Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #1

By Elysha from Valerio - Well when I go to vacations, my favorite place to go in the Caribbean is to the famous beaches like Boca Chica in Dominican Republic. I like swimming there because the water is fresh and the sun never stops shining.

The Boca Chica women have such beauty. I can sit down on a lawn chair watching the view of it all while drinking a bottle of corona and indulge in the sounds of conversations in Spanish slang.

Meanwhile music plays in the background where the bars are at and people dance in empty spaces of sand where there are no chairs or tables. Boca Chica Beach is my favorite place to go not only for the view but also for the people, the vibe of the environment, being close to a culture that is so exotic and intoxicating with its palm trees and thatched huts.

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #2

By Grace from Dallas - The vacation that was the most memorable to us was when we took our Disney cruise to the Bahamas. From the moment we walked onto the ship we were struck in amazement of how wonderful the ship, and crew members were.

The trip in general was very relaxing and exciting at the same time. We relaxed on the beaches of the Bahamas, and Disney’s own private island known as Castaway Cay. During the night time was when the excitement came in.

On Thursday night the ship had Pirates in the Caribbean party that the entire family went to. There was a lot of food and entertainment which was great and a very enjoyable experience. The dessert selection was also very diverse and delicious.

When we arrived in the Bahamas we did plenty of activities outside of the ship. We went parasailing, scuba diving, and shopping. What made this trip so memorable was the way that the crew members behaved. They made sure that we were satisfied, and if there was anything they could do to make it better they gladly took on the challenge.

Over the years my family and I have had many memorable experiences that have provided us with unforgettable memories. Our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas was especially memorable to all of us.

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #3

By Jenny from North Carolina - Of all my travels, my favorite snorkeling spot has been Baby Beach in Aruba. The water is calm, the bottom is clean, and there are plenty of rocks which make for the perfect habitat for a variety of creatures, and the perfect spot for an exciting underwater viewing experience.

My favorite thing to do on vacation, by far, is snorkeling in warm, clear blue waters. There is nothing more relaxing and beautiful than floating in the middle of the ocean, with a front row seat to life down below.

From colorful coral, to a rainbow array of beautiful fish, you are guaranteed a different adventure every time. I get the most excited when I have the opportunity to see some truly amazing creatures- barracuda, shark, seahorse, sea turtles, and stingrays.

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #4

By Ben from Kentucky - Our Bahamas Honeymoon Vacation - Choosing to honeymoon in the Bahamas was one of the best choices my wife and I have ever made. The flight in was smooth and quick. As we descended for our landing everyone on the plane gasped in awe of the breathtaking picturesque white sand beaches that lined the coast.

Our expectations were only further exceeded when we were introduced to our resort concierge. It was as if we were his only guest’s. Anything we needed, he could either find, or knew someone who could. Amazing is an understatement for the cuisine at our resort. The freshest fruit, seafood, and meats decorated out dinner table on a nightly basis.

Coupled with drinks that are out of this world, dining in the Bahamas is certainly an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a place for you and your loved one to lose yourself in true relaxation, a Bahamas honeymoon is the place for you. My wife and I plan on returning every 5 years on our anniversary.

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #5

By Cori from New Hampshire - By far my favorite vacation ideas occurred when I visited Bermuda several years ago. My favorite activity took place at a tiny cove, basically a small beach surrounded by lots of rocks. The pool of water between the rocks was calm and serene and just as clear as the rest of the ocean, which was an amazing turquoise blue, and you could see right through to the bottom.

The water was very warm (like a nice bath) and the weather was exquisite, and the sands of the beach were pink (due to some sort of mineral). My favorite activity involved jumping off of these rocks into the cove, where the water was so warm and refreshing that it was almost like swimming in the bathtub. It was relaxing, beautiful, and incredibly invigorating. I felt as though I was enjoying nature to the fullest, and I simply cannot wait to go back again.

Great Caribbean Vacation Ideas #6

By Jen from Michigan - My last vacation idea was wonderful. I'm a needle worker, so everywhere I go; I try to find out what the local craft culture is like. My last vacation was to Puerto Rico.

And though they didn't have much in Puerto Rico in the way of embroidery specific to the area, they do have a strong culture related to mundillo lace. Mundillo is bobbin lace, which is worked with heavy thread on a pillow, forming loops and knots around pins and thread to make the designs.

I toured the Museo Del Mundillo in Moca, Puerto Rico (the lace capital of the world, which was only about a 1.5 hour drive away from San Juan. The owner was extremely helpful and understood that my Spanish was poor. His English was far better than my Spanish. I spoke to many people in Moca, Puerto Rico. They were all helpful and knowledgeable about mundillo lace.

I would love to go again, and it's so nice to have positive experiences in other places with knowledgeable craftspeople. I'm glad that language wasn't a barrier that kept me from experiencing the rich culture of all of Puerto Rico, especially the parts that I enjoy from all over the world. I'm still working with what I learned in Puerto Rico regarding mundillo, and I plan to go back soon.

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