than adequate because the main attraction was outside of its whitewashed walls. Cayo Costa is a low, windswept island with gentle curves into which a spectacular array of seashells settle: pale sand dollars, tawny fighting conchs, speckled cockles and bleached white lightning whelks.

In a low hollow just behind the shore is a gleaming lagoon, where osprey hunt and mullet splash. We spent our days slowly wandering the island, breathing salt breeze and driftwood campfire smoke, sometimes touching, sometimes talking, but always grateful that, like the dolphins that had followed us, we'd flung ourselves up and out.

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