Hot Family Vacation Spots

It might be more appropriate to refer to these hot family vacation spots as tourist traps. The word tourist trap has negative meaning to some people. They purposely avoid these places. But each one of these places has something that draws visitors to them. They are extremely popular. They have to be or they wouldn’t get stuck with the name "tourist trap". Here a few top tourist traps that I prefer to label as hot family vacation spots.

Who can resist the lure of the world's largest deep blue diamond? The billion-year-old Hope Diamond, at the Smithsonian Institute, has crossed oceans and continents and passed from kings to commoners. Its value has been estimated at as much as a quarter billion dollars.

The ever popular Circle Line Cruise circumnavigates Manhattan Island providing an unforgettable view of the famous New York skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, World Trade Center Memorial, the United Nations Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Key West’s nightly arts festival, Sunset Celebration, at Mallory Square. Here you can see street performances that attract thousands of visitors like the Bed of Nails and Glass Walker or the Escape from Chains and Straight Jacket.

Hollywood Boulevard is another hot family vacation idea. There’s the Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Entertainment Museum, Kodak Theater. The Hollywood sign can be seen from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the most famous movie theatre in the world.

The kids will love Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle. This famous shop features such lovely sights as a genuine shrunken head fashioned out of goat skin, the well preserved mummy of a gunshot victim and other assorted mostly tacky items. It sure draws the crowds.

Durgin-Park in Boston is famous for its homey family style atmosphere and great seafood, particularly the chowder. Since 1742 they’ve been serving it up to grateful fans who sit at large common picnic tables. The beignets and the coffee with chicory is what people crave when they come to the Café du Monde in New Orleans. Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week they must have what people want, judging by the crowds.

Hot Family Vacation Spots
By Sarah from Maryland - My favorite family vacation spot is Cape Cod, Mass. My family and I have been visiting the Northern Cape ever since I was a little kid. My most memorable time spent there and best vacation memory was 4 summers ago. It was then that I met the man of my dreams in the most beautiful landscape imaginable.

This particular vacation spot is so wonderful because we stay in these small cabins atop a huge sand dune overlooking the entire bay. The view from the deck is a 180 degree panorama of the water and it is breath taking. The sunsets over the water are also incredible and attract large groups to watch and take photos.

It is here that I met my current boyfriend 4 years ago. Turns out we both live near each other and have been visiting the same vacation spot all our lives. Now we go back together every year to relax, watch sunsets, hang out at the beach and remember the day we met.

Hot Family Vacation Spots
Cedar Point Theme Park
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By Chris from Michigan - Vacations for us are the same every year; and we love it. My family and I go on a trip to Ohio for a week or so and spend every day at Cedar Point Theme Park. We usually stay at the Best Western Hotel, which is a very nice hotel, but the real attraction is the theme park. We will spend all our time, going on every ride in the park before leaving.

All the incredible rollercoasters, attractions and rides the theme park has to offer will keep our week full of fun and excitement. Rather you are riding on the twisting "Corkscrew", or the ridiculously high ride "Gemini", you will have a lot of fun.

Also be sure to check out some of the incredible live shows and events they have, some of them quite entertaining. For hot summer days, the water ride, "Snake River Falls", will be a sure hit. There are incredible evening dining options for you and your significant other or for the entire family. A trip to Cedar Point will be a very memorable vacation idea.

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