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Great Vacation Ideas #1: One of the most surreal locations I've ever been to is White Sands in New Mexico. It is just to the Northeast of the town of Las Cruces. When you drive up to these huge dunes, you may be able to trick yourself into believing you're looking at piles of snow since the sand is so unbelievably white.

When you run up into the dunes, you'll be amazed at how fine and soft the sand is as well. One of my most memorable experiences at White Sands was taking a running leap from the top of a dune into the drop-off, sinking painlessly into the sand upon landing.

This is a wonderful place to go with good friends and just spend time playing on the dunes. It's also a great place to go alone for some personal reflection. Make sure the pack sunscreen though!

When you're done at the dunes, you can drive into Las Cruces for some delicious New Mexican cuisine. It's unlike anything else. Be sure to stick around for sunset, either at White Sands or your restaurant of choice. - By Jane from NM

#2: Frankenmuth, Michigan - My favorite place to vacation is Frankenmuth, Michigan. I have been going here ever since I was a little girl, and I love it! You can smell the aroma of fudge being made in the air, and sometimes in the fall popcorn and a distinct apple smell.

There are also so many places to shop, and I love to shop, so this place is a nice one to spend time with family and friends. You can buy cheeses and meats that are gourmet and you can ride a little ferry boat. I usually go there every other year in the fall, and it just makes me happy.

The way the shops look, and the people, it's amazing! I live in the middle of nowhere, so when I go there, it's so nice to see something old and crafty. They have amazing festivals to attend, and the best restaurants.

Around Frankenmuth, there is the famous store Bronners, which is known for being the biggest Christmas store. It is open year round, so we always go into there. It's breathtaking the first you see it. Since I am mostly German, going to Frankenmuth makes me proud to be German! I hope I continue going back in the future. -By Lexie from Frankenmuth

Great Vacation Ideas #3: One of my favorite spots to vacation is Hilton Head, SC. Located right on the shore there are a multitude of choices when it comes to places to stay. Typically, my family and I stay in a resort assigned to our time share.

While not directly on the beach, it is a short, 10-minute walk and the resort has shuttles that run so you don't have to lug your stuff around. Beautiful landscapes, fun, but good restaurants, and a variety of things to do keeps me coming back.

Savannah, GA is a short drive away where you can go on ghost tours, walk along the board walk, or take a horse and carriage ride. Don't feel like leaving Hilton Head? Spend every day on the beach, swimming in the ocean; rent bikes for the week and go for a ride; take a trip kyaking; or take a fishing trip!

Like I said, there are a ton of choices! I never seem to run out of fun things to do or places to go while I am there and it is always a new adventure, which is why it is my favorite place to vacation. -By Kelly from Connecticut

Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk
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Great Vacation Ideas #4: When I need a weekend getaway, or even a week, I immediately think of Ocean City, Maryland. The boardwalk they have there is my absolute favorite!

It sits between a long line of hotels and the beach. It offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and family entertainment. There is a tram that drives the main part of the boardwalk, so getting around is easy!

I like to stay at Park Place Hotel. They are located between 2nd and 3rd street, close enough to the major end of the boardwalk that you can walk with no problem, but far enough away that the noise level drops down to a level that is acceptable when trying to sleep.

I always find that it is worth paying for a room with a balcony and ocean view. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, stepping out on the balcony and enjoying the sunrise, the quiet sounds of the birds on the beach and the waves rolling in from the sea! Ocean City is one of the great vacation ideas. - By Kitty from York

#5: I have the best time at Wisconsin Dells. There is so much to do and the setting is beautiful. Wisconsin Dells is set on the Wisconsin River and also has a large lake. The river scenery is quite dramatic, during the last ice age, the rocks were scoured by the retreating glacier, leaving the river in some deep canyons.

There are various river tours, I always go on the Wisconsin Ducks. These are WWII trucks that can turn into boats. The tour is about an hour and 15 minutes and you get a good view of the river. It's even better if you get a funny driver.

Another must-see at the Dells is the Tommy Bartlett Show. This is part water ski show and part thrill or comedy show. The water skiing is always great, Aqua the Clown is my favorite part of the ski show. As far as the rest of the show, my favorite act is Dieter, who is a sort of comedian/juggler and he is so funny. The humor is family friendly, as is the entire Dells.

Wisconsin Dells calls itself the Water Park Capital of the World and they might be right. There are several large hotels that have water parks open to the public and a couple small new water parks. But the king of water parks is Noah's Ark. This water park is very popular and there are always new rides and attractions, this is also a must-see. I enjoy miniature golf and the Dells has many good courses and there are some nice buffets.

But, you have to go to Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty. The food is served family style and is really good. They also have a nice gift shop and bakery. I always stay at the New Concord Inn when I go to the Dells. It has nice indoor and outdoor pools, a game room, and it quiet and clean. It is just down the street from Tommy Bartlett's and near a convenience store and restaurant. More important, it is across the street from the best place to get souvenirs in the Dells; Parson's Indian Trading Post.

Oh, one other thing, don't forget to stop at Goody Goody Gum Drop to get some candy, including the best fudge you will ever taste. So I say Wisconsin Dells is one of the great vacation ideas you should try. - By Ilya from WI

Great Vacation Ideas #6: I love visiting Singapore. I find the climate one of the pluses. The temperature and humidity rarely drop below about 88º and 99%.Singapore is a wealthy and modern city-state with hygiene standards at least as high as any other place in the developed world.

As Singapore is a business hub and relies on foreign investment and hence, its image is incredibly important they really keep up the high standards .Then there is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It has everything a business traveler would need with efficient staff, clean rooms. They had lots of deals for couples and young families on offer when I visited and had rooms overlooking Marina Bay. Sentosa is Singapore’s favorite island off the Straits of Singapore.

One of the main attractions here is the Fantasy Island; one of the biggest water theme parks in Asia with a wide variety of rides and treats for everyone. I loved the thrilling roller coaster ride down gushing water slides. The downtown streets teem with food stalls and betel nut sellers. - By Sara from LA

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