Ideas for Great Vacation Spots

Great Vacation Spots #1:

By Charlie from Texas - My favorite place to vacation is on the Gulf Coast in either Florida or Alabama. I often visit Seaside, FL, Seagrove, FL, and Fort Morgan, AL. These areas have beautiful white sand and warmer waters of the Gulf while not staying terribly overcrowded like the larger cities PCB, and Destin do. There are tons of little shops all around the areas.

Seaside even has its own beachy shopping area where they sometimes screen movies outside for the families. There are tons of other things to do in these cities also whether you want to go out clubbing at night or listen to a local band.

There are grocery stores close so you can buy your own groceries if you want. There are also lots of restaurants so you never have to worry about not having enough options to eat.

My favorite thing to do at the beach is to take a walk along the beach while watching the sunrise or sunset and getting to see all the little turtles and crabs that come out once all the people have gone in for the night.

Great Vacation Spots #2:

By Tricia from Florida - Inverness, Florida, the heart of Citrus County is my favorite place to vacation. Strolling downtown through the brick-lined streets, having lunch at Stumpknockers, and visiting the many little shops is a great way to enjoy an afternoon. Inverness is very quaint with old-fashioned street lights and street signs. You will also find a bench in which to relax on almost every corner.

The people of Inverness are very friendly and always ready to extend a warm welcome. If you are in the mood for Italian food you will also find Angelo's on the corner and Coach's bar and grill for food and fun.

If you are the adventuresome type you can take a canoe ride down the Withlacoochee River or ride a bicycle along the Rails to Trail and take in the natural scenery. You will also find great swimming and fishing along with a playground at Wallace Brooks Park. It has a long deck that reaches out over the water where you can find local fish and even alligators floating around with turtles on their backs.

In the fall Inverness is host of the Arts and Crafts festival where artists come from all over to display and sale their creations. And on many Friday nights musical concerts are held downtown on the square. Inverness is most famous for the visit from Elvis Presley who filmed parts of his movie "Follow that Dream" in the old courthouse.

Great Vacation Spots #3:

By Amanda from Indiana – One of my favorite vacation ideas is England. The country side is beautiful, and I love the dreary weather that England has. I love London, the shopping is amazing, especially the high street shops. Topshop and H&M in England are my favorite shops to buy from, but I love to browse at Mulberry. I also love the old stone buildings and cobblestone streets.

Westminster Abbey is one of my favorite places to see, and while I’ve never been outside I have tons of pictures of the inside. The Buckingham Palace tour is an absolute must see. I’ve done the tour 3 times and my favorite stop is the Garden. It’s by far my favorite place in England, the flowers seem endless and are so well done.

I also love Trafalgar Square, the fountain is amazing and the lions at the base of Nelson’s Column are what I think of as very regal. It’s definitely a huge tourist attraction and is usually crowded but well worth fighting the crowds to see.

Great Vacation Spots #4:

By Sophie from CA - For great vacation spots in the entire world I think of Tokyo, Japan. I have been to Tokyo six times and each time, I did something different and really enjoyed it. A visitor could add to their itinerary world-class museums, sumo wrestling tournaments, bullet trains, mountain hikes, and conveyor belt sushi samples.

I highly recommend this city for anyone who hates renting a car during a vacation. The train and metro systems within Tokyo can take you to any location in the country you might want to visit.

The Narita International Airport is connected to central Tokyo by train also making your arrival into Tokyo quick and inexpensive. There is a wonderful variety of cuisine and anyone, even those with dietary restrictions, can find something delicious to eat. You can eat beef stew like a sumo wrestler, sushi fresh from the sea, or stick to restrictive diets like the gluten free diet or vegetarian diet. The shopping available is also amazing. You can find a trinket or souvenir for anyone on your gift list.

The Asakusa market on the JR train line is a local favorite place to shop. There is also the Akihabara Electronics market for anyone wanting to see the latest technology for sale. Tokyo is also one of the safest places in the world to visit. The crime rate is incredibly low for a highly populated city.

Everyone from the nature enthusiast to the video gamer can find something to do year round at any hour of the day. I never had a difficult time booking a room on-line and each hotel room I used was immaculate and well organized. The Izu hotel in Ueno, central Tokyo is a good bargain with a very friendly staff. A tourist can have a wonderful time in Tokyo if they have a large vacation budget or a very small one.

Great Vacation Spots #5:

By Chris from Texas - My favorite place to vacation is South Padre Island, located right off the coast of the southern tip of Texas. There are many reasons why this is my favorite place. I really enjoy going to the beach and all of the things that go along with it. My favorite thing to do down there is to just go out to the beach and drink a couple beers, kick back and swim whenever I feel like it.

I also enjoy being able to look at some of the best looking females in Texas while relaxing out there. Another great part about being down at South Padre, is the ability to go fishing whenever I want. From fishing, relaxing out on the beach, or taking a boat out in the bay, it is very easy to lose track of your vacation time and really get away from your everyday life, when you’re at South Padre Island.

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