Great Vacation Getaway Ideas

Great Vacation Getaways #1:

By Lynn from S.C. - The Outer Banks of North Carolina was a fun place to travel on vacation. We drove from the North end to the South, and camped at National Seashore campgrounds along the way. Most of them were located next to the beach. The beaches were relaxing to sunbath at, and also had some waves for surfing. There were lots of birds to watch, and sea turtles also nest in the Outer Banks.

Our last night of vacation was exciting, because we watched an amazing lightning storm off shore. There are many historic lighthouses to see along the way, and one that is open for tours.

Climbing all the stairs is worth it for the view at the top. We drove through several quaint towns which are tourist friendly with plenty of local restaurants and ice cream shops. Our trip to the Outer Banks was the best vacation idea ever.

Great Vacation Getaways #2:

By Denise from Virginia - Smith Mountain Lake, located in the Blue Ridge area of Virginia, is a great vacation spot if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Smith Mountain Lake offers about five hundred miles of shoreline, and affordable, available rentals from either private owners or property managers. You can either choose to rest and relax or take advantage of the many amenities the area has to offer such as golfing, horseback riding, boating, fishing, hiking, or other.

If you are in the mood to drive around, Smith Mountain State Park is nearby, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and several local wineries that offer tours. The entire area is very scenic and relaxing, it is the perfect spot to choose for your next vacation.

Great Vacation Getaways #3:

By J.B. from California - Newport, Kentucky is my vacation spot less travelled. Newport is just a short drive to any of the many attractions in Kentucky, including the horse farms, Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger factory.

Newport lies on the edge of the Ohio River and you can take either of a couple of bridges across the river and into Cincinnati. From there you can catch a Reds game or enjoy all that Cincinnati has to offer including Kings Island Amusement Park. Newport itself by day boasts a wonderful Aquarium with the most delightful Penguin exhibit anywhere.

There is also very cool shopping. But it is at night that Newport really shines with venues like Fat Fish Blue that offer the opportunity of a good meal and fine live music virtually every night. Small and not very crowded, Newport Kentucky is a small vacation town you will enjoy!

Great Vacation Getaways #4:

By Megan from Washington - The best place by far I have ever been is Sun Mountain Resort. It is near Winthrop, Washington and not too many people know about it. In the winter when it gets really cold (down to 15 degrees) and it snows, the lodge gives sleigh rides that take you to a cabin quite some distance away and the guide serves everybody hot chocolate and cookies.

The lodge itself is beautiful with a pool and a hot tub and a beautiful restaurant with a view of the mountains. At Thanksgiving each year there is a wonderful buffet with every food imaginable. The only downside to this lodge is that it can be quite expensive depending on what kind of room you want and what time of year.

Great Vacation Getaways #5:

By Peggy from California - My favorite vacation spot is Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island in Washington State. I just happened to stumble on this beautiful and breathtaking island when I was taking the Washington State Ferry from Anacortes to Victoria in Canada.

The Ferry in itself is a wonderful trip, as it winds through the islands of the Puget Sound making short stops along the way, before it reaches Vancouver. As the ferry pulled away from the Friday Harbor docking area, I knew I had to go back to take a longer look. As with anytime up in that part of the Pacific Northwest, I always advise going in the early fall days of late August and early September.

The chances of a sunny cool and crisp day are greater and all the islands are less crowded. I saw pods of Orcas on a whale watching tour, visited the really informative Whale museum and took a trip around the back of the island to Roche Harbor which is a day's visit in itself.

There's the Hotel de Haro to explore and the mysterious and beautiful mausoleum a short walk away that is really unique and interesting. Just writing about Friday Harbor makes me start dreaming about visiting again soon.

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